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Traditionally one of the most carb-heavy meals of the day, breakfast can be tricky for low-carb dieters. A low-carb diet can do wonders to rev up your metabolism, burn fat and speed up weight loss. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Medical treatment may include realignment and immobilization of the back until reattachment by natural healing has occurred. With each passing day we’re settling into our new routine, and thankfully the kids have adjusted better than me. I’ve been trying to step up my breakfast game this year with heartier breakfast options.
These low carb, gluten free breakfast muffins are so easy to make and a great way to hide veggies in for the little ones (and sometimes spouses). I mixed everything together with a spatula making sure the filling is evenly distributed throughout the dough. There you have it, easy low carb breakfast muffins you can make in bulk and enjoy the rest of the week. Let cool down a little before you eat it to prevent tongue burning, it will be hard to resist! This entry was posted in Breakfast and tagged bacon, breakfast, easy, easy breakfast ideas for kids, egg, gluten free recipes, ketosis muffins, make ahead breakfast.
About My name is Vala and I live with my husband and 2 girls in the beautiful Colorado.

But sometimes it’s hard to think of healthy and satisfying low-carb options first thing in the morning. This is a perfect way to use up leftover grilled chicken tenders for a scrumptious low-carb morning meal. I usually make one on the weekend, and then reheat individual servings throughout the week. You can make it on the weekend and enjoy it throughout the week for breakfast when you may not have as much time to cook. During summer I got a break from the morning scramble of trying to get 5 people (who are not morning people) up and ready for the day all at once. They are loaded with vitamins and healthy fats to give you a great start of the day and each muffin only contain 5 grams of carbs for your low carb or ketogenic diet. Before you cave and grab that cereal box, check out our amazingly delicious selection of low-carb breakfasts. Just whip up your favorite quiche recipe and instead of pouring into a pie dish, use a greased muffin tin.
Simply wrap cooked chicken fingers in bacon, secure with toothpicks and place on a parchment-lined baking tray. Not only does it make an excellent low carb breakfast, but it’s also great for an inexpensive low carb dinner as well. Let’s just say about a week into the school year I was not-so gently reminded of the school grind. You can even make a plateful the night before and just store them in the refrigerator, covered in plastic wrap, and warm them in the morning.

Add whisked egg to the veggie mixture and scramble until cooked through. Place ham slices (2 for each "burrito") on a flat surface and divide egg mixture evenly onto the slices. I make them with bacon, onion and spinach, but frankly, you can throw whatever leftovers you have in your freezer.
When everything is ready and the spinach is nice and mushy I added everything into the bowl along with the cup of cheese (I normally use whatever cheese I have on hand). I want my girls to get a great start at life and for me and my husband to live a long and healthy life. Make them ahead of time and warm them up in the microwave for a quick morning bite, or impress your guests at your next weekend brunch. This basically follows the same technique as my other low carb breakfast casserole (here), I just mixed up the flavors to add some variety. Being on a real food diet can be time consuming especially in the morning when you can’t go anymore for a quick cereal or a piece of toast, so making breakfast ahead of time is a great time saver.
And when my alarm goes off in the middle of the night to check C, and the final one signaling it’s time to get up, each time I feel like the bus flipped it into reverse and ran back over me a few more times.
So whether you are gluten free, low carb or trying to get into ketosis, these muffins are for you! This is important to remove the excess water from the mushrooms.  Add mushrooms to the top of ham.

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