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Customers are suing the Kardashian sisters, claiming a weight-loss product they endorsed slimmed their wallets a€” and little else. A class-action lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York is claiming the reality star sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe made a€?unsubstantiated, false and misleading claimsa€? in ads, interviews and tweets about the efficacy of QuickTrim.
The suit also takes issue with advertising for the product, which encourages customers to use the entire QuickTrim product range, from pills to a€?cleanses,a€? for increased effectiveness without any evidence supporting that conclusion.

The sisters have been identified with the QuickTrim brand since 2009, carefully name-dropping the the products during television and magazine interviews and telling their fans how they use the brand to lose weight and stay thin.
The lawsuit alleges that the sisters a€?personify the producta€? and are therefore liable for damages. In 2010, the prepaid Kardashian Kard was yanked from shelves after it was discovered to be riddled with fees.

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