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I’ve always believed (and still do) that we need to lose weight the same way we plan to keep it off.
So, I encourage you to open your mind and consider some of the benefits many experts say can result from a frequent practice of intermittent fasting.
Increases rate of HGH production (human growth hormone) Can you say “anti-aging”? In this Makeover Mentor Podcast, she shares how intermittent fasting has helped her control this hunger and also lose (and keep off) the 20 pounds she gained when her satiety issue first became a challenge. Check with your physician – especially if you have any health concerns like diabetes, etc. Medical DisclaimerAny and all communications from Danna Demetre should not be considered personalized medical advice.
My Doctor tells me I am now in great shape and health for my age, so for any nutritionists reading who are going to lecture me that I am doing something wrong , please save it for a weight loss forum, because I am not listening. I know I keep saying it, but weight loss is not complicated, even though the diet industry makes it that way. Any questions about my weight loss success pictures,  just ask what you want in the comments and I will reply. I would work it out by base BMR which around 1700 cals per day, x 7, and that was my weekly total. After all these diet efforts I have moved from a curvy size 12 (have big hips and erm other bits!

I have just started fasting – I am planning to do a longer fast first of all – on day 4 and have lost 4kg already! It is not a diet, it is nothing but scheduled eating where you skip certain meals.According to studies, this pattern is known to have a significant positive impact on those who are on a weight loss track, and even helps thwarting the risk of various chronic medical conditions. Many studies and reputable researchers and clinicians say this popular new form of strategic fasting can not only lead to increased fat loss, but also improved health and longevity. She has over twenty years experience in coaching over 1000 people using quality nutritional products for both weight loss and detoxification.
So ┬áplease stop wasting your money on diet pills, and diet supplements, you don’t need anymore diet books. Comments are moderated to keep out all the acai berry and diet pill crap,but I will approve the rest and I will reply.
She practices a very healthy lifestyle and has significantly changed her eating to deal with a hunger issue that has persisted for over four years. Of course as time goes on, you realise you are losing weight and looking better, but I don’t think anything compares to seeing your before and after pictures side by side. When I first looked at the photos, I also thought I had grown 2 feet, but I am certainly still the same height !. There are too many people trying to tell us how to do it, but if what you do works for you, that is good enough. I know your just starting out on your own weight loss journey, so again I want to say best of luck, and any help or advice I can pass on, you know where to find me.

A man consumes about 600 calories on the days he fasts, while for a woman it is 500 calories on the fasting days. And the good news is that you can have as much of tea, sans milk and sugar, and water on the days you fast.When compared to full day, long duration fasts, intermittent fasts are definitely simpler and easier to practice. Let it do it’s job, and you will get these results too, without giving up on the food and drinks you love. Let us take a look at the basic body metabolism here to understand how this fasting aids in weight loss.Your body needs at least 8 to 12 hours for using up the stored glycogen. And, hence, the glycogen levels always remain untouched, with only the sugar being used by for fuelling purposes. This untouched glycogen remains as fat leading to weight gain.This means if intermittent fasting has to be effective, the duration of the fast should be a minimum of 8 hours.
Instead, opt for a healthy fast, including coconut oil, eggs, avocados, butter, olive oil, and nuts as these would provide with about 85% of your daily calorie requirement.

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