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A former bodybuilding star from New Zealand wanted to build muscles fast and he started to use steroids .
Quick, healthy, and tasty snacks are an easy and enjoyable way to  meet your dietary numbers every day. Therefore, I decided to put together a list of my 8 favorite pre-packaged  snack foods… and all are under 150 calories, so you can decide how much to eat  based on your weight goals.
Carrying around fresh fruit isn’t always feasible, but all-natural fruit  leathers are a great alternative.

Brown rice crackers are the next best thing to eating the grain itself, and I  like this brand. Packing fresh foods and  transporting them around every day is a hassle, and especially so among those of  us that travel quite a bit. A couple of these is the same amount of carbs  as a piece of fruit, and satisfies your sweet tooth. They’re all natural-no fake colors or flavors, no preservatives, no GMO  ingredients, and no trans fats.

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