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If you like pimento cheese and you also like burgers, then you should really like these Pimento Cheese burgers! We normally would grill our burgers outside but we were experiencing a really nice rainy day when we prepared this meal so I prepared them on top of the stove.
When your burgers are about a minute away from being done, place a nice dollop of pimento cheese on top and allow it to just begin to melt. If it’s burgers you love with fun toppings, you may like to check out my Tomato & Red Onion Jelly Burger!

Be careful when taking your pimento cheese burgers up so you don’t loose any of that yummy stuff!
We love hot dogs even more than hamburgers, so we are sharing our journey of visiting hot dog joints on our travels. Amanda, I insist that you try it and let me know how your family enjoyed those Pimento cheese burgers! Stacy refuses to buy bagged shredded cheese when making this recipe, he buys the blocks and shreds them himself.

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