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Many frozen meals advertise their health benefits boldly on their packaging but flip the meal on its back to the nutrition label and you’ll discover a plate full of salt. Federal law regulates what frozen meals can be legally labeled “healthy.” This means that for every 100 grams a product must contain less than 3 grams of fat and the sodium content must be less than 600 milligrams.
Remember to skip the creamy sauces and always check to make sure your chosen meals are under the recommended sodium content. Dragon Ball Z Games on Get Ya Mind Right: 3 Cognitive Exercises to Keep Your Brain SharpVery interesting blog.
Atari Breakout on Get Ya Mind Right: 3 Cognitive Exercises to Keep Your Brain SharpGood blog post.
Other standouts cater to those with dietary restrictions and include vegan and gluten-free frozen meals that are packed with nutrients, easy to prepar and ready in mere minutes. But did you know that not all frozen meals are worth their weight nor their risk to your overall health? The American Heart Association recommends limiting your salt intake to less than 2,000 milligrams per day, but without careful watch it can become fairly easy to surpass the recommended amount in one frozen meal sitting alone. Mary Perry, licensed dietician and clinical trials director for the Zone Diet, recommends that when choosing an entree aim for one where protein (chicken or lean beef) and vegetables are the main components of the dish. Frozen meals are a great way to grab a quick bite, and they've come a long way from the TV dinner days of meatloaf covered in foil.

Frozen meals are packaged by portions, which helps eliminate the temptation to overeat, but it's important to note what the portion size is (and how many there are) when you're assessing the nutritional value. Balancing work, family and healthy can be a difficult feat for today's parent and frozen foods can be a quick but unhealthy option for those looking to create a meal in half the time.
In addition to superfood burgers and convenient frozen fruit cups, these healthy frozen meals also include breakfast oatmeal bowls that are ready in seconds and hearty country roast dinners that are made from plant-based ingredients. Kashi sits at the top of the list as one of Keller’s favorite brands packing the most nutritent-rich punch. General guidelines for selecting frozen meals are to look for foods that are low in calories and fat grams, especially saturated and trans fats. If the meal seems low in fat and calories for its contents, the portion size may be small, which will likely leave you feeling unsatisfied. Other brands delivering convenience, variety and a little more than the old fashioned TV dinner include Smart Ones, Light & Lean, Healthy Choice, and Ethnic Gourmet.
How do you grab a healthy and fast meal that fits into your busy day?  Before I had kids, I was a full-time professional who ate a frozen entree for lunch almost every day. I received a coupon for a free meal, so yesterday I tried the Smoky Cheddar Mac & Uncured Bacon meal.
Meaning I could heat it and eat it in the time my own little ones were having lunch.The best part?

I’m collaborating with The Motherhood on n their behalf to spread the word about this important topic.
I truly appreciate it!I don’t do many advertorials, and I work hard to maintain my integrity in all my writing. I definitely do my best to feed my children balanced meals, but I tend to make a few sacrifices in my own diet on various days in the name of getting out the door, getting things done or just keeping a small sense of order in my home!
I guess I was really just startled to see you recommend a frozen dinner and calling it healthy, but I do see your point. This includes pancakes for breakfast, spaghetti, soups, etc… Granted, I’m only a married woman to an Army man and no children involved, it sure does feel like it once it comes to cooking!
I often entertain the idea of freezer cooking, but I worry that we just won’t eat what I make.

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