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When friends stopped by, all I wanted to do was send them away so I could rest my head on the toilet seat and throw up.
I didn’t get the ‘pregnancy glow’ or luscious hair or beautiful swelling belly, like all the mums, books, blogs, websites, and even fathers (about their pedestal-worthy wives) told me that I would.
I felt a failure in every sense of the word and I was mourning the loss of everything I had worked for – my mind, my body, my relationship, my friends, and my career.
I felt inadequate and ashamed – all because of this unwanted pregnancy and what it was doing to me.
I NEVER hated my baby and as conflicted as I was, I put myself through everything I had to to make sure she was safe.
When the time came, I had a horrendous emergency-caesarean birth, and the ‘support’ of a witch of an obstetrician who to this day I feel failed in the very basics of medical care. Nobody likes to hear that you didn’t enjoy pregnancy – they say ‘but it was all worth it, you’ll forget and do it again’. I am so glad that I found The healthy mummy smoothie mix as it has been a total blessing to me and my ever changing lifestyle. But after losing this initial weight, I needed help as for 4 weeks I couldn’t lose another kilo. After seeing all the reviews and the before and after weight loss pictures, I thought that I had to give this a try as if it had worked for so many others then it could also work for me. Having the healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast and lunch plus going to the gym 5 days a week has totally changed my life. My daughter now has a happy and fit mummy which she deserves and I will continue to get even healthier! Thank you so much for developing such an incredible product that works AND tastes absolutely incredible.
If you are ready to lose weight then The Healthy Mummy plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe if you are breastfeeding.
The?Healthy?Mummy?Smoothie?is?96% sugar free, 100% fructose free and free?of?any?chemical?or?artificial?sweeteners.
All?our?plans?can?also?be?done?in?conjunction?with?our?28?Day?Diet?&?Exercise?Plan,?28 Day Challenges?or?our?recipe?books?and?are?all safe?for?use?in?breastfeeding.
I procrastinated for 4 or so weeks, then my life changed, I ordered my healthy mummy smoothies and the 28 day diet plan. Sometimes it was hard and I particularly remember the first 10 days being the hardest, I stopped putting sugar in my tea.
I have achieved my goal by eating from the 28 day diet plan, by using the Lose baby weight smoothies and a moderate amount of exercise and am now at a healthy BMI.
I have honestly LOVED this program, so many amazing recipes that will be a regular in this household.
I honestly can’t thank Lose Baby Weight enough for changing my life and giving me the kick up the bum I needed to start enjoying life properly. I decided to become a subscriber to the 28 Day Challenge and September was my first Challenge. I love how I can do the Challenge exercises at home and if my son is being sooky I can pick him up and complete them holding him, adding extra weight and making it harder. I did the September and November 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which was absolutely brilliant and so easy to follow – and am so looking forward to the next one!
I also had a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for lunch some days and find my energy levels are fabulous on these days! My life is busy with my son, work and study but Lose Baby Weight has made weight loss and my happiness a priority. I started my weight loss journey with Lose Baby Weight at the start of September where I decided to join the 28 Day Challenge. Not only did I change physically but also mentally.
Throughout October I continued to follow the September challenge but mixed it up a bit. In October I lost another 6kilos bringing my weight lose to 11 kilos and losing another 28cm of my stomach!! The challenges are amazing and I recommend them to all mums – I can’t wait for the next one! The challenges just keep getting better and better, changing to suit the needs of the mums using them. How they can improve on a creating a customisable meal planner (swapping around meals, increasing recipe serves) that also creates a shopping list for you baffles me, but you watch, they will.
I was so unhappy with myself when I decided to try the 28 day weight loss challenge.  I had managed to gain over 35kg in my pregnancy and 3 months after my sons birth I was still carrying it all.
I committed 100% to this program and I am so happy that I have managed to lose 6.5kg* in my 1st month of the challenge. I joined the first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge that Lose Baby Weight did and loved the daily exercise plans and all of the recipes were so easy to make and wonderfully tasty.
I loved seeing everyone’s photos and used the group to motivate me when I was feeling sluggish or lazy. I have tried so many different diets but Lose Baby Weight and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is by far the best.
I have been on The Healthy Mummy weight loss plans for a while now and I love how versatile the recipes are, I am able to chop and change the cuts of meat so it stays within our budget. The meals are already planned out for me, they take 10min max to prepare and even less time to eat them because they are soooooo delish that they don’t last long on my plate.
The meal plans and recipes continue to be awesome, so much variety and always pretty easy to prepare. This is the 5th challenge that I have done with Lose Baby Weight now and I continue to learn so much about eating choices, heaps of new exercises and of course, the support of the private Lose Baby Weight Facebook page is just great. I’d ummed and aahhed about purchasing the healthy mummy smoothies for about six months, but thankfully I finally got the courage to buy the Lose Baby Weight Starter Pack early December 2013 as I knew I wanted to make a change for my family and I.
