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For the full range of low carb breakfast options in Australia, make sure you visit our low carb breakfast foods page in our store. Sherrie at PoH posted a great frittata recipe, so I worked it towards my tastes and ended up with these delicious frittatas. I decided to mix Ajvar with the LC Sweet and Sour sauce to mellow the heat a little and give it a good balance of flavours. I saw this recipe and just had to make a low carb version of it since it looked so very tempting. I love my carb heavy food, and this is yet another great substitute to keep me on the wagon.
Sharmeen has been busy experimenting to make some delicious low carb roti, and has come up with this great recipe. Crepes are one of those things you can use for so many different low carb recipes, if you can find a good low carb crepe ! This is the recipe for the wonderful Dixie French Crepe Mix, which makes 48 zero carb crepes.
Bring mexican dishes back into your low cabr lifestyle with these great low carb tortillas. Stuffing is not a dish we use a lot in Australia, however those who have tried this low carb bread stuffing mix have all been delighted with the results. Use this as stuffing in a roast chicken, or keep the bread stuffing chunky and add sausage for a perfect low carb dinner. This is a yeast rise bread with high gluten  content, so you get the texture of regular white bread, without the carbs.
Give grain-free pizza a tasty (and nutrient-packed!) face-lift with this butternut squash-based crust. Though roasting the squash and baking the crust is more time-intensive than picking up the phone and ordering delivery, spaghetti squash is lower in calories and carbs than regular pizza dough.
An excellent source of fiber, protein and omega-3s, the flax meal in this low-carb crust makes it a triple threat!
Though it’s a major calorie bomb, this bacon-only lattice crust is a bold way to indulge in pizza if you’re following a ketogenic diet, a high-fat and low-carb diet used to treat epilepsy.
This was so simple and so darn yummy I had trouble stopping myself from eating it all before it set.
Mix together the egg yolks, eggs, sweetener and lemon juice in a bowl and whisk until frothy.
Remove from the heat and add in the gelatin and whisk vigorously until the gel is all mixed in.
A low carb breakfast can be a challenge if you are in a hurry, as most of us are in the morning. In a heavy frying pan brown the ground pork adding salt and pepper to taste and drain off excess fat. Spread the meat evenly in the bottom of a 9×13 baking dish that has been lightly sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Thanks for the suggestions, now I have a great breakfast and lunch meal to do me a couple of days.

It's here in the US where Cinco de Mayo has become a holiday, and an opportunity to celebrate Mexican heritage (and food!). All that to say that I feel entirely justified sharing these not-in-the-least-bit Mexican jalapeno poppers with you today.
Totally American and perhaps even just a little bit cheesy (both literally and figuratively!), they're still a great party food and will go perfectly with your favorite margarita (yet another slightly-Mexican thing that became bigger than the original when it hit the US--we just really like to run with things here).
I've made jalapeno poppers before, but these are my low-carb version, and I actually like them even better! Like all my entertaining recipes, these can be prepared several hours in advance and kept in the fridge until your guests arrive, and then simply baked for about 20 minutes. When you make these, I recommend that you either wear latex gloves OR coat your hands with some vegetable or olive oil before you start working with the peppers in order to keep from burning yourself with the natural oils of the pepper. Cut each pepper in half lengthwise, and use a spoon to scoop out the center veins and seeds. They are only 1.8g carbs each and are fantastic for breakfast, a snack or on a salad for lunch.
This recipes makes 2 massive pancakes, you could make this into smaller pancakes for snacks. I saw a recipe on taste for Banana and Cinnamon French Toast, however it used brioche, a full banana, icing sugar and all kinds of other nasty carbs.
I was sitting here one afternoon, looking at my new mix master and deciding what to use my dough hook for, and it hit me.
Make these as a great side to curry or other low carb Indian dishes for the perfect side dish.
This is a simple recipe, I made them ahead of time and froze them just like store bought garlic bread. All that bubbling sauce, gooey mozzarella, chewy crust, salty pepperoni… are we making you hungry yet?
Though the sweet and creamy winter vegetable takes some time to roast, it’s low in fat and high in fiber. Portobello mushrooms make a hearty base for personal pies that can hold whatever you please. These zucchini bites take roughly 10 minutes to make and clock in at 125 calories for four “pieces.” Just make sure to let them cool before scarfing them down!
This recipe puts a healthy spin on buffalo chicken pizza with a light avocado yogurt drizzle.
Don’t bake the lattice crust all the way through the first time, since it will cook more when you put it back in the oven to bake the toppings. My solution is to make up this breakfast casserole on the weekend and then all I have to do is pop it in the microwave on weekdays for an instant low carb breakfast packed full of goodness. Optional, you can sprinkle a little grated cheese over the top if you eat dairy but it isn’t necessary. We think we will just have the kabana, and cheese and dip, but then there are yummy biscuits sitting there waiting to be the favoured dipper.
I used to love quesadillas back in my high carb days so I adapted a recipe to make them low carb.

The truth is the day--which actually commemorates Mexico's win in a minor battle against the French--is barely acknowledged south of the Rio Grande!
I've gotten rid of the breading and the frying, and instead split the peppers in half, stuff them with a seasoned cheese mixture and top them off with bits of bacon. MUCH better than the high-maintenance fried recipes, which require you to hover over a fryer or pot of hot oil.
Consider subscribing to my newsletter, follow me on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, or sign up to receive my once-a-week e-mail updates by filling in your address in the box on the right. Whisk together the softened cream cheese and smoked paprika until smooth and evenly combined. These are quick and easy (tortillas can be made in advance and frozen) and so very yummy, and of course – low carb! The Americans use these as a side dish with their roasts (amazing dipped in gravy), or they make larger ones and use them as a sandwich biscuit. We grab a log out of the freezer and cook as a side with dinner just like we would have in the old days. If you prefer to live a low-carb lifestyle because you’re gluten-free or because you’re following the paleo diet, your ‘za options may be limited. Top this pretty pie with a green sauce made from cashews and spinach for more antioxidants and a boost of magnesium. Plus, it’s faster and easier to make than it appears since blending and cooking the cauliflower takes less than five minutes. This recipe suggests baking them in an oven, but you can also take the pizza party outside and grill them. Either way, these biscuits get a massive thumbs up from us at Low Carb Central – we adore them! I tweaked the recipe slightly to make it a bit stronger tasting as the original taste was lovely but a little bland for us. But there are plenty of ways to enjoy a finger-licking-good slice without the 40 or so grams of carbs in a normal serving of pizza. Make sure to squeeze as much water as possible out of the cooked cauliflower so your crust will be as sturdy as possible. From veggie crusts to inventive personal pies made from mushrooms, we’ve got you covered with these seven low-carb pizza crusts. You can even substitute the ground pork for chicken, turkey, beef or your favorite breakfast sausage. Top ‘til you drop or keep it simple — we invite you to blaze your own trail to pizza perfection using these healthy and flavorful crusts.

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