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The water diet plan that helps you detox your body while making progress down the path of healthy water weight loss may not be what you first thought. Food diets such as water diet, when combined with regular exercise and healthy eating habits are said to be essential to maintaining a strong metabolism boosting your chances of slimming down the healthy way.
In this healthy Slism, we introduce the water diet plan to what it seems would be a long trek through effective ways to lose weight to find out that all it took was drinking enough water each day. The only rule that you need to follow on the water diet plan is to drink 2 liters of water per day. For best results in water diet weight loss drinking up to 4% of your body weight in water is said to be an effective way to lose weight. Outside of this time, try to gradually work your way to the daily goal of the water diet, drinking 2L of water. Due to the fact that the water diet is going to require you to drink more water than you are usually used to drinking, it is highly recommended that you stay away from water containing chlorine such as that which can be found in tap water unless the tap water in the place you live is so good it would be a waist not to not drink it.
For those of us not fortunate enough to have a pure supply of clean tap water, using a distiller is that way to go. On the water diet plan, it is recommended that you drink mineral-rich hard water as much as possible.
However, in Japan where drinking hard water is seldom an option, most people drink soft water. Most important to the water diet is that the water you use is something you don't mind drinking.
There are many benefits that you get out of going on the water diet including natural detox and a boosted metabolism from the diuretic effect of water.
In addition, you will find the water diet useful when trying to remedy constipation and prevent overeating. In addition to helping you speed up your metabolism, drinking water is said to improve blood circulation and healthy lymph flow necessary get the best detoxification effect your body has to offer getting rid of unwanted bodily waste faster. A faster metabolism is one added benefit that comes when you cleanse your body making it harder to gain weight.
For people that worry about being constipated all the time, increase you daily intake on water is said to have a positive effect in your diet improving bowl function said to help remedy constipation. In particular, drinking a cup of water first thing in the morning is said to help prevent constipation from becoming an issue later in the day. Drinking a cup of water in the morning helps you recover from the loss of water that occurs when you sleep stimulating your stomach firing up healthy digestion. Having a cup of water preferably before starting to eat a meal is said to have the temporary effect of suppressing your appetite. Drink large amount of water is said to cause your blood circulation to weaken that causes a message sent out by your brain to cut back on absorption of fluids.
Deciding on a certain amount of water to drink and thinking that you have to do it no matter what may cause stress and have a negative effect on your diet success.
Drink gross amount of water has the potential of triggering low sodium content in your blood, or hyponatremia.
The recommended daily sodium intake when on the water diet is between 6 and 10 grams per day.
Consuming enough salt in your diet especially when on the water diet is especially important during hot summer months when not sweating isn't an option or after strenuous exercise when you need it most for fluid recovery. Note that it is best not to try to drink large amount of water in one sitting just to reach the 2 liter mark of your day. To avoid edema leg swelling associated with sodium consumption be sure to incorporate foods containing potassium into snacking and your meals accompanied by light exercise at the very least. The low fat milk diet drinking milk before a meal may be what it takes to lose weight and keep your weight from rebounding back. With great health benefits you can see surfacing in your body the cabbage diet gives you what you need to reduce calorie consumption the natural way. Just by drinking fresh fruit juice starting your day off first thing in the morning you comes away with enzymes for weight loss. Get at least 2 liters of water in your body per day not drinking too much in one sitting and getting enough sodium in your diet. Drinking too much water can upset the electrolyte balance in your body and even trigger water poisoning.
According to a few studies, simply drinking 16 ounces (2 glasses) of pure water temporarily speed up metabolism. Studies have also shown that drinking cold water will make the body use energy to heat the water to body temperature.