I have been on the lose baby weight life style change and using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and 28 Day Challenges for 5 months now and in that time I have lost 16kg*. I have learnt so much about food, fitness and most importantly myself over these past months and I love the 28 Day Challenges! They are so easy to follow, food is quick, filling and delicious and the exercise program is challenging and fun.
I highly recommend participating in the challenges, it’s well worth the small cost for everything you get out of it. It is good being a shorter length, compared to many challenges which are 12 weeks long, as it is easier to stay focused.
I loved that there were so many different recipes and so I now have an even bigger collection of healthy recipes from Lose Baby Weight to help me continue with my weight loss.
Before starting the challenge, I was a bit worried that I would go hungry or not enjoy the food.

I was surprised week after week at the delicious new recipes hitting my kitchen and not once did I go searching for other food or snacks. I have attached a before and after photo – the first photo was me at 4 months after baby, weight 79kg. I could never have done this without these products and so incredibly grateful to have found them. I stick to my “new dinner every night” and use the 28 day plan and summer recipe books and highly recommend them if you do not already have them!, They are full of delicious and healthy food! I have been following the 28 Day Plan and Healthy Mummy Smoothies I started my Healthy Mummy weight loss journey in June last year and have now lost a total of 39.7 kgs*! Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way. If you’d like to become our Motivating Mum for the month click here to find out more (we pay you for it too!). I have been loving the protein balls, and the chickpea cookies are delicious (perfect for that quick snack). I think my body is actually getting used to eating again, as I’m getting hungry in between meals again. My all time favourite at the moment contains half a cup of cooked rolled oats (the kids have this for breakfast now its a bit chilly), ?4 dates,?1 tsp cinnamon, a?handful of raw almonds, 2 tbsp chocolate Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix and? 200ml warm light milk. The kids are really loving the 30 min walk before lunch, and I’m finding it breaks up the day too. I’ve found over the last month with trying to get to a class at the gym every day, I was burning out a bit, everything was getting too much – housework, gym, kids, etc, I was getting overwhelmed.
I’m going to be going to the gym 3 days a week for a 1hr class, and those days and every other day I am going to be doing my exercise at home.
I found some very cheap weights on a second hand site, so am incorporating that into my plan.
I use steps that I have next to the playroom (handy so that I can still see the kids) for warming up, and run up and down the playroom before doing the exercises from the 28 Day Plan. That’s what I’ve always loved about the Lose Baby Weight program, you can fit it in to your day to day life. I do the exercise with the kids, sometimes it takes longer because of that, but healthy mummy = healthy kiddies right. And I saw a Winter Weightloss Challenge with details being posted next week on the Lose Baby Weight site. I have been trying to jump to achieve one of my goals of skipping –  I remember it being easier when I was a child. Today we look at the health benefits of avocados and then we will reveal 11 different ideas for using them in your cooking. This item will be posted through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Refunds by law: In Australia, consumers have a legal right to obtain a refund from a business for goods purchased if the goods are faulty, not fit for purpose or don't match description. By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm, you're committing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder and have read and agreed to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. Implement these six changes and you won’t gain weight between June and September – in fact you may even lose as much as 20kg before spring. The slow-down in physical activity and a winter diet of stodgy, fatty food are the main reasons people gain weight in winter. Winter fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, naartjies, pawpaw, kiwi fruit and guavas are brimming with protective nutrients such as vitamin C and bioflavonoids to help ward off winter colds and flu, and they’re low in kilojoules.
If you eat just five portions of fruit a week (more would be even better) instead of pudding or a 100g bar of chocolate, you won’t gain a gram. Winter is the best time to eat soups which can be nutritious without increasing your energy intake.
Use fat-free milk to make cream of vegetable soups and add fat-free yoghurt instead of cream. Research shows eating more fat-free or low-fat dairy products can actually help you lose weight. If you replace full-cream milk with skimmed (fat-free) or low-fat (2%) milk, use low-fat yoghurt and cottage cheese instead of the full-cream versions and stick to no more than three portions of dairy a day (three glasses of milk or three small yoghurts or three matchbox-sized portions of cottage cheese) you can lose between 2 and 4kg in three months. Instead of adding two or three teaspoons of sugar to your hot beverages, use artificial or non-nutritive sweeteners.
If you can steer clear of these foods this winter you have a good chance of not gaining weight. Stephanie van Niekerk unwittingly infected her husband with HIV and ended up having to watch him wither and die in front of her very eyes. One third of our lives are spend sleeping and with a few changes you can transform your bedroom into a snoozing sanctuary.
Vitamin B deficiency is much more common than you might think, even in generally healthy people. Ignoring the fact that I’d only been at my new job for 6 months, that I wanted to get married first, that our house didn’t have a spare bedroom.
Society doesn’t allow you to hate being pregnant – not when you’re readily fertile, your baby is developing healthily, and you are financially able to support a child. I was sickly-pale, with frumpy, ill-fitting clothes, rarely-washed hair and bags under my eyes that were tinged with green. When my morning sickness hadn’t gone by 11, 12…14…16 weeks, and I had added even more symptoms to my every-growing no-one-ever-talks-about-it-but-these-are-normal-side-effects list, I resigned from my job in a heap of tears and self-loathing.
