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I made an appointment with the Pectus Excacatum expert of Europe ''Hans Pilegaard'' in Denmark.
My stamina would increase because of increased lungcapacity: I already had problems with squat and deadlift solely because I was running out of breath. I knew i was always going to be tall as ***, but did not want to end up like Walt Disney’s Goofy, more like Mickey. Of course I made the classic beginner mistakes: i had no idea what I should do in the gym, so i just did some random excercises, meanwhile eating anything i could get my hands on (almost no protein).
In summary it is a deformity of the anterior wall of the chest, in which several ribs and the sternum grow abnormally. Later on I called the webshop and happily told them that even with my size the shirt fit perfectly.
He strongly recommended that I would get it fixed, because he thought it was actually squeezing my heart, which could be problematic.

When the people there heared I was so tall they asked if I wanted to come to a training of Alistair Overeem.
I asked help with my training and fooschedule from a professional bodybuilding coach here in Holland. He turned out to be right: the CT-Scan showed that my heart was 20% smaller than it should be.
This worked out great, and he is now helping me with every (future) step I take in bodybuilding.

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