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Firstly, Develop a perfect food routine for your baby, as kids will adopt the habit, that you will let them develop at this age, and will carry the same habit for lifetime. Thirdly, avoid giving carbonated and airated drinks as such drinks contain a lot of preservatives, artificial sugar and other dangerous chemicals with zero nutritional value. Lastly, Don't forget to give at-least 2 small servings to your baby of Green Leafy Vegetables.

1 slice of whole wheat bread topped with chopped vegetables like cottage cheese, capsicum, beans, onions and tomatoes. Besides, also use desserts occasionally and make full use of honey to make the dessert sweet. Earlier it was milk that managed all the nutrients in his body, but now milk is not sufficient to cater all his body needs.
At the age of 2 baby is still developing and their need for nutrition is quite high so, make sure you serve daily one fruit to your baby for her proper development. Make your child a happy and healthy one by changing his food habits in a most significant manner.

You should consult your doctor so as to get for your child a good and efficient diet plan so that the diet that you provide to your baby covers all the nutrients essential for himBefore going for a diet plan parents should themselves take a few steps to form good eating habits in their child.

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