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All of you that prefer your long hair to be styled on daily basis, you can see at the picture down there.
Aside from that, you can also try some haircut for the medium hair such as wedge haircut and bob haircut. Sporting one of it or even the few of them can make your appearance more stylish, younger, and elegant at the same time. You may find a number of women saying that there is no need to cut your hair as you grow old, but things have changed a lot these days. So the following long hairstyles for women over 50 have been specially selected to  rejuvenate you, help you regain the gone essence of youthfulness.
If you are above 50 or you know someone who is above 50 and have a long hairstyle that is dull and boring, wake up, meet a good hairstylist, and go for a hair cut which maintains your length of hair. Unsurprisingly,plenty long hairstyles for women over 50 will usually make you look better than traditionally accepted short hairstyles. So the best idea is to overcome the impression of being old and finished and to try to maintain your hair length by trying some youthful and glossy looks. Ladies with thin hair very often complain on they tresses, they are either too extravagant and can't be styled easily flipping out like straws, or n the contrary they are too limp and can't be styled into at all. When you hairstyle is composed of many many thin tresses of different length you air doesn't look thin, just vice versa it looks quite voluminous.
This bob is quite different from the classy design, it swept back so that your face is open and best features are accentuated and from the back part cropped choppy layers make the style voluminous. I'm Steph, a professional hair stylist, makeup artist and beauty blogger who loves being a mom and creating beauty around the world. Hair Highlights: Add Zest to Your Look With Hair HighlightsWhat better way to add pizzazz to your look than with hair highlights? Doesn’t matter if your hair turns into grey color, you can color your hair with the color that you prefer. You have a myriad options when it comes to  choices to color your hair. You can go for sleek grey hair that is really superb for women above 50.
Shorter hairstyles, while they can also look great on you, automatically give you that grandma look which is probably the most irritating thing. Hair color will give you a glossy and vibrant look that will amaze and fascinate men of all ages.
Such hairstyle with deep brown hair color is for sure one of the best solutions for thin hair.
Sharp ends of layers make this hairstyle very expressive and blonde hair color with highlights adds extravagant touch of a strong and daring woman. We pride ourselves in offering a place where professionals and enthusiasts can come together and share their passion for hair fashion.

On top of that, if you have long hair then a cool hair cut on grey hair can make you look as gorgeous as ever. Haircuts for thin hair are mostly based on short styles; bob haircuts, pixie, cropped cut ones all are perfect for hair lacking a bit of body. Our focus is to offer the hottest styles and cuts -- from casual to the best in professional stylists, A-list celebs and latest red carpet trends. There are long hair, medium hair and short hair that you can opt for your daily hairstyles. Ash blonde, blonde, silver, and maybe some light brown color will soften your appearance and also make this elegant look. Even curling hair from bottom length is a fabulous idea when you are going for a special event. We can’t stop the ageing process, but we can effectively resist it by simply being stylish and therefore looking amazing! These traditional hairstyles I mentioned are now updated with modern layering and choppy layers, or blunt cut ones really make sense for fine hair, cause they indeed add volume.
You can also consider putting your long hair into side swept to make your appearance more stylish and stunning.
Some of the haircuts that can be tried are layered haircut for the long hair, bob haircut and wedge haircut for the medium hair, and pixie haircut for the short hair.
But if you are a woman over 50, then you know how important it is to stay stylish throughout your life. Now I suggest going through some pictures of short hairstyles for thin hair so that you can see you are not hopeless at all.
Different types of techniques, placement and color combinations are some of the latest and greatest trends in hair highlights.
Experiment with bright bold color, face framing highlights, asymmetrical color and fashion colors.Sunset StripBold, bright copper strips of color through warm brown hair makes quite a statement.
Talk to your stylist about adding thick highlights, leaving large sections of warm brown in between.
Check your local beauty supply store or ask your stylist if they can custom make you some in your favorite color.Chocolate TangerineBlondes don’t get to have all the fun!
Adding lush tangerine highlights through warm chocolate brown gives hair serious dimension and richness. High heat can cause the colors to fade much more quickly.Fiery Copper HighlightsRedheads have so many options for color combinations. This gorgeous copper paired with bright gold highlights coming from underneath is not only fun, but still can be worn conservatively for a daytime job. Ask your stylist to tone it down to make it look like more of a natural copper tone.Bold BlondesCombining thick and fine blonde hair highlights and dark lowlights produces an eye catching look that looks great pulled up, worn down straight, curled or waved, and braided!

This keeps the look soft and more delicate.Ribbon HighlightsBright blonde and rich medium brown ribbons of colors intertwine to create an attention-grabbing color like none other!
Having your stylist create thick ribbons of color give curls separation, straight hair a more textured look, and updos an edge. Even though these magenta highlights will need to be prelightened first, they will shine through and give interest and a pop of color to your dark hair.
Ask your stylist for their recommendation.Soft EleganceSoft blondes and delicate sandy colored lowlights create an attractive and intricate color that many will think you were born with. Peek-a-boo highlights placed underneath won’t be seen if there aren’t any layers cut into the hair. Ask your stylist to cut your hair first and then add the highlights so you can pick out the areas for them to peek out of!Va Va Voom BlondeHave you always wanted to look like a Bond girl?
This stunning blonde highlight paired with a voluptuous, bouffant style will make everyone wonder if you have a secret identity! Expect to hear how passers-by love your bold hue, but only you could pull it off — they could never wear it! Having soft blonde highlights laying over the top of these fun green highlights keep it work friendly too. Use a sulfate-free,color protecting shampoo and color preserving leave-in treatment with UVA and UVB protection to shield hair.Beachy BlondeOh the fun you can have as a beachy blonde!
Look like you spend all your time relaxing oceanside year round with this heavily highlighted, platinum blonde.
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:Light to medium skin tones that have a neutral hue look amazing in a platinum blonde highlight! If you are a dark blonde, or darker, you will have noticeable new growth that will appear darker with the contrast of the blonde highlights. Be prepared for touch up appointments every four to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.Copper LightsBringing a light and bright copper ombre highlight through the ends of your fun and funky cut is just what the doctor ordered. Not only will it brighten your hair, but the chance of it brightening your whole day (every day) is high too! Hair that is medium to thick and naturally straight works best to showcase this asymmetric haircut and color.Tip:Don’t let your haircut keep you from having fun with your hair!
Try doing a side braid, curling it with different barrel curling irons, or adding headbands, hair pins and more!Hair highlights can brighten your face, accent a fabulous haircut, soften your base color, or be bold and vibrant!  The choice is up to you, go as subtle or as wild as you desire. Peek-a-boos, ribbons, fine and piecey highlights may always be evolving, but will never go out of style!

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