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The point–  to show our children, that healthy men and women, who excel at their game, come in all different shapes and sizes. I think a lot of ads are trying to incorporate different body types as opposed to the photoshopped model. What a GREAT way to show impressionable teenage girls that WE are all equal and we ALL are ALLOWED to participate.
AN overweight bachelor swapped his bloated belly for a rippling six-pack – this is how he did it.
He said: "My weight had always been all right as I used to play a lot of football but when my dad was poorly and he died I put a lot of weight on.

Bodybuilder Romario Dos Santos Alves modeled himself on the Incredible Hulk and risked his life injecting oil into his arms.
Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - Face taut, muscles bulging, his rigid body suspended horizontally in the air on a pole, Bakr al-Makadmeh's "street workout" showcases the urban bodybuilding making ripples in Gaza.
Lisa Wade pictorial from the website Sociological Images this week, I thought it was quite an interesting topic of discussion. What impressed most people was how well a few girls stood out and took over the show.What impressed me the most was there were short girls,tall girls,skinny girls,heavier girls.pretty girls and girls that were not blessed with natural beauty,girls that danced like ballerinas, and girls that really couldnt keep up to the music! Not just these olympians, but through healthy foods, regular exercise and a well balanced life.

They all look great to me even though they’re all clearly different shapes and sizes. The 25-year-old turned to a cocktail of oil, painkillers and alcohol to pump up his biceps - with astounding results. I agree it’s a good exercise to show your kids (especially girls) that there is no one beautiful body type.

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