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Usually people sign up, check out a crappy product and wonder how it can actually make sales. I have good hopes to bring this number to around $60,000-100,000 this year, scaling some of the tactics I will be revealing bellow.
While many people will call Clickbank yet another affiliate network, that’s not all it is. As a product owner, you can add your product to the database and ClickBank will take care of all the checkout and e-commerce part,? as well as offering an affiliate program for it.
I really like ClickBank and I think it’s a fantastic place for new affiliate marketers to get started without the hassle of more advanced affiliate networks. Trust me, that’s a huge plus when you get started and have no track record to show to those big networks.
The best way to get started on ClickBank is to start as an affiliate, promoting pages that have already been optimized, in order to build your sales funnels.
Much like keyword research for SEO, picking the right product to promote on ClickBank is extremely important.
Here is a short video of me going through the ClickBank marketplace to find juicy products to promote.
In order to know where your conversions come from, the best practice is to create a new link each time you put a link somewhere. The issue most of these tactics have, apart from the last one, is that they have very limited preselling. In content links are usually in line recommendations that are embedded directly in the text. However, ?they’re not very prominent and will only catch the attention of the most attentive readers. This is one tactic we still use to this day and for good reason: it works!┬áReview traffic is extremely targeted and people landing on your page have a very high chance to buy. All the methods we talked about before tend to work to some extent but they’re usually worn out and overused by everyone in the industry making it very competitive and hard to scale unless you have a site with hundreds and hundreds of reviews.
Plus, nobody links or shares any of the content above because it sells and people tend to hate linking or sharing stuff that sells something to it’s readers.
You can target viral topics or high traffic keywords related to the problems the offer solves meaning there’s no traffic problem. Facebook – Pretty much all audiences are on Facebook and you can get very cheap traffic.
Now that people have opted in, you need to redirect them to a thank you page where you can (finally) promote your offer. Note that we also have a retargeting pixel on this page to setup a negative audience and not advertize the lead magnet to those who already opted in. You then want to explain to people why the lead magnet they’ve downloaded is incomplete and why they should take the offer you present along with it, to get better results.
In this case, people download a juicing recipes book but we explain to them that without the 30 day plan, they won’t get very far and achieve what they want.
In the first email I first send them the link to the lead magnet a second time (the excuse to email them) and ask them if they saw the offer (affiliate link).
In the second email, you email them to answer the question you asked in the previous email and start ?(excuse for the email).
Simply elicit positive emotions of all the great things that could happen and link it back to your product.
Once people have gone through the 3 part autoresponder, simply add them to your main broadcast list and email them your next pieces of content. Sadly, this option is becoming more and more popular so I won’t be able to enjoy it alone anymore.
Using Facebook or any other retargeting service, you can create audiences of people visiting your website (minus those who opted in from the site) and advertize lead magnets to them. The ?process is fairly simple and after a bit of optimization you’ll be able to let it run as people get out of your retargeting list after a bit.
When you’ve reached a certain scale, you should already be making several thousand dollars per month.
As you probably guessed, the scope of this strategy is slightly larger than ClickBank itself.
You might have heard of speculative products and diet plans that promise to help you lose 20 pounds in a period of two weeks. This article provides a comprehensive and an all-natural tips to help you to burn those calories essentially through a good diet plan and good practical exercise plan. The following exercise plan will largely help you to achieve your goal of losing the extra pounds.

