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It is not necessary that low calorie food has to be boring and boiled all the time but if you take a look around the stores and grocery shops you will find several colorful, tasty and healthy foods which are low in calorie content and rich in nutrients. Oatmeal is one of the best low calorie foods you can have which is easy to digest and rich in fiber, carbohydrate and other nutrients. Whole wheat bread is another low calorie breakfast you can enjoy with sliced cucumber or low cal butter or a salmon to suit your taste. Add curry leaves, chilies, cardamom and garlic to your food which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and help in weight lose. Green tea: If you are actually wishing to lose weight, drink a cup or two of green tea daily.
If you take one cup of one or two percent cottage cheese in your meal, then you are consuming less than 150 calories at a time which is also high in proteins. Skimmed milk and low fat yoghurt are good source of calcium and other nutrients which we get from normal dairy products but they are low in calories and fat content. Quinoa is a great weight loss food which is loaded with high protein content and sufficient carbohydrates for provide necessary energy to the body and cut down fat. Pulses and cereals: Rich in vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals, these are one of the best foods which are very low in fat content and calories.
Snacks are also an important part of one’s daily diet which can help you quell a growling tummy and satisfy your mid-meal craving.
Grab a bowl of tossed salad comprising of leafy vegetables like lettuce, celery and blenched spinach along with onions, radish, tomatoes and pepper over the top. If you don’t like vegetables, then make a fruit salad with fresh and seasonal fruits including oranges, apples etc.
Popcorns are good source of fiber and can serve as a great snack, only if they are not buttered but air popped. Peanut and peanut butter can also be a great snack combo to enjoy with whole wheat bread or rice or grain bar.
Rice cakes are good choice of a healthy snack which is very low in calorie, besides being tasty and nutritious. Smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg, and beef jerky are healthy, low calorie non vegetarian snacks which are very high in protein.
Nancy and Ronald Goor have been writing and rewriting their Choose to Lose series for the past 15 years. They encourage dieters to keep a food diary, at least in the beginning, to learn about their own food habits and to reveal their weaknesses. While some diets focus on limiting carbohydrate intake, the Goors’ plan focuses on limiting fat intake, especially saturated fat, since fat is the most concentrated source of calories in the diet and saturated fat is linked to heart disease.
The goal, say the Goors, is not to think of Choose to Lose as a diet but as an eating plan for life.
Information is power, and the Goors’ plan provides dieters with power over their diets and, ultimately, their health. If you follow the Goors’ plan, using the recommended calorie adjustments, it should allow you to lose weight successfully.
Ornish believes that it’s better to make broad, comprehensive changes in your diet all at once rather than to make small, moderate changes. A diet high in complex carbohydrate, on the other hand, is inefficient at converting the calories to fat. Eat More, Weigh Less provides more recipes than most diet books — and with good reason. Most experts acknowledge Ornish’s body of research showing the dramatic opening of clogged arteries experienced by most people following his program.
Indian food is different from western food in that the former has more carbohydrates, grains, less protein (compared to western diet, yet enough protein from nutrition point of view), less animal food. Traditional Indian cooking methods make food tastier, more nutritious and less calorie-dense.
I have given only two examples of Indian food articles in order to emphasize its richness in nutrients and leanness in terms of fat and calories.
The reason why traditional Indian diet is so healthy is that unlike other diets, minimum processing and refining is done to it. In southern parts of India, in states like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra idli, dosa and utthappam are very popular. One idli has 60 to 70 calories and a plain dosa has 100 calories, whereas they both are rich in nutrients. These are only a few examples from a host of low calorie Indian meals and snacks for health conscious people and weight watchers. So, which foods can help you improve your waist-line like “the bread” to have a smaller one?
First of all, eating a half of a grapefruit or drinking a glass of grapefruit juice every day help you get back quickly to your slim figure and an ideal waist-line.
In addition to grapefruits, enjoying a cup of chicken soup every morning can create the feeling of fullness so long and purify the body. Another useful food is black chocolate which contain many unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant compounds, flavonoid.

