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This is the followup to the hugely popular Lunch Box Diet, called 'the best diet' by Elle Magazine.Now you can enjoy 60 new lunch box combos as well as super healthy breakfasts, evening meals and smoothies. CuisinesChicken recipesIt's easy to prepare, budget-friendly and great-tasting, so we've put together a collection of our highest rated chicken recipes. Serve up a fragrant Asian-inspired dish with this 20-minute spicy beef and broccoli stir-fry. This deliciously healthy and low calorie Stuffed Cabbage Saute is a variation of traditional stuffed cabbage rolls, which is a popular Polish recipe.
What a great family meal that is not only delicious and satisfying, but just 4 Points + per serving. I love all your recipes as well but I felt the same way, I think it was the vinegar and sauerkraut. So far every recipe I’ve tried has been absolutely delicious but this dish is my favorite. It does sound really good, but we don’t eat pork, so I will use half ground beef and half ground turkey. In step one, it says to cook the rice according to package instructions, and set it aside :).

Rachel, I make sure to include the necessary nutritional stats so that you can calculate the old Points, if needed. I made this yesterday, but used lean ground beef rather than pork as we can not readily get ground pork where I am at. Oh geez, I realize that I made a typo and didn’t include the sauerkraut in the instructions.
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Losing weight has never been easier and now you'll be armed with a huge selection for recipes to tantalize your taste buds and of course lose weight at the same time. All you have to ask now is, who feels like chicken tonight?It's easy to prepare, budget-friendly and great-tasting, so we've put together a collection of our highest rated chicken recipes. However, making stuffed cabbage rolls can be a pesky and time consuming task, but my simpler saute version in all prepared in one pot making it an easy Weight Watchers recipe that anyone can successfully prepare.
It’s sweet and sour taste is reminiscent of traditional stuffed cabbage rolls, but this saute is a lot less work. Season with additional salt and pepper as desired and let simmer another 5 minutes to heat up. Either regular or instant rice is fine, since it is cooked first, it won’t really matter.

I actually turned it into a personal lasagna by using a square ramekin and layering this deliciousness in between 4 wonton wrappers, topped with about a Tablespoon of parmesan cheese, and baked for about 15 minutes. I’d love to try it as a simple way of doing stuffed cabbage, but I must know how much sodium. I have had them grind pork tenderloin or lean pork stew cubes, both with success (and much less fat!) I am thinking that the boneless butterfly chops would work well too.
And at just 4 Points + per serving, it’s a great way to fill up while still staying within your Weight Watchers Points budget. This easy and flavorful dish was a huge hit at my house and something I’ll be making again and again. When I use my recipe builder to calculate points the points per serving are actually 7 points plus not 4.

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