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This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged best fats, fats for hair, fats for skin, fats make hormones, healthiest fats, healthy fats, healthy fats hair, nutrition breakthroughs, nutrition breakthroughs sleep minerals ii, sleep minerals ii by Jobee Knight. Heaps of you have asked me to do a post that spells out what fats to eat, and when and how.
The more refined the oil, the higher the higher melt or smoke point, which means the oil is much better for you.
Chains with carbon atom bonded to two hydrogen atoms = a saturated fat (each carbon molecule is “saturated” with hydrogen) = more stable = solid at room temperature.
Chains with has carbon bonded to only one hydrogen and double bonded to another carbon = monounsaturated fat = not so stable = liquid at room temperature.
Chains with has carbon bonded to only one hydrogen but with several double bonds = a polyunsaturated fat = very unstable = liquid at room temperature. These should never be heated to high temperatures as this can cause breakdown and free radicals. These are the so-called vegetable oils, though they’re actually from grains and beans. Worse, most of these oils go through a hydrogenation process to make them last as long as the saturated fats,  but this very process makes them basically unusable to the body, causing all kinds of health problems.
Also, Omega 3 oils we’re told to eat, like flaxseed, are very unstable and turn rancid fast. These are unsaturated fats that have been turned into much more dangerous fats by changing the placement of the hydrogen atoms in the molecule.
For some extra reading, you might like to check out this great interview with the authors of a new book “Why Women Need Fat,”  Steven J.C. It’s not bad to eat grains, it’s not bad to eat corn, and it’s not bad to eat soybeans.
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I am also wondering about the rice bran oil as it does have a high smoking point… but still not a good one? For people with health issues, which a lot of people on here have, nutrition is VITAL to mending all manner of issues and I’m probably one of hundreds of people on here who can say thigns have improved with better nutrition.
The human body is an amazing thing and while some people can treat theirs like trash and get away with it, we’re not all built that way. Here is a link to an interesting article written about coconut oil esp in regards to metabolism.
I am uncomfortable with the idea that nobody knows why coconut oil is making a lot of people sick, but the advice is still to keep eating it. I am not worried enough about a possible coconut oil deficiency to ignore thousands of years of evolution telling me not to eat things that make me want to barf. Re the fats I use mainly ghee for cooking, sometimes coconut oil and occasionally olive oil for lower cooking temps.
I was told by a nutritionist whom I greatly respect, that PUFA’s and grain make for a very unhealthy combo.
Some fats, like transfats, are detrimental to health, promote weight gain, impede fat loss and contribute to a whole host of chronic diseases like diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity.

But before you go scarfing up on all kinds of fats, it is absolutely essential to understand the difference in the various types of fats, and how to shop, store and cook with each type. How to Cleanse the Body Naturally [Infographic] by Lauren Coutts Our bodies become toxic for many reasons. Helping you reach your best health potential by eating food that taste good and is good for you!
I am always preaching about the fact that we need to consume fats in our diet, specifically healthy fats! I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, CPT, CES or AKA "The Nutrition Ninja." I'm here to help keep YOU informed on the BEST and most effective Healthy Fat Loss strategies. Each carbon atom is bonded to two other carbon atoms, and the more carbon atoms in a fatty acid, the longer it will be. A fat is no longer good for consumption after exceeding it’s smoke point, as it begins to break down, and releases toxic fumes and free radicals. Although there does seem to be some worth to the argument that Krill oil is a good way to go. These fats are able to be absorbed by individual cells and mess up the function of the cell. One was coming from an economic perspective and the other was coming from (what he believed) was a nutritional perspective. You should eat for nutrition 6 days a week and on day 7, 20% should be whatever you want it to be as a treat. Pollan criticizes the extent to which common sense has been over-ruled by big food companies trying to tell us that a protein bar is better than eating an egg because it’s high in protein and amino acids but low in cholesterol. I am eating more fat than ever and lost 3 kgs without even trying When I tell people that I lost weight by increasing my saturated fat intake they look at me skeptically. I have also questioned the author of it on what seems contradictory and that is, coconut oil and butter do not have higher smoke points than the polyunsaturated oils we are supposed to avoid.
I’m not sure about the body temp thing though, but the stomach upset I can understand in the wrong person (like me). As I am of mixed Greek & convict stock I can say for certain, none of my ancestors consumed coconut oil. Due to the benefits I read about, I was trying to take it off the spoon (ewww!), and also in hot bone broth (quite OK).
If someone had a reaction to anything other than the latest food fad – eggs, dairy, fish – would you advise them to keep eating it, without knowing what caused the reaction in the first place? It would be cool to be able to eat it, but there is nothing in coconut oil I cannot find in other abundantly available foods. Of course this type of meat is often more expensive than regular grain-fed meat but I always try to make the point of buying extra when it goes on sale. They supply lots of restaurants in Sydney and also quite a lot of organic supermarkets and health food stores.
I didn’t mean to suggest there was anything special about grain-fed beef was just making a distinction. I think that steering clear of polyunsaturated fat is THE most important nutrition message out there.

Saturated fats are crucial for absorbing vitamins, calcium uptake, immune function, and cell membrane structure. After Dwight Eisenhower had a major heart attack, when the American public became much more focused on heart health and nutrition, a popular nutritionist by the name of Ansel Keys made a lot of impact. In an ear of corn there isn’t that much corn oil, but when you subject it to industrial processing and extract everything but the oil, now you’ve got a lot of omega-6. I was wondering: I do a lot of baking, and, if the the recipe calls for oil instead of butter, then which oil would you recommend? And just wondering, if you had to choose between two evils – overheating olive oil OR heating an unsaturated oil – which would you go for? And Kale Chips too, when they were cold, they made me feel ill, so I used Rice Bran & Olive Oil in 2 batches. Everything Loving Earth does is absolutely AWESOME, especially their Luvju chocolate with no sweeteners in them.
Dont know if it has to do with being celiac at all, which is the same deal – I can eat gluten just fine.
I think the best thing to do is to buy your meat directly from a farm but sometimes this can’t be done.
It’s 30 minutes up the road for me, so I take the trip once every few weeks and fill the freezer. It is very hard to avoid this kind of fat if you eat most takeaway food and processed food. Eating the right saturated fats lead to increased tolerance to the sun, skin issues like acne or eczema clear up, drastically increased energy, absence of food cravings, and peaceful sleep. It gives a cheery take on fat and the differences between the ways women and men gain weight.
He was committed to the notion that saturated fat was the culprit in the heart disease epidemic in the U.S. I have read heaps of anecdotal evidence across the web of people suffering the same symptoms – spike in body temperature, extreme nausea and stomach upset. But once it gets to my lower intenstine (which takes a few hours) that’s when the chaos starts. They do bacon without the nasties and realy divine sausages with natural skins and no preservatives.
He advised Americans to replace saturated fat with polyunsaturated fats, in particular corn and soybean oils. Meanwhile Earl Butz, Nixon’s secretary of agriculture, had been tasked to get food prices lower. He decided to heavily subsidize and commoditize corn and soybeans in order to make them really cheap.
So the omega-6s are telling the body, “Store the fat you have.” And they are also telling the body, “Eat more, I’m hungry!

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