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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. As much as I LOVE my CrossFit garage gym, I soon realized that even those posts about my at-home gym weren’t being AS helpful as they could be! DOUBLE UNDERS: this is just jump roping but you swing the jump rope twice under your feet when you jump up!
I ended up making a really ghetto video that explains all the movements involved in the at-home workouts! Want to try the 6 week workout but im confused on the numbers 5-5-5 can you please help?!?! This is just what I was looking for…something new to try and get me back into a routine at home. Play with the kids.Kids as they are, loves to play around your home as they are incredibly vibrant. I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle and be involved with athletics but even though I continued doing CrossFit throughout my pregnancy with Baylor, I still gained 60 pounds!! I mean some of you women might not have a garage to workout in, or a husband that has time to bust out a DIY pull-up bar, or maybe you’re a home body and you want to find a way to get results in the COMFORT of your own home! So if you have to do 10 burpees EMOM, you start at the beginning of one minute and BUST OUT those 10 burpees then rest UNTIL the start of the next minute!! I’m a noob but crossfit is something I really want to try and this plan looks awesome! It perhaps is expensive specially if you are searching for weight loss programs in the work out center or perhaps, need to be trained by qualified movie star fitness experts.

Because of this,take time to play hide and seek with your younger siblings instead of going to the gym for yourregular exercise. It’s a beautiful thing to feel comfortable in your own skin and comfortable enough to show that body of yours off…in a tasteful manner of course! A friend of my, Kristen from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke (you guys need to head over to her blog to get a 6 week check list printable) emailed me about 2 months ago, asking me to put together a 6 week CrossFit inspired at-home plan that didn’t require any equipment other than some hand weights and a jump rope!! Also things such as the EMOM, and Double Unders…would a google search be able to tell me what these are? I love this outfit because it makes me feel confident enough to wear such a form fitting outfit from head to toe!
Then the actual number 5 is how many reps (how many times you do the movement) you do in that round.
This is not just a good workout but, it is also a terrific way to spend quality time withall your family members.Now, are you ready to start out this weeks diet plan and lose weight in one week?For other beneficial reading materials, check out emagrecer rapido now. I can feel confident wearing tight candy apple colored leggings because they are so slimming and the fabric is so high quality it keeps everything tight and in place!
Pregnancy was one of the most beautiful, amazing, glorious blessings I have been able to experience but it was also one of the hardest things that my bodies been through PHYSICALLY . I always always interested in crossfit, and I am SO excited to see this at home, little equipment required!
After having my little boy, I knew I had a long way to go…and after months and months of clean eating and CrossFit workouts, the weight came off! TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY JOURNEY (CLICK HERE) Then after my baby weight was off I set new goals and continued to lose weight! Whoever you are and whatever your story may be, this new PINNABLE 6 week at-home CrossFit plan is sure to benefit even the fittest person!

My husband and I have personally put together EVERY ONE of these workouts and let me just say right now, they are tough!! I have fought many mental battles and although some battles were lost, the weight lose war was won!
About 9 months ago my husband and I sadly said goodbye to our CrossFit gym that we were attending and started building a CrossFit gym in our garage! I want all of you to strive to do your best during these workouts and if you have to modify it a bit than you can!! In October I was asked to speak about my fitness journey at the Pinners Conference in Salt Lake City, UT!! HAHA JK…but it will be really tough, SO…the biggest part about this plan is to SET GOALS!!
I knew all too well about trying to lose the weight with everything INCLUDING working part time outside the home!
Set yourself a goal to workout 3 times a week at first and than increase to 4 times a week as you go through this program!! This class was a way for me to finally blog about and document all I had been doing within the last year to transform my body!
Email me your questions if you’re not sure what a specific movement is or how to do it!
When I’m not able to make it to the gym, I will do one of these workouts with you all and post about it!

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