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The truth is that you can maintain an incredible physique and not count every calorie you consume.
Once you are educated and know what to put in your body to achieve the desired outcome, you will see that you don’t need to count calories as well. In order to do away with counting calories, there are several important rules you must follow with the food you consume. Every single day your activity levels are different; so if you want a lean and sexy beach body, you will need to support your lean muscle mass with the proper amount of calories. If you say to yourself that you are only going to eat 1500 calories a day – and you go to the gym for 2 hours and play basketball for another hour, you are going to need to consume more calories that day. If you are starving yourself after intense exercise, you are not doing yourself any favors.
Not only are you decreasing your chance of building lean muscle – but are you also messing with your metabolism. Not eating the proper nutrients when your body is screaming that you are hungry is a very bad thing for your physique.
The most important rule if you want to lose weight without counting calories is to consume quality calories.
The reason that I don’t count calories is because I am confident that the majority of my calories are high protein, fiber and nutrient dense. You should make sure that if you are trying to lose weight, the majority of your calories are coming from lean protein sources such as eggs, chicken, beef, fish, tofu, or pork. Veggies are extremely nutrient dense, have hardly any calories and have loads of fiber that will keep you full.
If you make a conscious effort to consume mostly lean proteins and veggies you will not need to count calories. Your body will be full of the proper proteins, amino acids and fibers and your chance of consuming junk food and eating empty calories is much less likely. Although I don’t count calories I do make a conscious effort to limit my carbohydrate intake after 7 PM.

If I am within five hours of going to bed I will try to stick with a small amount of complex carbohydrates and mostly protein and veggies.
Your body takes a longer time to break down carbohydrates and excess calories at night could lead to a significant amount of weight gain. If you can consume quality carbohydrates such as black beans, brown rice, whole grains, quinoa, oatmeal, etc for breakfast, lunch and mid afternoon snacks and limit your intake at night – you will be way ahead of the weight loss game! It will regulate your digestive system and will also keep you full for longer periods of time.
The reason why counting calories is so pointless is because many people don’t consume these healthy and high fiber foods because they are rather high in calories.
Although some of these items may be more calorie laden than other choices, they give your body crucial vitamins, protein and minerals and will keep you full for hours longer than consuming empty calories. Instead of thinking that this serving of almonds and flax seeds has 300 calories and a ton of fat – you should be thinking that these nutrient dense 300 calories will keep me full for an extra 3 hours when compared to empty calories!
If you follow these three extremely vital rules you can lose weight very quickly without keeping a close tab on your calorie count. The three important rules with your dietary intake are to consume high fiber foods as often as possible, lean protein and veggies at every meal and watching your carbohydrate intake at night. If you are going to consume a lot of calories -just make sure they are quality calories in the form of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, healthy fats, and veggies. I have not counted calories at ANY POINT in my entire life and have been able to maintain under 10 percent body fat the last 5 years using these three crucial rules.
Do you think following these dietary rules will help you lose weight – or do you think it is easier counting calories?
How to lose weight without exercise – I wonder how many people would be willing to give their eyes, ears, nose, limbs, and the hair on their head to know the answer to the question that has troubled mankind for so many centuries. In a manner of speaking, those who worry about how to lose weight without exercise are probably referring to the non-exercise part of losing weight. You are depleting your body of extremely important nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids that you need to sculpt a sexy beach body!

The truth is man is an extremely lazy creature and if he had his way he would twist the laws of nature to lose weight without exercise and perspiration.
You could search high and low for that secret technique which will help you lose weight magically but I doubt if you’ll ever come across one. It is a combination of different factors, ranging from exercise to diet modification to snacking healthy to choosing what you drink with caution to excluding fattening foods from your diet.
When you start exercising, the demands of the body go up and since it is burning calories so rapidly, you end up with a bigger appetite.
Low fat yogurt, skim milk, homemade smoothies are great options for those between-the-meals hunger pangs. Unless you are ready to makes some lifestyle changes there will very little hope for your weight loss efforts.
Now, while nobody likes to go hungry, people trying to lose weight usually indulge these food cravings by eating the wrong kind of foods! It takes the body some time to break down and synthesize proteins and that keeps you full for a relatively longer period of time.
They go for regular walks or runs that are geared towards burning loads of calories throughout the day. You have to learn to choose healthier snacks – foods that are low on calories and yet keep you feeling full throughout the day. Tomorrow will be a new day and you can continue with your weight loss efforts, if you put your mind to it. In some startling cases, they actually end up putting on more weight in spite of their workout routine.

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