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Make sure to do some basic exercises early in the morning because this helps boost the metabolism and keeps it higher for hours. This is not a joke - simple gardening activities can help burn some calories as they look a lot like the basic aerobic moves.
Another important aspect that you should consider if you want to learn how to lose weight fast without going to the gym is to follow a healthy diet.
So all of your good intentions have been forgotten and you just seem to somehow give up – not really intentionally but its just seems to happen and weeks, days and even years go by. If you have heard this story before it’s probably because yourself or someone you know has had similar experiences.

Well in my next few blogs I will share with you how I managed to break through with my clients and help them get off this ride for good. You see the solution is the same no matter who you are – your current circumstance or your genetics. I am coming from the experience of someone from both sides – a female who was an office worker who struggled with weight and as a personal trainer of 10 years helping thousands of clients transform their bodies and lives.
I will be brutally honest, so some of my stories will be funny and some will be confronting. It’s time the truth about weightloss, fitness and diet is shared with every woman who wants to succeed and finally achieve her ideal body and that’s my mission.

This means that you will get to burn more calories than if you work on some routines in the afternoon.
Weeding, raking, planting, and others can bring positive effect on your strength and flexibility.
It is also easy to focus in the morning because the chances of getting disrupted are lower.

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