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I see tons of low carb diet results within the group every single week, and it’s truly amazing what people have achieved.
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Most of the credit goes to quitting drinking, I was working in catering and it was hard work, but every night ended with hitting the bars with my co-workers. I started losing weight when I broke up with my now ex and started doing yoga, about 6 months ago!

I’m going to share some recent low carb before and after weight loss stories with you from within our Low Carb Challenge Group! In addition to the weight loss, so many of our members have improved their health dramatically. I am not only feeling amazing physically I feel so well mentally, my clothes are so much looser and I feel lighter on my feet.
That soon developed into a habit of drinking whiskey and dark beer almost every night by myself to wind down. I feel extremely blessed to be almost 4 months into my weight loss journey and still losing 10 lbs a week!

I give FULL CREDIT to staying under 20g of carbs a day, no cheating, and TONS TONS TONS of water (Half your body weight in OZ) but no more than that or it can be dangerous! I’ve tried to lose weight several times in the past but I never fully gave up booze, so I was never successful.

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