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HighlightsCuban SandwichThe Cuban sandwich is nothing more than a loaf of Cuban bread, cut in half, buttered on both sides, and stuffed with dill pickles, mustard, roast pork, ham, and Swiss cheese.
Essential ReadingGrilled Peanut Butter Apple SandwichesThese sandwiches are a simple, but impressive, combination of flavors perfect for after-school snacking or a quick lunch. Further ReadingCuban SandwichThe Cuban sandwich is nothing more than a loaf of Cuban bread, cut in half, buttered on both sides, and stuffed with dill pickles, mustard, roast pork, ham, and Swiss cheese. Browning the meat first doesn't seal in any juices, as some might claim, but it helps the roast cook faster, which means it will lose less moisture during cooking. 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or LessThe pleasures of cooking are sometimes obscured by summer haze and heat, which can cause many of us to turn instead to bad restaurants and worse takeout. Quick Pasta Recipes That All of The Family Can EnjoyPasta is such a great addition to the kitchen and even if you have very little time, it is possible to create a filling and fun meal with pasta at its base. Even if you are pushed for time, there should be plenty of quick pasta recipes to follow which means you can all eat well without too much fuss or hassle being made in the kitchen. Quick Meals For Two Can Bring The Romance In No Time At AllIs there anything more romantic than having a great meal with the person you love?
Of course, with the pressures of modern life, there is not always a lot of time to prepare and cook a great meal fit for a couple but there are some great quick meals for two which should help to make life a bit easier. Easy Meals For Dinner Will Delight All The FamilyWhen it comes to finding easy meals for dinner, people are looking for a dinner that tastes great and doesn’t take too much time to prepare.
There are some great meals that can be pulled together very easily and even knowing one or two of these meals can alleviate a lot of the pressure at times.
Easy Healthy Meals That Can Put A Spring In Your StepThe benefits of being healthy are obvious and the vast majority of people would be delighted if they could be in better shape. This classic FindRugbyNow polo shirt is great after a match or coupled with a pair of jeans on a casual night out.
As I have said in my previous blogs, eating a well-balanced diet is important for everybody, especially athletes.
This can be included in cups of tea and coffee or your protein shakes, but it is best to be drinking plenty of plain, simple water. The Paleolithic diet, or also known as, the caveman diet, has had a lot of interest recently. This ‘hunter gatherer’ diet consists of grass-fed, pasture raised meats (particularly organ meats such as liver and kidneys), fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes any grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. According to some, the flesh of meat should provide 65% or more of the calories in the Paleo diet! Many different versions of this diet have been documented but generally the idea is that a diet of our Paleolithic ancestors may be the ideal human diet.
Regarding Paleo, I’ve been eating that way for just over a year now and will continue to do so. It may seem extreme to many people as it goes against what a lot of us were brought up being told. Rambled on a bit here but it has been a great experience both physically and mentally over the last year – I know it is not for everybody and some who try it don’t notice the benefits but if done correctly, it can have a massive improvement on quality of life!
Strangely I have been looking into this diet again recently as it seems to be quite popular among a lot of Bulk Powders customers. Try our six low-carb alternativesWith a few swaps, you can get the best of both worlds: a hand-held eating vessel that’s also a low-carb bread alternative.
But the cook with a little bit of experience has a wealth of quick and easy alternatives at hand.
The fact that pasta goes well with so many different foods should ensure that no matter what you or your family like to eat, pasta can make its way onto the menu.

