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We hope you know you will always have a place in our hearts, even when we can't put you in our stomachs.
We've turned to cauliflower, almond flour and a slew of delicate alternative likes zucchini, eggplant, and even beets to host your delectable sauce and cheese. So I wanted to make some low carb springrolls, found me a recipe for springroll pastry and went about it. Heat peanut oil in a pan and cook onion and chicken mince, Add all other ingredients except the coconut cream and allow to simmer and for liquid to evaporate.
I made these tonight, except i used a different filling (left overs) – i rolled the dough through pasta maker to make it super thin and cooked them in conventional oven, and although they had a slightly hard shell, they still weren’t cripsy, which is why i wanted to know if you had deep fried yours, or fried them in a pan? I deep fried mine that night, but I do think doing them in the oven might be a good option to try.

The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around, living a healthy life with diabetes.
Some of us have restrictions -- we've gone Paleo, we are gluten-averse, or we avoid carbohydrates like the plague. We wanted to introduce you to these substitutions we've fallen for, and we hope that you will understand.
Unfortunately they didn’t crisp up like spring rolls, and I think I maybe needed to roll it a LOT thinner!
But Mexican is not exactly the most diabetes-friendly of cuisines, with the carby tortillas, rice and beans. As such, we've found ways to adjust your conventional dough into something a little different.

We branded this one a true success even though they turned out to be something other than springrolls.
Before you head off to the local McDonald’s for the seasonal Shamrock Shake, take a look at these 17 low carb minty green desserts. It’s easy to get creative with your ingredients and whip up some healthy, South of the Border inspired dishes. They are all delicious and a whole lot healthier than the questionable green sludge that comes out of the Mickey D’s ice cream machine!

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