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It's normal to want to tackle a six-pack and a 400-pound squat at the same time, but if you're at a zero-pack and a 225-pound squat, you've got a long way to go in both directions. I learned this the hard way when I set my sights on getting stronger and leaner at the same time to fulfill my weight class in competitive strongman competitions.
Fortunately, I learned from my missteps, and I'm now able to maintain a nutritional approach that allows me to hang with my insanely strong competition. Here's what you need to know about chipping away at the pounds on the scale and placing them on the bar! There's no way around calorie balance; if you want to lose weight, you must be taking in fewer calories than you expend.
To figure out the calories you need to place yourself into a slight deficit, first plug your information into the calculator below.
After this period of time, evaluate the trend in weight change—did you gain, maintain, or lose weight? If you feel your strength start to slip, increase your calories a bit so that you're on the lower end of this range.
For those seeking a purely physique-based goal, it's commonplace to determine protein and fat macros before "filling" the remaining calories with carbohydrates. When performance is the goal, I recommend prioritizing protein and carbohydrates (before tending to fat) to support hard training. Fat: Fat is essential for cell communication within the body, nutrient storage, and optimal hormonal health. To fuel for consistent weight loss and strength gains, you must manipulate your nutrition strategically.
To top off your fuel tank and support recovery, it's imperative that you consume ample carbohydrates around training.
Protein: Hitting your daily protein goal is important, but it's equally important to distribute protein intake across all meals throughout the day to hit a minimum amount every few hours.
For most athletes, this means regularly consuming 25-35 grams of protein from quality sources. Carbohydrates: To top off your fuel tank and support recovery, it's imperative that you consume ample carbohydrates around training. I've found that placing most of my carbohydrates in the meals after my training has allowed me to continue performing well while leaning out. Fat: I recommend consuming the majority of your fat away from training, because fat slows down digestion, delaying delivery of protein and carbohydrates to your muscles. Adjusting intake to coincide with your training will ensure you consistently take steps toward leaning out, rather than fluctuating throughout the week. Think about it: By setting a blanket intake of 2,400 calories per day, you may very well be in a deficit on your harder training days, but potentially in a surplus on your light and off days. There's no reason to tweak fat day to day to compensate for a change in your carbohydrates. This is a simple system that allows you to eat adequate amounts of food while still chipping away progressively at your fat reserves. With summer fast approaching, we all want to get a “summer fit” body, and this means dieting and doing exercises that we feel are the best to do to get results. Do NOT do extreme dieting; instead make sure you eat a Low GI diet, to keep the blood sugar balanced. Not many people realise that lack of sleep can stop us burning fat and can actually cause weight gain!
Not only will lack of sleep stop you from having enough of those great Delta wave cycles, but it will also raise your level of cortisol (yes that again!) which in turn will cause more abdominal fat.
It may seem like a good idea to stay away from fizzy drinks and opt for a “healthier” alternative, but don’t be fooled by clever marketing. What about diet drinks?  Diet drinks and sodas containing artificial sweeteners will send a signal to the brain to prepare for sugar, which in turn will still cause your insulin to spike. Having an imbalance of oestrogen to progesterone, and even testosterone can cause your body to hold on to its fat stores. This condition will make it extremely difficult to lose fat unless you stick to a rigid low GI diet and even excersise won’t make much of a dent without a strict diet low in sugar and carbs.
She is a qualified homeopath, Functional Medicine practitioner and certified Wellbeing coach.
If you're one of the many people who frequent the Big Fish restaurant, you may stumble across Holly Monaco, director of operations for the Big Fish groupa€™s collection of popular eateries including Big Fish, Salt Air and the Summer House. REDUCED!A  Water Front home in Slaughter Beach!Beautiful water front home in Slaughter Beach for sale! If you want to reduce body fat, follow this 10 simple ways to burn and minimize more fat and also you will feel good. Before I continue I would like to make it clear that I am not referring to people who genuinely have a clinical condition that makes losing body fat a living nightmare. Fat loss, rather than weight loss, is therefore a much better gauge of health and fitness, as well as making you look better. Muscles are active tissue which require constant calories to produce energy, even when at rest. This is why a big muscular person can eat vast amounts without putting on weight, whereas someone with a high percentage of body fat and a low percentage of muscle finds it hard even to maintain their existing bodyweight eating very little.