Last but not least, it’s necessary to eat foods including much fibre such as green borecole, broccoli, atiso, bean, and apple… If these foods can be digested regularly, the consumption of belly fats will probably speed up to 4 percent. If you don’t have time for regular exercises, you had better spend more time on doing household chores. The implementation of adequate water and sleep are the two important things in your weight loss strategy.
Water accounts for 90 percent of the human body, so all biological process in the body depends on water. As for dressing, Newman's Own Lite Low Fat Sesame Ginger (35 cal, 1.5 g fat for 2 Tbsp) is great. Although mouth watering sight of burgers, pizzas, fried chicken chips and other processed foods have made it difficult to resist their temptation, high risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and overweight associated with them have encouraged people to switch to healthy eating habits which can not only help them lose weight but also maintain their heart and body health. You may also take other whole grain products such as pastas and add them to your weight loss diet. It boosts your metabolism, shields the body with its antioxidants and helps in losing weight.
They not only help in losing weight, but also boost one’s metabolism, lower down bad cholesterol levels and aids healthy digestion. If you skip your snack than you pile up your hunger and you may land up eating something you would regret later.
You may add a low calorie dressing and approximately 40 calorie snack is ready for you which will surely help you lose weight. You can toast it a bit or enjoy straight away from the oven, in just 600 calories you will have a stomach filling snack.
If you take one cup of air popped popcorns, you consume only 50 calories which is very less as compared to 150 calories of butter popcorn. Since protein is very important for a weight lose diet, these low calorie snacks can fulfill your protein requirements.
We present you with two different low-fat diet plans to help you decide what is best for you. One of the reasons the book is so long is that it provides a comprehensive food table with the nutrient content of each food, plus discussions of everything, literally, from soup to nuts.
More than 250 of the book’s pages are devoted to food tables that give the calorie, fat, and saturated fat content of foods. The diet plan goes hand-in-hand with what most experts currently recommend, and it meets the needs of seniors as well.
You get a lot of variety and choices on this diet, which also offers much-needed guidance for keeping the diet balanced and realistic.
Dean Ornish is famous for his strict low-fat diet program that reduces heart disease risk and even reverses arterial damage. Thus, he advocates dropping your fat intake from the typical 30 to 40 percent of calories to 10 percent and switching from a diet high in sugar to one that contains virtually none. In fact, some calories are wasted during the conversion, allowing you to eat more calories than you could on a higher-fat diet. By knowing how many calories are there in the food items, you wil get motivation to lose weight. Nowadays my western friends are asking me this question: how many calories are there in chapati and dosa (Indian food) ? Twenty to thirty years ago Indian food used to be more natural and less processed, but in the last decade Indians are exposed to more processed, packaged and also more fast food.
This delicious flat bread made from wheat flour has most of the nutrients in whole wheat dough.
If we look at the nutrition facts, we shall realize how nutritious and low calorie this humble but wonderful1 dish is! Whatever small amounts of nutrients are lost in cooking are negligible compared to other highly processed and packaged foods. Despite being very tasty when served with chatni and sambar, these dishes are low in calories, high in nutrients and fiber and can be part of heart-healthy weight loss diet. Serving 2 to 4 idlis or 1 to 2 dosas can be sufficient to fulfill an average person ’s hunger.
There are many other dishes, especially from the Maharashtrian and South Indian cuisines, that are ideal for people who want to lose fat. Here are three secrets that help you not only to lose weight effectively but also to own an ideal waist-line.
Grapefruits contain a lot of acids which have effects on slowing down the digestion process and maintain the feeling of fullness for a long time.
According to the nutritional researcher at The University of Pennsylvania, when one has a bowl of soup before lunch or dinner, they can reduce about 20 percent of the total calories’ intake. A study in Denmark has shown that eating black chocolate enables you to lose weight and burn belly fats thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids. I’m sure that you will get your slimming goal if you drink at least two liters of water with an eight hour sleep every day. Many scientists indicate that human body recovers while we’re sleeping, which helps stimulate the metabolic process and increase the ability to burn fat. If you are looking forward to lose some of those extra pounds off your belly in an effective way, switch to low calorie, healthy eating rather than keeping yourself hungry, which will make you weak and deprived of nourishment.

