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Brown the hamburger, sausage and onion along with the minced garlic; drain the fat and stir in the spaghetti sauce and garlic powder. This version has a bit more sauce and cheese and would be better suited to the later stages of a low carb diet, such as Maintenance. Interested in trying a low carb and gluten free pizza crust that even a teenager will love? I made this tonight and the flavor is pretty good – the spices really cover up the taste of the coconut (which would otherwise seem an odd note with pizza flavors). Also, I think that baking on a silicon mat prevents the crust from becoming really crisp, so next time I am going to use parchment paper to see how that works.
These made beautiful custard tarts, they didn’t even get a chance to cool before we had eaten them all! I’ve been thinking about making sushi rolls in a low carb version for ages, and finally got around to it. Rinse the shirataki rice until the smell is gone and dry fry on high in a frypan for 2 minutes to get some of the moisture out .
Add the thickener to give it the sticky rice feel (and to keep it together in your sushi roll).
Lay your nori sheet shiny side down and spread a layer of rice leaving about 3cm at each end. Layer avocado and salmon in the middle of your rice and spread mayonnaise over smoked salmon.
Give grain-free pizza a tasty (and nutrient-packed!) face-lift with this butternut squash-based crust.
Though roasting the squash and baking the crust is more time-intensive than picking up the phone and ordering delivery, spaghetti squash is lower in calories and carbs than regular pizza dough. An excellent source of fiber, protein and omega-3s, the flax meal in this low-carb crust makes it a triple threat!

Though it’s a major calorie bomb, this bacon-only lattice crust is a bold way to indulge in pizza if you’re following a ketogenic diet, a high-fat and low-carb diet used to treat epilepsy. She was still willing to try it because I had already sampled it and told her it wasn’t bad. I need to work on the pastry, as it was a bit thin and needed to be a little less crunchy, and little more crumbly, but they were unmistakably custard tarts, and they were delicious. My rolling technique could do with some work but I was really happy with the taste and texture of these.
All that bubbling sauce, gooey mozzarella, chewy crust, salty pepperoni… are we making you hungry yet? Though the sweet and creamy winter vegetable takes some time to roast, it’s low in fat and high in fiber. Portobello mushrooms make a hearty base for personal pies that can hold whatever you please.
These zucchini bites take roughly 10 minutes to make and clock in at 125 calories for four “pieces.” Just make sure to let them cool before scarfing them down! This recipe puts a healthy spin on buffalo chicken pizza with a light avocado yogurt drizzle. Don’t bake the lattice crust all the way through the first time, since it will cook more when you put it back in the oven to bake the toppings. Meanwhile, soften the cream cheese in a medium-size microwaveable bowl for about 40-60 seconds.
You could make them in any flavour you liked, I just love smoked salmon so decided to give those a go first.
If you prefer to live a low-carb lifestyle because you’re gluten-free or because you’re following the paleo diet, your ‘za options may be limited. Top this pretty pie with a green sauce made from cashews and spinach for more antioxidants and a boost of magnesium.

Plus, it’s faster and easier to make than it appears since blending and cooking the cauliflower takes less than five minutes. This recipe suggests baking them in an oven, but you can also take the pizza party outside and grill them. But there are plenty of ways to enjoy a finger-licking-good slice without the 40 or so grams of carbs in a normal serving of pizza.
Make sure to squeeze as much water as possible out of the cooked cauliflower so your crust will be as sturdy as possible. Spread the spinach mixture over the meat layer; top with the mozzarella then the rest of the meat sauce as evenly as possible. From veggie crusts to inventive personal pies made from mushrooms, we’ve got you covered with these seven low-carb pizza crusts. Spread half of the meat mixture evenly in the bottom of a greased, 8 x 8" glass baking pan. We use the crust from the deep dish pizza recipe now which goes over well with those who don’t do low carb. Top ‘til you drop or keep it simple — we invite you to blaze your own trail to pizza perfection using these healthy and flavorful crusts. Spread the spinach mixture over the meat; top with the mozzarella, then the rest of the meat.
Or, cover with plastic wrap and vent one corner then microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes; then reduce to MEDIUM and cook for another 7-10 minutes until hot and bubbly.

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