The moment that you tell any woman that the best way of losing body fat is to increase their percentage of muscles they all say the same thing with a look of total horror on their faces, "Ohh, no chance, I don't want to end up looking like those women bodybuilders who all look like men!".
Low carbohydrate diets (and low calorie diets) ultimately do not work because on these diets, carbohydrates, the so-called "sin foods", are strictly limited, meaning that the body must obtain glucose by converting the amino acid Alanine into glucose through the Glucose-Alanine chain. The main problem is that as the percentage of muscles steadily decreases over time, the body's metabolic rate steadily decreases with it.
So when people say they are going on a ‘diet’ to lose weight they don’t necessarily lose fat at the end of it. Find out how to do it right with tips from one of the top lightweight strongman athletes in the world! What's worse, working toward both shred and strength at the same often results in either a significant loss of strength, or the scale not budging.
Yes, I dropped 20 pounds quickly, but I also watched my testosterone and energy drop to an all-time low. When all other variables such as your training, macro amounts, and nutrient timing are in place, you can absolutely gain strength while in a deficit. This will provide you with an estimate of the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight.
However, when performance is the goal, I recommend prioritizing protein and carbohydrates to support hard training. I recommend first dropping carbohydrates from your pre-workout meal and any subsequent meal outside the immediate post-workout meal.

Keep fat to a minimum at both your pre- and post-workout meal to optimize performance and recovery. It allows me to slowly chip away at body fat by maintaining a daily slight caloric deficit while still supporting hard training.
To optimize this approach, keep protein and fat stable across the board, but manipulate carbohydrates. If you increased fat on lighter training days, you'd eliminate the caloric deficit that was created by reducing carbohydrates. Stick with it long enough, and you'll surprise yourself at what you're able to achieve—and how good you feel doing it.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group.
But STOP!  Did you know that you can be doing things that can actually be stopping you burning fat? No matter how many sit ups or planks you do, if you are in a state of stress and have a high cortisol level, you will be putting on belly fat and NOT getting rid of it. If you have high insulin spikes from sugary or carbohydrate rich foods, you will also trigger too much insulin, which will lead to more fat which in turn will pump out more cortisol and store more fat! This is when you have too much sugar enter into the system, causing your body to pump out too much insulin, which in turn will cause your body to store fat.
It is a fact that those who drink diet drinks tend to drink up to twice as much as those who drink regular soft drinks. There are fundamentals like sleep, stress and hormones that have a huge part in your ability to get the lean body you want. With her 16 years of experience she has helped thousands of women in the UK and across the globe to regain their health and balance through nutrition, herbs, diet and homeopathy. He has been lifting for more than 20 years and has trained a wide variety of clients ranging from All-American athletes to the average person trying to get into shape. 11 months of the year are spent eating like pigs, and then 4 weeks before going on their summer holidays to the south of France they frantically search for the diet which promises them the most fat loss and the miracle that they will get into their brand new Marks and Spencer bikini's without their arses looking like the Hoover dam. To these people I will promise to do my very best to help by inviting all to post questions on the notice board so that I can offer advice them on an individual basis.
Don't get me wrong, this look can be achieved over a long period of time if you have the motivation, time and money to pursue it. This is the reason why building more lean muscle tissue creates more calorie-burning lean body mass, which in turn increases your metabolism. Alcohol cannot be used as an energy source during exercise no matter how intense the exercise is, as alcohol can only be broken down by special enzymes in the liver, which happens at a constant rate and cannot be speeded up.
Even if you are eating lots of protein you will still get some lowering of the amount of your muscles.
The limited carbohydrates that are consumed are used for energy, with the 1600 kcal already in the body making up the calorie difference until they dwindle away.
As this happens you have to lower the amount you eat to be able to continue to sustain the weight loss, until you reach a make or break point. If you are able to keep these cravings under control, slowly start to re-increase your metabolic rate through CV training and increasing your percentage of muscles via weight training, then you will be able to limit the amount of weight you put back on. On the other hand, cutting weight healthily and gaining strength both take time—and doing both simultaneously requires even more time.
