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Since I often have a very limited amount of time to swing by our house, let Sadie out and fix myself a quick meal during my lunch break, I’ve found myself throwing a bunch of stuff in a bowl and calling it lunch more often than not these days.
Salads are obviously easy and often quite healthy, but I’ve found myself veering away from a traditional salad most days. Over the course of the past month or two I’ve had a go-to checklist running through my head that I follow whenever I am hungry at lunchtime and don’t know what I want to eat.
Then finish it off with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette or Green Goddess dressing! Such an easy meal but it’s incredibly satisfying and since there are a ton of different flavor combinations, I haven’t found myself getting sick of it yet. In addition to the above meal, I’ve found myself eating oatmeal topped with almond butter and fresh berries at lunchtime on occasion when I need to eat something fast and don’t want to put a lot of thought into my meal.
Of course, your veggies also contain a lot of protein as do beans and lentils, but you already knew that. I also love avocado toast with sea salt and pepper and two eggs (usually sunny side up) as a quick meal. I keep oatmeal, single-serve applesauce cups, cinnamon and peanut butter at work for breakfast, so I won’t drive through anywhere. My boyfriend is an Accountant so now that he is in busy season, I’m left for dinners on my own. November 13, 2012 By Kris Bales In light of my weight-loss, people often want to know if I fix myself different meals from what I fix my family.
For lunch, though, I almost always fix myself something different from what the kids are having. I’ve shared some of my favorites before, but my tastes and moods change over time and I find new meals that I enjoy, so I thought it was worth sharing again my current favorites.
My favorite way to eat my turkey burger is on a King’s Hawaiian hamburger bun with a little avocado and some grilled onions and mushrooms.
January 12, 2011 By Michelle Barneck 6 Comments For the new year, I want to start eating better. Pair it with the slices if one small apple and voila, fast healthy lunch that is yummy too!

This sounds really good I’m also a nursing mom and am constantly looking for fast things to make for lunch. Thank you to Anne for inspiring a large number of the lunches I’ve enjoyed so far this year!
My go-to quick meal is instant oatmeal (Bakery on Main Strawberry Shortcake is my fav), with a scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed in and sliced strawberries on top.
I like to use quinoa, spinach, chickpeas, craisins, walnuts, feta, and avocado with balsamic. Tossing a leftover filet of salmon on some spinach with some crackers or bread is one of my favorites too! Speediest way to get sweet potato in to me They go all nice a crispy around the edges while the eggs cook!
I wish salads were on my menu more often, but with the freezing temps this winter, it’s really hard to stomach a cold meal these days.
I guess that is because I don’t know enough about them and what makes them good or not. For dinner, I don’t usually – I may fix some alternate side dishes, but the entree is usually the same for everyone.
It’s a little bit higher in calories, but quinoa is so healthy and I like the taste of it better than the pasta.
This is, of course, served with a side of sliced peppers (red, yellow, and orange) and jicama. As a nursing mom, I need a fast healthy lunch to keep me going through the afternoon and into the witching hours before dinner where everything always seems to get crazy.
I seriously eat a variation of this meal for lunch 5 days a week – SO good and the combinations are so endless you never get sick of it!
I choose ~ 3-4 veggies (always onion, green pepper and then I add squash, zucchini or spinach) and start sauteing them in olive oil with some garlic.
My pasta bowl is probably the most time-consuming lunch I make during the week, but I’ve gotten the timing down to a science. I also like that it kind of clings to the veggies in the bowl, so it mixes in with them better than the pasta.

I just discovered spicy spaghetti squash last week and it’s already earned a permanent spot in my lunch menu rotation.
The old sandwich stand-by is always a quick, easy, healthy favorite that I enjoy at least once a week. I made up this little sandwich that is not only easy and fast, but economical when you buy it right. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way!
And oatmeal plus greek yogurt, berries and peanut butter for lunch happens quite often for me as well.
I add some chicken sausage and top it with a bit of parmesan cheese and either Pesto or Balsalmic Vinegar for an extra kick.
One of two ways: I either bake the sweet potato when I’m making dinner one evening or stick it in the oven when we start school in the morning so it’s ready by lunch.
I always make this when the kids are having pizza because if I start it when I turn the oven on to preheat for the pizza, their lunch and mine are ready at the same time. It’s super-easy to fix ( I fix half the spaghetti squash in the microwave and save the other half and half the filling for another day), very low-calorie, and really tasty. It doesn’t get any better than when I’ve got a fresh, summer-ripe, red, juicy tomato to start with. Lovely, lovely Costco, what did we ever do before you came along ?? I’m excited to try your recipe! I leave out the cilantro and lime juice and I add a tiny little pinch of cheese and diced avocado once I’ve put the filling back into the shell. Mine is from Smith’s (Kroger) and who doesn’t love a little Popeye with their spinach?!

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