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McDonald's is hoping to stress the healthier aspects of its menu with a new effort that regroups low-calorie offerings in a "Favorites Under 400 Calories" category. That means, for example, that under the heading 400 calories or less, consumers will see such items as medium fries, Filet-O-Fish sandwich and an Oreo McFlurry.
The measure will be implemented in the shadow of many critics' concerns regarding McDonald's title sponsorship of this year's Olympics games. The London Assembly has since called for a ban on sponsorships from McDonald's and soft drink giant Coca-Cola.
The move to emphasis low-calorie offerings comes as the Food and Drug Administration finalizes measures that will require restaurants with 20 or more locations to disclose calorie counts on menus and drive-thrus. DASH is recommended by the American Dietetic Association's Evidence Analysis Library for the fight against high blood pressure because it isn't only great for keeping sodium consumption within recommended levels - DASH also helps individuals eat enough potassium (important for counteracting the effect of sodium on blood vessels) and meet food group goals.

That said, take note that certain individuals may be sensitive to sudden changes in potassium. To encourage would-be healthy diners, some of the lower calorie items carry instant-win pieces for the fast food chain's "Win When the U.S. For 300 calories or less, consumers can order a Southwest Salad or Strawberry Banana Real Fruit Smoothie. Several doctors, lawmakers and health advocates in the UK and elsewhere worry that a fast food company is the wrong face for an event celebrating fitness. McDonald's plans to go ahead with the July 28 opening of its largest store ever, which will serve classic offerings for six weeks during the games.
Plus, studies show a DASH meal plan can reduce blood pressure within 14 days for individuals with moderately high blood pressure.

By understanding the best meal plan at your disposal you are better equipped to take the first step toward treating and reducing your risk for high blood pressure.
There is an overall eating plan with proven results - the "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH)" Eating Plan. Picking foods according to these recommendations could contribute 4,700 milligrams (mg) of potassium and 2,300 mg of sodium to one's daily meal plan.
Prizes include a trip to London for the closing ceremonies, video games, a camera and even $25,000 in gold coins.

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