To support hard training and your body-composition goals, align your carbohydrate intake with your daily energy demands. Play around with different ends of each range to find an ideal amount that fuels training and recovery, but also fits into your daily calorie allotment. I have found that always consuming 0.75 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight at the post-workout meal helps me refuel for my next workout. But hitting these will help you provide the cellular machinery responsible for initiating muscle growth and recovery with the fuel it needs to execute multiple times per day. On lower-intensity days, knock carbohydrates down a notch to compensate for decreased energy expenditure.
We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.
Have a look at these 4 main reasons you may be storing and not be burning that unwanted fat. If you are having long term stress in your life you may want to get your cortisol levels measured and work with someone who will help you control it with diet and good supplementation. In fact studies done found that subjects who were sleep deprived to 4 hours a night for 2 days had their levels of hunger and appetite assessed at regular intervals. If they are particularly heavy, and clotted it may be an indication that you have more oestrogen than is normal.
In fact, in my opinion it’s important to be healthy in order to be slim, not the other way around. It's about eating a healthy balanced nutritional programme, year in, year out, whilst undertaking a sensible and correctly formulated exercise programme. As ever though, the problem is that everyone wants to look this good without willing to undertake the long hard slog needed to achieve it. Metabolism And Metabolic Rate: Whilst many people rely on the bathroom scales to determine whether their weight is too high, too low or just right, the scales do not distinguish between lean tissue and fat tissue. In fact, in the entire body, muscles are the main users of energy, as muscles need energy to maintain themselves every hour.
Alcohol, on the other hand, lowers your body's basal metabolic rate over a 24 hour period, it returns to normal only when the alcohol has cleared from the body. The opposite is true of carbohydrates, which in conjunction with fat burning exercise performed at 60% of the heart rate maximum, increase the metabolism over a 24 hour period. One of the most important hormones for muscle growth and strength development is testosterone. What happens is this, at any given time a 70 kg body holds on average 1600 kcal of glycogen, which is enough to last one day when no further carbohydrates are consumed. Therefore, as a direct result, all the initial weight loss comes directly from water and carbohydrate, not fat. You cannot deny the fact of the matter that if you restrict calories you will lose weight, of that there can be no doubt. You will always put some body fat back on simply because you are eating more calories than when you were on the diet, and because as a direct result of the diet you will have a lower metabolic rate for all the reasons discussed above.
But this whole not losing muscle while on a diet is important only for those who want to build muscle right?
I'll definitely manipulate my carb intake around training sessions and rest days, but I don't recommend cutting carbs to spur fat loss except when absolutely necessary. By paying attention to how much you eat and when you eat throughout the day, you can do a lot to enhance body composition and performance.

If you are having lots of stress you may be better off choosing an exercise that will help reduce stress like yoga and pilates.
What they observed was that their hormonal Leptin levels, responsible for suppressing the appetite reduced, and the hormone Ghrelin, the appetite stimulant, increased.
In fact, in animal studies, the rats that consumed artificial sweeteners ate more, their metabolism slowed, and they put on 14 percent more body fat in just two weeks — even eating fewer calories.
Instead they always opt for the miracle diet way out, the miracle way out that rarely does, and more importantly, rarely can work. Metabolism is defined as the body's system of generating energy to maintain basic body functioning. The conclusion to this is simple, the more muscle a person has (lean body mass), the greater their basal metabolic rate will be. The increase in metabolic rate comes from the fact that fat has to burn in the fire of carbohydrate to be able to be used as a form of energy. Although there are women who have higher levels, most women only have one tenth of the androgens ( male sex hormones ) that men have. But the problem lies in that fact that we are all human and we are all have limited amounts of will power, some have more than others. The top of the four waves is our REM sleep which is not that deep, but it’s the deeper part of the sleep cycle called the Delta wave cycles. Although some energy drinks can have some benefits like certain herbs and some vitamin B, it’s just not worth putting that much sugar into your body.
