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Kelly Clarkson is the kind of girl who can joke about her weight, smile and look happy, despite the fact that she’s been getting criticism for her recent weight gain. Take a look at the video & one more picture A of Kelly performing on stage after the jump! Whoa, how tiny they made her waist in the first pic (and while they were hard at work, they also cropped her hips just a little)!
So anyway, here’s Kim in Ocean Magazine, together with her curves, legs, cleavage, thick belts and loads of hair. Megan’s got a little extra hip curves compared to AnnaLynne and a little extra cleavage, but AnnaLynne has got this nice, lean and toned figure – so which body type and look do you prefer? In general though, you can usually expect to lose all the weight you gain from loading on hCG within 1-3 days of starting the VLCD (very low calorie days) of the diet. If you load a€?cleana€? (low carb with just high fats and proteins and no sugars or starches) you will most likely lose all your load weight in 1 day.
The problem of course is that you don’t know which person you’ll be beforehand! Just to clarify again, the highest loading weight I personally ever had, which was on a 3 day load, was 3.6 lbs. This way of eating is not much of a change for me, except for the small amounts and elimination of fats. I’ve just started loading today and wondered whether I can drink Mio (water enhancer) throughtout the diet as I hate pure water. It’s going to be about $200-300 cheaper for you online for that length of time I believe. I have returned back to work two months ago , so I am now transitioning from being a stay at home mummy on maternity leave to a working (part-time) mummy and my hubby has returned from home deployment with an injured knee – which means he can’t weight bear for at least another 6 weeks. SO… this means that I am now looking after two people as well as myself and working and maintaining the household.
Thankfully the Lose Baby Weight Facebook group is truly a key component to my staying on track and not emotionally eating.

If you have aren’t sure if you want to join, then think no more as it really does take a lot of the guess work and thinking out of being prepared. I want to finish on a point that I know a lot of us Mummies don’t get enough of and possibly don’t think it’s as important as the other stuff going in our lives …… that it sleep. I have found lately that I have been going to bed a lot earlier than previously and I truly believe that this has helped my weight loss. Once I allowed myself to ignore the mess and just go to bed, I woke up feeling rested and had loads more energy to conquer the day ahead. As a result of this, I am not [as] sleep deprived and  I am definitely more relaxed and able to focus my energy into being really positive instead of cranky pants mum!
I really hope my blog helps at least one of you lovely Mums and I look forward to seeing you become a member of the 28 day challenges – you will not regret it!
Don’t delay – join literally THOUSANDS of mums on the challenge and get access to over 1000 healthy, delicious, family friendly recipes. Mums lose an average of 4-6kg *(8-13 pounds*) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too! Angela says “The team at Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy just make it all so easy to follow and customisable so I can make it work for what suits me and my family best. So I just mention it because this obviously may make a difference in how you choose to load for hCG since most of us want to spend the majority of our time on this protocol losing new weight.
Like I said, loading clean aka low carb for hCG does not produce large loading gains, so pretty much it’s a much safer way to go.
Typically if you are starting at 125ius, that is already the lowest dose for most people, so if you had a lot of hunger at that dose, you’d most likely need to try going up in dose, but only by small increments- the hormone is quite powerful with this effect and you can completely skip your ideal dose by jumping up or down in dose too drastically. 15 units on the syringe is usually equal to 150ius, and 25 units is usually equal to 250 ius IF the hcg was mixed in a 1:1 ratio (5mls bac water to 5000iu vial of hCG).
I was wondering how much the hcg is online I got mine through a clinic and it’s expensive $500 for 28 prefilled syringes.
Floor fun Getting up and down off the floor burns lots of calories, so play games like hit the deck or horse racing on all fours.Backyard blitz Play the wheelbarrow game in the yard by holding their legs up while they crawl and get them to do the same for you.

BUT… I have to say that without Lose Baby Weight, I would be struggling and I would probably be emotionally eating! I find this really helps me stay on track with my meals and snacks as well, especially after I have done a workout or I have been for a run and I am hungry… I am still in the mindset that I am my future self so I don’t want to sabotage myself by eating the wrong food. I’ll say tht she looks great either way and I totally see her pulling this off fabulously and stylishly. I had an awful day I was so hungry and I even ate breakfast (2 egg whites and half a plum) . It burns loads of energy and is great for your core.Superman bench-press Lay on the floor and hold your child over your head or balance them with your feet like they're flying. The recipes are very easy and usually I will have most of the ingredients and if I don’t I now feel as though I am now able to make the right choices for a substitute.
If someone was starting at 150iu and was really hungry after 3-4 days on the diet, I would ask when they are most hungry- hunger soon after dose would indicate dosage is too high and should be dropped, and hunger later in the day farther from the dose would indicate dose is too low and should be increased.
For lunch I had fish and green beans and drank green tea all day when I got home I ate my dinner portion and then everything I could find. They'll have a blast while you get a good workout!Add extra weight Piggyback your little one while you do everyday tasks to burn extra calories and have some fun with your child.
I had a mild headache day before yesterday, but I woke up with a whopper of a migraine at 6 am today. I was almost tempted to call it quits, but I started watching YouTube vlogs on what others have experienced. I have phentermine but was fine on day 1 so I didn’t think I needed it but maybe I will add it tomorrow. I ended up taking my normal HCG dose as well as Advil for migraines and I have been resting most of the day.

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