I now know it is normal to find it difficult to accept an unwanted pregnancy and that being forced to reassess and alter every part of your life all at once is not an easy challenge.
In my case, I’m afraid not….but we have a beautiful 14-month old that I couldn’t imagine life without. I started my journey last year and thanks to LBW I’ve been able to lose weight, create a healthy lifestyle and maintain my breastmilk supply allowing me to continue nursing my daughter into our 3rd year! The Challenges are just as amazing as the other Lose Baby Weight products and I continue to learn how to fuel my body properly with good wholesome food.

I was 4.5 months postpartum at the start of the November 28 Day Challenge and I participated in the Challenge exercises. I especially love the videos showing you how to do the exercises as before starting I had never heard of some of them!
My whole mind set and outlook on life has changed. Throughout the September challenge I lost 5kilos* and 24cm of just my stomach. I am feeling so proud of myself and cannot wait to continue with Lose Baby Weight to reach my goals. I have enjoyed it so much and it has taught me to eat healthily and also how to cook healthily. I would not have done it without all the encouragement from the Lose Baby Weight Team and the lovely ladies doing the 28 Day Challenge. Everything you can do on the lounge floor while you have a few spare minutes between loads of washing while bub is napping- no excuses! All of the mums are there to help each other and are able to bounce different ideas off one another regardless of where we are located. I can do them at home with very minimal equipment and at any time of the day, before the kids wake up, or even after they go to bed. The options and calculations are included if you want to bulk up the meal for hubby or for extra calories – everything is worked out for you. I exercise everyday for at least 30mins (with the occasional rest day on the weekend) and I enjoy 2 healthy mummy smoothies a day – I increased to 2 a day from 1 about 2 weeks ago and I do the 28 day challenge. I was really impressed with the thought that went into the recipe selections for the Challenge and thought they were simple, quick to prepare and so so tasty! I see ladies who are at the gym everyday, walk everywhere and still have everything sorted at home. You've read and agreed to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount.
If you used to eat puddings, cakes and chocolates at least three times a week your new habit will help you lose up to 5kg in three months. The simplest soups can be made with a variety of vegetables cooked with beef or chicken stock. Prepare your soup or stew the day before, let it cool in the fridge and scoop off the solidified fat before you heat it. Using fat-free milk for hot drinks such as Milo means you won’t be piling on the kilos this winter.
And if you usually eat a pie and packet of hot chips a day your new habit will help you to lose up to 5kg in three months. One of the ways in which the body tries to boost serotonin production is to increase your craving for carbohydrates. No – what kind of selfish woman wouldn’t want to go through the miracle of carrying and birthing a child.
That my relationship was rocky is an understatement, since I was no longer present to be a part of it. What was the point when I couldn’t function enough to do even a fraction of my role, and by being unable to do it, I had turned the job I loved into one I loathed.
I’ll leave out the facing your worst nightmare part – that seems to be reserved for fewer mums, thank goodness!
I knew I needed to mentally move the pain and trauma away, because she had nothing to do with it. I am finally regaining my body (thanks Healthy Mummy!), have new career goals and my mind seems to have returned.
I was sitting there feeling like if I just ate some junk food I would feel better, but I had to break these habits. Well, a year ago I would have, but I had a good look and said hmmmm I don’t look to bad so maybe my confidence is getting a bit better. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. And when it’s miserable outside nobody feels like getting up from the couch to exercise. Use stock cubes that are low in kilojoules or make your own stock from chicken or beef, let it cool in the fridge then remove the fat that has solidified on top. Unfortunately many carbohydrate foods such as chips, cakes, pies, pastries and chocolate also have a high fat content. I was very content in life, and at 27, I wasn’t even thinking about a family for at least another 5 years. I made my way to work every morning, tried not to hate anyone who dared talk to me, then returned home to curl up into a ball in bed and wish I could be swallowed up. I may have endured emotional and physical pain for the full term and hated every second of it, but that’s just it. And since then I have continued to buy and use the product and each week I have lost 1kg – I am one happy and regular customer! He has been walking with me everyday and keeps telling me how proud he is of me and how well I’m doing. Serve vegetable soups with crusty wholewheat bread for a delicious, wholesome, non-fattening meal that will keep you warm and full for hours. If you add three 30-minute sessions of muscle exercise to your routine three times a week, you can lose 3kg in three months. If you eat a lot of these foods because you feel the urge to stock up on carbohydrates you’ll most probably gain weight. This is a debilitating and ridiculously irrational fear that makes me weak simply writing about it. Then I started having vivid dreams about mundane life that left me unsure what had actually happened – had I already had that conversation with someone? And I’m no longer in mourning for the life I planned, but instead thankful for the fortunate one I’m living.
It grew even worse to the point of memory lapses – or ‘baby brain’ as everyone called it – except having no recollection of paying a bill or making an appointment made the use of my wardrobe as the refrigerator seem like an acceptable mistake.

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