The thing is, going to a restaurant all the time can be fairly expensive so being to cook meals for two at home is a great boost for any couple. Work can be very stressful and the thought of coming home to cook a full meal can be very off-putting for some people but this is no excuse to eat poorly or unhealthily. The only problem is that some people think there is too much difficulty in making healthy meals and they may take a lot of time to prepare. This t-shirt is very comfy and a great option for training sessions at the gym or out on the pitch. To help you figure out what and how much you should be eating, I have decided to focus this blog on some meal examples, tips and delicious protein shake recipes! I also provide some tasty protein shake recipes for immediately after exercise, before bed and recovery.
Whilst completing her MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition she also worked at the Carnegie Centre for Sports Performance, advising athletes and sports teams on their diets. The only difficulty was the first 6 weeks, where I had to mentally change my way of thinking from what I was used to about foods and fighting off the occasional sugar craving.
I can also go for hours without eating without flaking or lacking concentration, which on busy days is brilliant. I have not tried this myself but read about several people who have and are seeing results.
From what I do know most, if not all of the studies documented are based on animals and not humans, so yes this diet could indeed give weight losses and health gains but realistically needs a lot more research before any definite human based conclusions can be made.
I agree, the diet would be tough to maintain in the 21st century with all the convenience foods available. Just remember that these plans are strict to help you lose the last ten pounds, so if you switch things up, try and find something with a lean protein, carb, and healthy fat. Then, I will get sick of something, change it to something clean, and start eating that everyday. The best thing about sandwiches is they create a base for a variety of fillings and, unlike a salad, you get a taste of all the ingredients in every single bite.
The technique involves little more than browning the outside (if you can) and placing the roast in a hot oven.
The trouble is that when it’s too hot, even the most resourceful cook has a hard time remembering all the options. This has not necessarily been all negative,but we have acquired a lot more bad habits such as convenience foods and high fat snacks. Alison is a very keen runner and enjoys reading and writing anything to do with sports nutrition. However, after it becomes normal, life becomes so much easier, by having much more freedom around eating and not worrying so much about food. Doing athletics training (sprints and long jump), longer runs (2-6miles), gym training and rugby has all been better, hitting pbs in all. I regularly wake up, have water or a coffee, get working and before I know it, it’s 5pm.
When I cut out dairy and ate lots of anti-inflammatory foods, my asthma symptoms diminished quickly, along with the aches and various tendonitis. As with the Paleo Diet, sustaining this type of regime for a long period of time would prove difficult and be a ‘quick fix’ rather than a lifestyle change. However I do think that we can incorporate some of the caveman dietary habits into our modern day diet.
If you find a Clean Eating Recipe for a Frittata (etc.) that you like better…go with that!!

Whether you prefer a classic sandwich, a wrap or an open-faced sandwich, we’ve got a low-carb bread swap to match. So here are 101 substantial main courses, all of which get you in and out of the kitchen in 10 minutes or less. To begin with, it took some adjusting, getting over the sensation of hunger in the morning as your body is used to eating at that time.
Personally I think a daily calorie reduction could give the same benefits, given this will take longer but should be easier to maintain over life. For example, looking for cereals which are low in refines sugar and salt and cutting out any processed foods.
I have always done better when I found balance and one day a week for small cheating brings me balance.
However, now, it offers the option to not have breakfast or have it and it makes no difference.
I’m giving you the meal plans here, but I will make sure to keep up with possible clean eating recipe changes throughout the month.
Check out the calorie count for these substitutes in the recipe suggestions below.Portobello bunMost closely related to the hamburger bun, the portobello bun works wonderfully for burgers because of the mushroom’s rounded shape and slightly hollowed center. What I have noticed is improved recovery after training (the theory is my body can spend more energy on healing than digesting food). Simply grill the mushroom caps until they’ve reached your preferred tenderness and serve with a minced chicken burger. Per 2 Portobello mushrooms (grilled): 21kcalRice paper wrapRice paper is super simple to prepare. It has also removed a lot of stress around worrying about getting hungry because I rarely do now.
Most brands just require a quick soak in warm water and – voila– you have a moist, pliable rice wrapper.
I often train in a fasted state in the morning and the sessions are just as good as normal, fed sessions, sometimes better as i sometimes get more of an adrenaline rush. It’s perfect for wrapping around fresh herbs – think mint, basil and coriander – and crunchy vegetables such as carrot and cucumber. The good thing about using cucumber as a wrap is that it doesn’t have a strong taste so you can be inventive with your fillings without worrying about clashing flavours.
Per 1 cucumber strip: about 2kcalBell pepper boatsServed raw or slightly charred, bell pepper boats are a wonderful base for open-faced sandwiches.
The pepper adds a bright burst of flavour and its meaty texture can stand up to heavier fillings like chicken salad. Lettuce wraps are, perhaps, the most versatile of them all but do consider branching out to different leaves (pun intended). As you point out, these currently recommend basing our diet on starchy carbohydrates and cutting down on saturated fat.The recent report from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) – a group of eminent scientists who extensively reviewed a huge number of scientific studies – failed to show any good evidence for reducing total carbs in our diet.
As a result, the report concluded that we continue to get 50% of our calories from carbs (this was also the previous recommendation). However, the report recommended that only 5% of our calories now come from sugars and 45% from starch (in the past, the recommendation was that a maximum of 10% of our calories should come from sugar).Meanwhile, the SACN is currently reviewing the role of fat and health in our diet. This will inevitably look at all different types of fat (including saturated fat) and the impact they have on the risk of health, for example, heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

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