These may be “natural” but 8 ounces of pure juice which contains fructose (fruit sugar) will encourage you to store body fat due to the insulin effect it has.
If you have an apple shaped body and more facial hair than you would like or even adult acne, with periods that may be far apart, chances are you may have more Androgens such as testosterone, than normal. This method, which is hardly used now, divided the client's body weight in kilos by their height squared, whilst taking no account of the person's fat to lean body mass ratio.
The basal metabolic rate (bmr) is the number of calories you need daily to generate that energy. This means the body has to work harder to burn fat, because when burning fat you have to use two sources of energy instead of just one, which is the case when you use carbohydrate or protein as energy sources.
On top of this, women also have much higher quantities of oestrogen ( female sex hormone ) than men, which interferes with muscle growth by increasing body fat. As the low carbohydrate diet continues the body must also continue to obtain more and more Alanine, either from the protein you eat or from the muscles in the body, in order to convert the Alanine into glucose for the production of energy.
The problem with any diet that overly restricts calories or carbohydrates is that the torrent of cravings that you will get are very, very hard to ignore for long periods of time. As people are only human with varying degrees of will power, many will be unable to control these cravings and also unable to control the amount they eat, and as a result the weight piles back on, with people often ending up weighing more than before they went on the diet. There are simple at home hormone tests that you can do to find out for sure or you can ask your GP for a test.
These are indications that it’s not just will power and working harder in the gym, These are real fat burning Stoppers! The relative percentages of lean body mass and body fat in total body weight is the term that we use to describe body composition.
However, activity-based metabolic rate takes into account the level of activity that each individual undertakes each day and adds this to the basal metabolic rate calculation, giving the total estimated amount of calories needed per day. He may recommend the contraceptive pill, but beware this is not a long term cure and in itself may cause weight gain problems.
Models who don't eat, take diuretics and laxatives, snort cocaine, and take an endless array of prescribed fat blockers and fat burners are not my idea of being healthy .
Unless you take copious amounts of testosterone, you will never, ever, end up looking like these half man, half woman bodybuilders and that's a fact.
Dietary protein distribution positively influences 24-h muscle protein synthesis in healthy adults. In fact most of the work you do in the gym will only burn off fat during this period of Delta wave sleep, and this can be between 14 and 48 hours later. Some fuels are used more than others depending on what you eat, when, and how much you eat, your hydration levels and your physical activities. Add on those environmental factors, hormones, and genetics and so on.Ultimately what you want to achieve is make your body more efficient in using fat and maximise those results. Remember, there is no such body, to my knowledge at least, which will selectively burn only fat at any one time.The 2 main ways to maximise the fat you burn and spare the muscle is through diet and exercise.
DietAvoid very low calorie dietsWith very low calorie diets the body goes into a starvation mode. Although you will lose some fat in the process, along with glycogen and water, your body will lose muscle mass as well. Moreover, your metabolism will slow down eventually which also slow down the weight you lose. Very low calorie diets are not recommended for long periods as they can have negative effects to health.In general it is recommended that calorie consumption does not fall lower than 1000-1200kcal per day. With eating protein quality also matters not just quantity so aim for foods which contain most essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein). The downside; studies also suggest that people on high protein diets tend to show decreased in exercise performance. However, some argue that these studies tend to look at the first 2 weeks of the diet and at the long run they actually improve performance.
In very simple words your body will prefer to use protein to drive some processes in place of fat. However, if you do have enough sugar in your stores then your body will use it.It may not sound as a fat burning maximizer this one but it does help in sparing your muscles.
This may sound as it contradicts the above, however by saying delay your breakfast I don’t mean skip it all together or wait a couple of hours. It is more like the range of 30-45min.What you don’t want to do is starve your body and actually have the opposite results by stressing it out. ExerciseCut down on cardioIt is a common belief that medium intensity cardio exercise is the ‘fat burning’ paradise of exercise.
With this in mind most people tend to hit the treadmill, the elliptical machine or the bikes and spend hours upon hours on them.
Apart from the short term effects the fat burning benefits of resistance exercise can be long term. In other words your body can burn more calories.Given that you follow a balanced healthy diet the fat will come off.

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