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But due to our hectic lives, we often skip breakfast and gorge on unhealthy options like Bhajiye or Burger on the way to work. Our energy levels go down, concentration takes a toll and there is a feeling of uneasiness throughout the day.
Sprouts enlarge the vitamin and mineral contented of the morsel and dwindle the carbohydrate and calorie contented. Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight LossBut since mornings are usually hectic, we want to eat something that is easy to whip up and is healthy too.

However it preserves is replacement by sprouted chick pea, black channa otherwise whichever bean.
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A healthy and filling option, whole wheat dosa or adhai is packed with several nutrients for a great kick start to your day.
Packed with carbohydrates and starch, it gives you to energy to brace yourself for those long meetings.

Make them with healthy fillings such as paneer or veggies of the season, and we are sure you will relish eating this.

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