These are good source of fiber, carbohydrates and other nutrients which are essential for one’s body.
One normal glass of buttermilk contains just 99 calories, enough to meet your one time requirement. Snacks do not mean chips, junk, cookies or processed foods but can be low-calorie, nutritious, delicious and easy to make munchies.
You may top your salad with low calorie dressing including olive oil or balsamic vinegar which will not only enhance it taste but will also boost in weight lose. Taking the opposite tact of many diet books, Choose to Lose encourages carbohydrate consumption, as long as most of it comes from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fat intake is limited but not excessively restricted, and the diet even allows for an occasional high-fat splurge. You’ll find brief, informative sections on such foods as bread, potatoes, cereals, chicken, seafood, popcorn, and pretzels, just to name a few. The rationale for the drastic reduction in fat, Ornish says, is that fat calories are more easily converted to fat in the body. Moreover, a diet low in fat is by default low in calories and reduces the body’s production of free radicals, which are destructive compounds that are believed to contribute to the aging process.
Though exercise is encouraged, especially walking, few specifics are provided about how to get started and keep going. It becomes therefore necessary to provide nutrition chart for whole foods recipes of Indian style. Being based more on plants and less on animals, Indian diet is rich in natural fiber which is good for cholesterol lowering, better digestion, lowering the risk of colon cancer, and also fat loss. Compared to noodles or white bread, chapati is highly nutritious and healthy for weight watchers, diabetics and those suffering from heart disease. Dosa is a batter and idli is a boiled cake prepared from overnight fermented paste made by grinding a mixture of split black gram (daal) and rice. Therefore, it is advisable to add low-calorie and fat, but more fibre and vitamin foods to your daily menu so that you can prevent the storage of fat, improve your body shape, slim down your waist quickly as well. Besides, it makes a great impact on burning the excessive fats, prevent the absorption of fats, and control the amount of calories. You have to spend only a few minutes on simple work such as washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilet, moving lawn, gardening, washing clothes, or washing cars… Activities like bending up or down, swiveling the hips, or moving cause belly muscles to work more and then create the heat; burn belly fats fast. When the body is implemented with adequate water, it is easy for the excessive belly fat to be burned, which creates favourable conditions for the conversion and elimination waste products from the body through many different ways such as sweat, urine…Thus, never let yourself suffer from getting so thirsty if you really want to have an ideal waist-line. I am a very under paid person and cannot afford to pay 300 or so dollars a month for a meal plan and a membership. There are certain low calorie foods will help you quench your body’s daily calorie requirement and make your slim, health and attractive. Follow the guidelines of their plan, say the Goors, and over time you will adjust your taste buds to a lower-fat diet without having to greatly restrict your food choices. Though it’s not billed as such, the diet is in line with dietary recommendations for reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. His program restricts fat intake to 10 percent or less of daily calories and prohibits animal products, oils, and sugar.
This book is already a classic; it was one of the first to advocate such a major cutback in fat while increasing the intake of complex carbohydrate foods. And because the diet is so low in fat, you’ll need to do some special food preparation every day if you want to avoid meal monotony. 1 chapati has only 80 to 110 calories depending on size, but it has 3.5 grams of protein, half a gram of total fat, no saturated or trans fat, no cholesterol, but it has vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, calcium, iron and fiber. It explains how to plan your own personal fat budget, read food labels, ferret out the fat in the foods you eat, fat-proof your home, eat out healthfully, and switch to healthy fats. Here Ornish translates the Lifestyle Heart Trial program for people focusing on weight loss. A table of some common foods and their nutrient content is also provided at the end of the book. That lack of stick-to-it-ability may be the downfall of Ornish’s plan for most people. While the diet should help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, it could be low in some fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins D and E, if you don’t supplement them.
Sambar is a low calorie curry made from split red gram (daal), spices, and pieces of various vegetables like drumstick, pumpkin etc. Guidelines are provided for cutting calories to 1,500 to 1,600 — the minimum they recommend. While calcium-rich, fat-free dairy products are allowed on the diet, the sample menus provide only about one serving a day — not enough to meet your calcium needs.

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