With this information, it’s clear that drinking pure Distilled Water, at about 16 ounces, prior to lunch or dinner, will reduce substantially how much people will eat during a seating and will further rapidly burn those consumed calories because of the heightened metabolism effect.
Combine this simple process of Drinking Distilled water with a Healthy Diet, such as South Beach, Jillian Michaels (which also includes personalized workouts), or Medifast, and your results may be better than average. Drinking water together with such healthy diets is better than just simply drinking water and going into a full out water fast.
If you’re going to be consuming Alcohol, make sure you drink as much was as you drink alcohol. While drinking Distilled water with enough Added minerals will get all the nutrients in your body that it usually gets from food, it is better if you start a diet plan on the 4th day after going on this water fasting.
Distilled water is the purest water in comparison to all other water purification systems, with Reverse Osmosis (RO) and atmospheric water generation both coming in close second. Distilled Water is Safe and the Distilled Water Health benefits  are many, it is the purest water and mimics the exact same way that nature produces fresh potable water (i.e. Generally, the most basic water distiller consists of a steel container which is heated to the point that water becomes vapor. Not only is distilled water the safest water to drink because of the lack of contaminants, but it has also many health benefits, such as…. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something delicious you could drink with your meals that would also help you to lose weight? Specifically, there is some evidence that the chemical EGCG found in ordinary green tea may help the body to burn fat.
Green tea’s calorie-burning properties may lie in the ability of EGCG to increase the body’s heat production by speeding up metabolism. Green tea displays thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation above and beyond the benefits from its caffeine content alone. The green tea study involved 10 healthy young males, with weights ranging from lean to mildly overweight. Opinions vary, but the general consensus is that 3 to 5 cups of green tea per day is optimal. If you’re worried about the caffeine contained in green tea, consider taking green tea extract.
Concentration, mental alertness and problem-solving abilities are also said to be improved by drinking green tea. Business people also benefit from being mentally sharp, and consuming green tea can help them improve concentration, manage stress and boost overall job performance (while helping them stay slim at the same time).
When you go shopping for quality green tea, you will find that the two most common forms are green tea bags and loose leaf green tea. Take your time and make certain that you are purchasing from a reputable tea supplier who is selling a quality product.
A recent study of Chinese women who drank green tea at least 3 times a week demonstrated a reduced incidence of cancer. As you can see, drinking green tea helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism, regulating your blood sugar and controlling your hunger. However, just drinking green tea alone, without healthy diet and exercise, probably won’t be enough. The information on this website is for general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.
Why can water do all this?  We have been told through studies that if a person increases his water consumption by six cups a day, which would calculate to 17400 calories in a year that would be expended by the body, or about five pounds in weight loss.  As much as 40% of the calories burned are the body warming the water within the body. Although when talk about the Japanese water diet first hit the scene, you must have been thinking What does that work? It may sound like a simple diet method but comes with a diuretic effect beneficial to your health such as improving blood circulation smoother transition into natural detox.
Unlike water diets such as the ginger tea diet to raise core body temperature that focuses on drinking hot water and the cold water diet, drinking water at room temperature is recommended. As low as you have a way to clean your water, then drinking out of the tap should not be a problem as long as it is distilled. Since the amount of water you will be drinking is more than a mere cup, the water you drink should be just right for you. Water is zero calories so you don't have to worry about leftover calories turning into unwanted fat, not in your diet!
Set out specific times during the day such as when getting up to stretch your body after long periods of sitting, or every 30 minutes. For people in working situation that make it difficult to go to the bathroom, the water diet is not recommended.

Whatever you want to call it, drinking water helps you get there without worrying about your weight. Increase in energy consumption means burning of calories which lead to loss of weight, simply by drinking cold water.
The heightened metabolism occurs after 20 minutes of drinking water and peaks at about 40 minutes; for this reason, drinking water 20 minutes before meals is the optimal solution. Studies show that between 30% and 50% more weight is lost this way than by simply drinking other fluids or not drinking at all before the meal. If you just drink distilled water without adding minerals, you may lose your energy very fast, possibly causing you to faint. The amount of water that you take to match the amounts of alcoholic drinks shouldn’t be counted as the daily amount of water you are supposed to be taking. Following a diet after a 4-day water diet makes following a healthy diet a lot easier and you are thus setting yourself up for success.
Unlike dark tea, which is brewed with fermented leaves, green tea is produced by steaming fresh leaves. Because of its high percentage of polyphenols, green tea is purported to have many health benefits, from maintaining normal blood pressure to lowering the risk of some cancers.
Drinking green tea for weight loss works because it seems to increase the amount of calories the body burns throughout the day for all activities, whether you are moving or at rest. Many of them have reported encouraging results, which makes drinking green tea one of the best (and most delicious) ways to lose weight.
While digesting and absorbing food as it’s being eaten, the body also burns calories, a process known as thermogenesis. Those who consumed green tea extract had a 4% increase in thermogenesis, with an overall energy expenditure increase of 4.5%. Most green tea extract is made from decaffeinated green tea, which allows you to benefit from the weight loss benefits without the caffeine. Green tea extract and powdered green tea are also available both in shops and on the internet. Like most things, you get what you pay for, so choose a high quality brand of green tea or green tea extract.
The report, which appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that among 69,000 Chinese women who drank green tea at least three times a week, 14% were less likely to develop cancers of the digestive system, and 29% were less likely to develop colorectal cancers.
Ideally, green tea should be just one part of your overall diet and exercise plan for weight loss.
Soft water, usually what is left water running tap through a water softener has less mineral content and is considered to be more drinkable. This may help you get to the 2 liter mark if you are having trouble drinking so much water. The secret to carrying out the water diet is to make it look easy taking baby steps never going too far ahead at once. To keep this from happening you are going to want to get more salt in your diet either deliberately or indeliberately in your food. Drinking 16 ounces of water before a meal can make a big positive experience in your weight loss.
In other words, if you drink 2 glasses of Beer, you should also drink at least 2 glasses of water.
Diet plans from South Beach, Jillian Michaels, or Medifast are complementary to the water diet.
If you’re wondering how to use green tea for reducing your weight, remember that it also contains caffeine, but not as much as coffee. While green tea may be the key to weight loss success and is one of the best quick weight loss tips around, it also offers a lot of other important health benefits. For the month of January, it's offering meals that emphasize lean proteins, antioxidant-rich vegetables, whole grains and fermented foods. Try preparing yourself for a week prior to going to a water-only diet, by removing drinks and fatty foods from your diet.

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