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With this offer, you pay only $9.95 but you get access to the entire Venus Factor System, including the bonus content, for 7 full days. Before I get to the preview, please understand that I cannot give the Venus Factor System away for free. When you open the PDF file, each of the exercises listed is a hyperlink that takes you directly to a video demonstration. With this program you enter your height, weight, measurements, age and how much you exercise.
The forum is a community full of regular women who have changed their lives with the help of the Venus Factor System.
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Men and women have to deal with different issues when it comes to many aspects of their body and weight loss is no exception.
Leptin plays a vital role in the control of appetite, metabolism and the signals involved in weight gain and weight loss. When attempting to diet ‘hard’ leptin levels can fall too far too fast and you will find it very difficult to lose weight. This is dramatic rise and fall of leptin could very well be what is causing so many restrictive diets to fail and so many people to gain all the weight back and then some!
This effect seems to be worse in women than in men and it’s because women have higher leptin levels to start with that drop far lower than a mans when they diet.
In other words, when it comes to leptin levels and dieting, women have higher ‘highs’ and lower ‘lows’. In contrast a man’s leptin levels rise and fall very predictably and within a relative small range. Women on the other hand experience dramatic swings in leptin that require a more intelligently designed diet to minimize these big swings in leptin levels.

I don’t like the word ‘cheat’ as it implies you’re doing something wrong, and it also implies that you should be going ‘all out’ on junk food and whatever else you can get your hands on.
Women need these strategic “eat-up” days throughout their weight loss program to prevent their leptin levels from crashing and rebound weight gain from happening. For example a man could probably make it two or even three weeks eating very low calories and minimal carbs without having a serious crash in leptin levels and thus no major consequences to their weight loss progress.
Women on the other hand need a to add in these ‘eat up’ days weekly to keep leptin levels consistent and keep the fat burning going. To say it another way, we’re really talking about is hitting the sweet spot between just enough ‘diet days’ combined with just enough ‘eat up’ days. As a woman once you hit this sweet spot the fat will come off faster than you think and the process itself will be much more enjoyable because you get to take periodic breaks from the diet. The materials on this website are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal, accounting or other professional advice. It turns out that there are two very important hormones that are import to determining your metabolism. However, the other important hormone that is much less well known but almost as important is leptin. The reason it is so much harder for women to lose weight is that they are naturally leptin resistant. Click on the following link to read my full review of the Venus Factor weight loss program. However, I can tell you a little more about the various components and share the table of contents from the main book. For every single day that you exercise there’s a chart that tells you what exercises to do, how many sets, how many reps to attempt, and how long you should rest between sets.
Based on that, it will tell you your ideal measurements, how many calories to eat, and how much protein to consume. When you join, you’ll be able to ask questions, get encouragement, and brag about your own progress. Every year John has a transformation contest, and the most successful women are interviewed.

For starters testosterone and estrogen are dramatically different from man to woman and even more specific to weight loss leptin levels are also different. It’s these dramatic swings in leptin that can lead to the crash and rebound weight gain that so many women experience on standard restrictive diets.
The high’s aren’t too high and the low’s aren’t too low, and as a result men can follow a pretty mundane, straight forward calorie restrictive diet and make it through to the end without a major crash or rebound and essentially lose all the weight they want. Or to say it another way, weight loss for men is pretty straight forward and doesn’t require much creativity when it comes to the diet. These materials are intended, but not promised or guaranteed to be current, complete, or up-to-date and should in no way be taken as an indication of future results. It explains gender differences in metabolism, the science behind popular foods (in layman’s terms), macronutrients, calories, and weight vs shape. You’ll hear the challenges they faced, how they overcame them, how they adapted the program to fit their lives, and advice for people who are just getting started.
This helps control your sense of hunger and your metabolic rate to keep you from gaining or losing weight.
This is a day during your diet program where you’re instructed to eat more food and more carbs specifically to attempt to bring your leptin levels back up after days and days of dieting and lowering your leptin levels. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without written permission of the author. This 90-page book has additional nutrition information along with a more advanced 12-week workout plan. As long as they don’t rise too high or fall too low you’ll remain weight stable and feel fine. Knowing that leptin drops farther and faster in women it stands to reason that the ‘cheat day’ is a more useful tool for women as well.

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