Finally, with the above incredible tips and knowledge of how to lose 20 pounds fast, it can be seen that you are capable of losing 20 pounds in a month or less.
Is this product intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any specific disease and or affect the structure or function of the body? Then, they try to throw some random traffic at it and seeing that nobody bought it, curse at the platform and call it crap. The platform is more of a marketplace for product creators and affiliates to make money together without cumbersome paperwork or agreements.
But when you get started and only make a few hundred dollars per day, it’s a great help to not have t o deal with all the tech stuff. No matter how good you are at promoting, if you push traffic to a sales page that doesn’t sell, you will not make much money. People are thrown to sales pages without knowing exactly why they are there or who is this guy trying to sell them an information product. However, your EPC (earning per click) will be very low because the product does not come recommended by the author. Every SEO and their sister tries to make money with reviews and you end up sitting in the middle of a negative SEO fest, for trickles of traffic. This means you will have to pay or produce all of your traffic and if you ever want to have a chance to show up in Google, you’ll have to spend hours doing tedious link building. The lead magnet offers more free stuff to those who are interested enough to trade their contact information for it. This means that you can sell more things to them once they reach your main list, and the value of your media property is greatly increased and compounds over time. If you create value only content, getting links using these tactics and getting shares is fairly easy.
If you want more info on implementing SEO for your authority site I recommend our free authority SEO course(see what I’m doing here?).
I recommend this method by Digital marketer or to build a big fan page, engage it and drive traffic through organic reach (case study coming soon on that one). Keep the content clean of promotions (apart from your opt in), give value, establish yourself as an authority and don’t be greedy.
For example, if the article is a list of tips, create 3 more tips that people can download. Add them to a retargeting list on Facebook and send them to an opt in page to download the bonuses. As opposed to people trying to throw traffic to a sales page once and then have no chance to see those visitors again, you have their contact details! I then go on and give a bullet point list of why I think they should get it as well as maybe 1 testimonial to give it credibility and start easing into the emotional realm. Then you go on and help them visualize themselves having solved the problem and all the things they could do when it is solved.
This is when you use a mixture of limited time offers (discounts, bonuses etc if available with the offer) and guilt people for not taking action?. If I guilt someone into buying a product that actually helps them lose 20lbs and live a better life, I’m happy I did it. Remember, we want to sell MANY things to our prospects so the first product better deliver!
Those who don’t opt in never get sold to, until they are interested enough to download your lead magnet. They will know who you are and you can achieve as much as 70% opt in rate with some headline tweaking. Perhaps start building a second one and after a while, decide if it’s worth spending more time on it.
At this point, it’s time to start considering swapping the affiliate offer with your own offer. ClickBank is a great, simple place to start replacing things such as Adsense or Amazon revenue for real sales. I have noticed that many insurance agencies offer consumers generous discounts if they choose to insure multiple cars together.
Perhaps, body loss is the reason why many people spend millions on weight loss products with an hope of finding a quick fix.
However, you should note that the realistic and effective procedure of how to lose 20 pounds fast is by losing 3-4 pounds a week, hence making a complete turn over in a month’s time. Keep a food diary: A good food diary will essentially help you in keeping track of the calories you consume.
Avoid discretionary calories: These are the kinds of foods that do not help your metabolism, hence do not assist in breaking down of the excess fats.

Take lots of metabolic friendly foods: As far as weight loss is concerned, you would want to turn your body into a fat burning furnace and revive your metabolism.
Control your calories: Despite the fact that excess essential nutrients could slow down your weight loss, it is important to take them but at controlled levels. Drink ample amounts of water: You should drink enough amounts of water or rather calorie-free herbal tea.
Work out at almost equal times each day: By working out at an almost equal hour of each day, you are in a good position to focus on your weight loss program.
Perform interval exercises : In your quest for weight loss, it is advisable to alternate your training by mixing a very-high intensity exercise and moderate-intensity exercise. Perform muscle exercises: It is worth noting the inclusion of strength training in your exercises.
Allow for at least one day of rest: It is important to allow for an adjusted rest day per week, preferably one day per week. All you need is follow the above diet and exercise plan and make them a part of you, and there is no doubt you will cut those pounds fast. We do our best to include descriptions provided by the manufacture's and to provided information that is accurate but some may be outdated by the fast pace of more recent scientific developments and we have no way to verify every claimed, therefore there is a small chance that something may be unintentionally misleading. It’s basically a simplified affiliate network, open to anyone that wants to give it a shot. Find a somewhat related article on your site and slap a banner on the sidebar or in the middle of the article, without any form of preselling the product specifically.
I’ll usually finish with a question, opening a loop making them want to open the next email.
If you guilt low income overweight people to buy a crappy pseudo science product and they lose both money and hope, you’re not a great person.
A significant number of households own several autos these days, particularly those with more mature teenage young children still living at home, and also the savings with policies may soon begin. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Probably you may have a goal of fitting back into your wedding dress or you are the man who wants to look great in your swimsuit and so on.
This is a great tool in regard to your weight loss activity because if you realize you are gaining much weight over certain foods consumed, you can eliminate them in your to-eat list. Consumption of too much sugar or sugary foods, vegetable oils or even grains are known to slow down your fat loss hence causing your body to store too much of unwanted body fat. You will need to incorporate foods with plenty of quality proteins like organic chic and grass fed beef among others. An intake of at least 1200 calories for a woman and about 1800 calories for a man per day will ideally boost your metabolism process and make you look great upon losing the extra pounds.
This helps in reducing instances of constipation and bloating which stand as a great impedance to weight loss. For instance, you can perform well at yoga and mountain climbing while your friend’s workout consists of only jogging and squatting. Otherwise, it also provides you enough time to schedule your day’s activities and the weight loss program. This is essential in building your muscle mass, which is known to burn more calories at rest than the fat tissue.
This is good to add on your activities of losing pounds as it prevents burn and allows for your muscle recovery.
The information presented is meant for Nutritional Benefit and as an educational starting point only, not as a substitute for personal consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. This way, the people that were engaged enough to read until the end will most likely want to trade their email for more. You will also have a healthy metabolism by a continued intake of coconuts and natural vegetables.
Hence, to make the best of your fitness and weight loss, develop a suitable program according to your body type. We do our best to ensure quality by using the most reputable suppliers we can find, even though this may increase the cost of our offering, it also reduces the chances of getting counterfeit products.
We rely on the manufacturer's to control the quality of their products, as it is impossible for any retailer to test each batch of every product and stay in business.

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