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Hot blueberry muffins with butter melting down the sides this morning (the aroma filling the kitchen is bonus!). While sitting next to my 2yo watching TV together, he slowly, an inch at a time, scoots closer to me, until he’s tucked behind my arm, without saying a word. The last few winters I’ve prayed and prayed that God would just keep it running because no way on earth could I afford to replace it. Wonderfulness Found Here!When you shop thru my site, it costs you NOTHING extra but compensates me a little for the referral! Of course she was nursing on and off the entire walk so she covered my entire chest, neck, and chin with poison oak oil. My brain still is having a hard time wrapping around the inability of some to separate sexual images of women from natural, beautiful mothering. Anyway, I guess I will just have to keep being who I am and let any unsupportive people in my life fall away.
Have you seen this post about the history of formula and why so many mothers hate the formula companies and Nestle, what the Nestle Boycott is all about?
Speaking of Nestle, did you hear that Nestle bought a seat at the policy-making table of the World Health Organization (WHO)? Let me just leave you with this lovely professional breastfeeding portrait by Blue Silk Photography. This entry was posted in parenting and tagged Blue Silk Photography, breastfeeding photography, breastfeeding sweet links, formula, Nestle by paala.

The British boy alleged to have become a dad at age 12 is not the baby’s father, a British newspaper reports. Alfie Patten was believed to be Britain’s youngest father after his 15-year-old girlfriend, Chantelle Steadman, gave birth to baby girl Maisie. The result will be a blow to Alfie who was “devastated” by the boys’ claims and “adored” Maisie. Before he took the test, he said: “I didn’t know about DNA tests before but mum explained it’s when they do a swab in your mouth and it tells if you’re the dad.
His mum Nicole, 43, added at the time: “It had not even crossed Alfie’s mind whether Chantelle had not been faithful to him.
What do you think should be the next step in this story that just keeps getting sadder and sadder?
If you’ve ever had poison oak on your chest while you were still breastfeeding, let me know how you got through it without nearing a break in your sanity.
Can you tell that I am still upset about my relative who can’t look at me while I’m nursing or talk to me on Facebook for fear of seeing a nursing photo? But then many other boys claimed they also slept with the mother, who had previously said that Alfie was the only boy she had slept with. Should they give DNA tests to all the boys or just sign Alfie up for the position because he has made it clear that he wants to be the dad? Our weekend was good, mostly, except for this nasty case of poison oak that just popped up today from a nature walk we did this weekend.

Too many companies pump way more sugar in there than they need to (when you compare them to other formula brands on the shelf). I would like to give older moms high fives because nursing is exhausting work and I can’t imagine being double my age and still nursing. They never go missing, they’re always ready, always warm and available and full of nutrients.” Maha didn’t set out to feed her daughter for four years, or to have a baby at 46, but she knows it all feels natural and very right. I am pretty sure the little stick that my toddler picked up and waved around as I carried her was poison oak twig, but you can’t tell when the leaves are off. Well, some people think older mothers who breastfeed are just gross and somehow think boobs have an expiration date. When a mother is given a can of free formula at the hospital (like I was with my first birth), she isn’t given an informational packet with the risks, the history, the best formulas based on studies, etc. Don’t our children deserve a better system, better formula, better access to donor milk? They also think children should stop nursing when they reach some magical age or stage in their development. Not to mention, they think all mothers should cover up.

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