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The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. Yes, you don't need carbohydrate for survival because the body can attain glucose by other means, but there is empirical evidence showing significant physical and cognitive benefits from carbohydrate consumption. The body can get glucose from other sources but I just think the body works so much better with carbohydrates in it. Unfortunately a lot of people do their low carb diet and end up gaining it all back because they haven't learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. Some people benefit from low carb diets but very few people actually NEED them to achieve a lean physique.

Some people benefit from low carb diets but very few people actually NEED them to achieve a lean physique.tDefinite truth to this. I have done some low carb diets and while the results were good I prefer diets with a more moderate amount of carbs. I personally hate low carb diets, I just reduce them because I tend to get most of my calories from them, but I never go below 150g a day. In fact for me I don't get the physical drain that most people talk about but I definitely feel my cognitive functions are not as sharp as they normally are. Just goes to show you how your body doesn't need carbs to survive or function properly.

Despite the lack of carbs I have maintained almost all of my muscle and after the first week my strength is where it was before starting the diet.
Well they certainly make life better but you could theoretically live your whole life without eating a carb.

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