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After their origin, fats can be vegetal or animal and after their structure fats are saturated (the solid ones) or unsaturated fats (the liquid ones like oil). Besides their energy providing role, fats improve the taste of foods and create the sensation of satiety faster.
Many UK students spend too much money on such recipes, because they purchase store bought sauces instead of creating them on their own.
Supermarkets are wonderful at providing staple food items such as rice, tuna, pasta, butter and milk.
In addition, you may be wise to join forces with other UK students in order to pool your resources and purchase a wider variety of groceries to share.
Eating starch at every meal (because it is generally cheap and easy to prepare) is not good for your body, your mood, or your ability to study. Fats get deposited around the organs and under the skin, creating energy reserves for extreme situations which you body might experience (extreme cold, intense physical exercise). Add to this the fact that many of the younger students are away from home for the first time, and you have a large group of people that are not eating as healthily as they should.
For instance, a simple recipe for spaghetti can keep you fed for the better part of a week at a minimal cost. Sauces are one of the simplest concoctions in the culinary universe and they never need be replaced by the expensive, pre-made variety! However, if you are in the market for fruits or vegetables, the supermarket can tend to be overpriced.

You can often get food items at a discounted price if you buy in bulk and sharing food costs always results in an ability to get better food at a lower overall cost.
Make sure to incorporate all of the basic food groups into your daily diet in order to keep yourself in top condition. It’s the trans fats, partially hydrogenated and saturated fats that we should try to stay clear of.
Some vitamins that are only soluble in fats cannot be absorbed by your body if it lacks lipids. The most important quantities of fats are found in vegetable oils(100%), butter and margarine(80-85%), cheese and sour cream(25%), beef(19%), pork meat(19-40%), lard(100%), eggs(10%), milk(4%), nuts and peanuts(40%-50%). A few simple tips can help you to rise above the pack and enjoy healthy and inexpensive meals during the course of your studies. Your student food budget would be better spent by purchasing your produce via local storefronts and street markets.
You can purchase large quantities of cheap fruit at many markets, but be prepared for it to taste less fresh and ripe than you would like.
Trans fats can be found in fatty meat and dairy and within the snack food area such as potato chips, cookies, biscuits, pastries donuts etc. In the parenthesis are the percentages of fats found in the aliments compared to their total composition. These fats often contain trans fats (unhealthy fat) and should be replaced with healthier oils whenever possible.

By adding a little bit of sugar or cooking your fruit briefly, you will greatly enhance the flavor without losing any of the essential nutrients.
The increase of the quantity of fats in the blood stream leads to hyperlipidemia which in turn can create arteriosclerosis. To lower your risk for heart disease, cut back on foods containing saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol.This information is provided by the Department of Public Health. Avocado is easy to include in meals or smoothies, so why not add some to a salad or sandwich or make a green avocado smoothie? A tablespoon of ground chia seeds, flaxseed, hemp seed or other seeds can supply the much needed omega 3 that protect against heart disease, diabetes and cancer. We encourage the mind body connection and believe in an all-round approach to health and personal well-being.
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