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Olaf Sorensen, seen here in the blue shirt, is a 40-year-old long-distance runner who will be running a marathon soon.
Olaf does a lot of his running either barefoot or with minimal footwear, again emulating our forebears.
We will be following Olaf’s progress and will soon provide information about the movie being made about this incredible athlete.
For more on applying this lifestyle, read my blog post on how to balance your intake of fat, protein, and carbs.
I have been running in minimal shoes since 2009 (Usually Walmart or Kmart beach shoes to be exact).
She has 7 great recipes for people who want to add more coconut oil to their diet and the power bar was one of them. Do you find you eat more than what the book outlines in it’s sample meals being a long distance cyclist?
For those not familiar with an Ultraman, it is a triathlon made in succesive days equal to double the distance of an Ironman (2 x 4k swimm, 180k cycling and 42k run). Gontrand, I am a senior triathlete coming off a very long illness and would like to talk about using you as a coach. Hey Cathy, when I went really serious on the ketogenic diet, I ate pure smoked organic pork fat for my dinner, as you see in the photo below.
Peggy, It sounds like our dishes are very similar, I also add mushrooms, ginger, garlic and lots silver beet as you can see below. I actually have the UCAN Product but have been hesitant to use it because it is made out of corn.
Joe, the only thing I can say on the subject of refueling so far in my experience is that when you are properly keto adapted, it seems like you don’t need to re-fuel. Alison, I was tested recently at University of Florida Human Performance Lab and my fat burning only started diminishing when my HR hit 155-160 and the doctors there believed it was possible with proper training and diet to keep pushing that limit further and further.
Endurance wise, I can certainly see the benefits of a being in a ketogenic state producing an ultra efficient slow burn, steady metabolism. Very interesting testimony regarding a successful marathon runner using a high fat-low carb program.
Most of my family members have gone low-carb and seen the benefits- daughter, son, sister, brother, and significant other. In all the marathons I have run I have yet to see a barefoot or minimist runner (vibram 5 fingers etc) finish in front of me, or someone on keto adaptation. Thanks Kev, the trailer for the movie will be released hopefully later this month, but I’m sure there will be an opportunity for us to run together at some point.
Ernesto, I would recommend you stick to your guns if you believe you’re truly in ketosis at this point. Low Carb Diet Secrets: The Ultimate Low Carb Diet Book!: A 14 Day Plan To Lose Weight Fast! While the concept of “carb loading,” or the use of sports drinks and gels in endurance events are increasingly popular, human physiology is perfectly set up to use fat as a fuel for endurance exercise. What’s unique about his upcoming endeavor is that, first, his goal for this event is to beat his grandfather’s Olympic qualifying time of 2 hours and 40 minutes.

We do multi-day rides with only coffee before we ride each day with an average of 70 miles per day and never eat at the SAG stops. I’m certifying in metabolic efficiency training for athletes and am a Triathon Coach as well (USAT Certified). It worked for me very well, especially as my runs were always the very first thing in the morning. We purchase pork belly and roast up a big chunk, then mix it with kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, or whatever. Although we both were happy with our weights before making those little changes, we were both actually shocked to realize that we were losing a few pounds and body fat. I always train on an empty stomach and have done up to 3-4 hrs of running without any hassle.
But how will the attacks and subsequent break away effort be sustained in the absence of oxygen with this type of fuel compared with glucose? We do very well with heavy cream in our coffee, but when we have encountered unwitting baristas who don’t get it and substitute half-and-half, the results aren’t pretty! My kid’s dad is the resistant one and the one with the serious health issues despite or maybe because of being a medical professional.
We ate our usual high-fat, low-carb meals(dinner for me was a salad with blue-cheese dressing, a fatty cut of prime rib of which I ate around 4 to 6 ounces, and some green beans with butter) the previous day, got up that morning, had some coffee with heavy cream (these days I would probably do butter and MCT oil), then took off. I’ve experimented with extensive carb depletion and with carb fasted long runs and training in the past, but never run a marathon at race pace in ketosis. I ran my best half marathon last summer, it felt easier than ever and the recovery was the quickest I’ve experienced.
If you can train well on a day where you don’t eat beforehand, as you mention, you must predominantly be burning fat for fuel.
But what is particularly unique about Olaf’s plan is that he plans to accomplish this feat on a high-fat, extremely low-carb diet.
But while I’m definitely dialed in on the keto adaptation part of the story, I’ll likely stick with my running shoes. So now I wonder, with my longer trail runs looming – does anyone have a good recipe for low carb, gluten free, energy bars that adhere to the Grain Brain diet?
I can provide many examples of how efficient training and competing in a state of ketosis is and even point out the greatest one: Inaki de la Parra, 2012 UK Ultraman Champion. When introducing someone new to forefoot running, we always start barefoot to get a feel for the technique. Seriously, we were eating more and more fat and feeling more and more satiated, and losing weight and fat without trying! Once I started running I felt my body craving carbs and became so confused, gained weight even when logging more miles.
So my suggestion would be to focus on getting into ketosis and your fueling will take care of itself.
Glad hes finally on board with the no wheat because he used to always recommend whole wheat this and whole wheat that but I think he read Grain Brain so that’s good-but can someone tell me why dairy has to go.
The day was very hot and windy and our route was in an area called “The Loess Hills!” It was not a misnomer!

Am strongly considering going for it – have no desire to go back to sugary Gu, even for one day, but am leery as well. I have not run an official marathon, but plenty of 3hr long runs in training plus some high intensity interval workouts that lasted 2-3 hrs – all done on an empty stomach and never once run out of fuel.
I had never been tested until I did a VO2 Max test at the UF Performance Center back in December 2013, if you truely want to know how much fat you are burning, that’s a way to go. He will essentially demonstrate to the world that being in a state of ketosis (burning fat as opposed to carbohydrates) is an extremely efficient human adaptation permitting long stretches of efficient physical activity. Again, we did not eat until after we finished the ride and we were amazed that we still had energy to spare. Keep going with the Grain Brain diet and you will see amazing results in your running as I have. It seemed so absurd when we were constantly hearing about acquaintances struggling to eat less and exercise more and barely seeing their scales budge! Barefoot or zero heel shoes force us to use our foot more as a shock absorber, the way the big Chief upstairs built us to use it. The crucial factor was that we had been in ketosis for many months (for me, years) and had trained all season in ketosis.
However, through my own self study and what I was experiencing in my running performance, I knew I had to be burning fat. The benefit for me has been the increased energy for my triathlon training and raising my HDL. After finishing, we went home and did some normal daily activities but still didn’t feel like eating. These days, I run first thing in the morning before breakfast and it’s not unusual for me to run 3 hours and still not be overly hungry, this diet works. Looking forward to seeing how the Grain Brain diet makes me feel overall, so I’m keeping a journal. I honestly don’t know how many grams of carbs I eat per day, I just stick to the right foods and stay away from the culprits almost religiously.
We had a small dinner around 6:00 pm of some left-over meat loaf and asparagus and a salad.
Of course, what we do eat is very nutrient-dense, but actually volume of food is fairly small.
These days I eat only two meals per day as I have found that intermittent fasting seems to be a real key to staying in ketosis.
My kids, who are very susceptible to mood disorders seem to have received a genetic double-whammy as their father has Parkinson’s. They are trying valiantly to get him to go grain and sugar-free, but he is a MD (internist) and so brainwashed from having trained in the 1970s and 80s. Well, more than you wanted to know, but just a pep talk that the benefits of a ketogenic diet go beyond weight management – and often weight normalization is a happy side effect.

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