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Even if you don’t have a rotating spit, you can still make a pretty tasty doner kebab from home, using a steak, some marinade and your oven. Add the meat to a warmed pita, top with tzatziki, hummus, tomato, cucumber, olives, shredded lettuce and feta and you’ve got yourself a delicious doner “donair” sandwich. This recipe requires time for marinating (a few hours to overnight) and about 45 minutes to cook the meat.

Place the marinade and steak into an oven-safe dish with a lid and place in the oven at 350 F for about 45 minutes. You can exercise your creativity on how you’d like to make your sandwich, but here’s a suggestion you can’t go wrong with. Sounds great Tony, about the only thing I’d change is to use sprouted bread toasted of course. My work on this whole project has slowed significantly over the summer as I pursued an interesting opportunity of sorts with the Rodale Institute up in Pennsylvania and as I work towards a masters in nutritional biochemistry.  Both opportunities have opened a whole new series of doors that will only serve to strengthen this site going forward.

Recipes like cookie dough mix, soup mixes, baking mix like Bisquick, homemade coffee creamer, and more. One one side, top with a desired amount of meat, cucumber, tomato, olives, lettuce and feta.

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