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Weight gained post pregnancy to be reduced through eating healthy breakfast, fresh meals and healthy snacks. Brooke Shields, actress and model, lost 30 lbs in only 2 months with a diet designed by a personal dietician, with much exercise, litres of water and a small amount of salt. Lunch: vegetables cream (broccoli, carrots and beets spinach) and half cup of cooked noodles. Mid-morning: 1 portion of sponge cake with grapes and cinnamon, 1 piece of cheese cream, coffee or tea. Breakfast: 1 portion of cake with fruits, 2 teaspoons of cheese cream, without fat, coffee or tea.

Lunch: 1 cup of vegetables (broccoli, carrots and beets spinach) and half cup of cooked noodles.
Dinner: half chicken breast without skin, roasted or in the microwave, 2 cups of salad with dressing and without oil. Lunch: 1 sandwich with cheese, 1 pork chop, 1 thin slice of ham and 1 glass of juice of fruits season.
Pockets are strategically located on the jeans with camel colour accessories on the side (to emphasize vertically her silhouette). Obesity leads to various health diseases like heart failure, diabetes and high blood pressure.

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You are advised to consume lean protein, fresh produce and whole grains to lose weight post pregnancy naturally.

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