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It's also super cheap to make - we worked out that a big batch of this granola costs us around $3! I make a big batch of this every two or so weeks and the whole family loves it - it's crunchy, just perfectly sweet and delicious on its own or as a yogurt topping. We like to keep things simple with this granola, however, you can add in whatever dried fruits, nuts or spices you like!
Stir until all of your oats are coated and pour onto your prepared baking sheets - spreading out slightly but still leaving clumps for crunchy granola clusters.

Place your granola trays into the oven and bake for ~20-45 minutes (depending on your oven and how much granola you have) or until your granola is golden and crunchy and not too sticky to touch. At the moment it's either this granola or our breakfast banana bread and on the weekends when we have a bit more time, these healthy buttermilk pancakes have been requested week after week!
Jesse likes his on top of yogurt with fresh banana whilst I like mine with cottage cheese, peanut butter, chia seeds and fresh strawberries or banana - but my Dad? We've never had a batch of granola last more than a month (and that was after hiding it to test freshness), however, it will keep fresh for quite some time stored at room temperature in a sealed container!

It's bad, guys - box after box of cereal disappears in the blink of an eye - and if it's granola?

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