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Having digestive problems is extremely common for skinny-fat men, because the way you digest food is a good representation of your overall health, and the same goes for the way you look. The medical term for chronical constipation and bloating is called Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A lot of you reading this have Irritable Bowel Syndrome without knowing it. I know because I had it for my entire life and thought that it was normal to spend 30 minutes each morning on the toilet and looking like a balloon full of air the entire day.
This person recommended pineapple, and I’m a guy of action, so I ran to the grocery store right after reading it and got a pineapple. The next day I ate a slice of pineapple with breakfast, and to my surprise I spent no more than a few minutes on the toilet and felt light the entire day!! I continued with this for a few weeks, and the trend persisted: pineapple completely transformed my digestive system. Now, the big question is: Can science explain the usefulness of pineapple for treating irritable bowel syndrome? According to whfoods.org, pineapple contains bromelain which has anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. Pineapple also reduces excessive coagulation of the blood and certain types of tumor growth and healthcare practitioners have reported improved digestion in their patients after adding pineapple to their diet.
The kind of meals you can eat on an elimination diet are pretty much TASTELESS and boring unless you stock up on special spices and sauces from health shops and cook all of your meals. The problem with IBS elimination diets is that you start looking at food as fuel and you eat for function rather than pleasure. That’s a huge problem because food has always been something that brings people together for enjoyment, and missing that enjoyment means giving up an important part of your day. Luckily, pineapple saved me and I can now eat a huge variety of food, including low fat dairy products. In other words, pineapple has improved my life quality a lot by making it much easier to eat out and having a varied diet where I look forward to my meals instead of dreading eating the same cleans foods over and over again.
While eating these meals is delicious, I want to emphasise that I don’t eat huge burgers and pistachio cakes all day everyday. I eat healthy clean meals such as rib eye steaks and sweet potatoes 80% of the time, and then use the remaining 20% to eat whatever I want. After reading this article, you may be convinced that eating pineapple alone will fix all your digestive issues, but that’s unfortunately not the case. When I added pineapple to my diet, I was already living a healthy life style which means I exercised daily, ate foods that my body does well with 80% of the time, managed my stress well. No amounts of pineapple can make up for huge lifestyle flaws such as lack of exercise, eating too much food on a daily basis and being chronically stressed and burned out.
To find the diet rules that will work for you, I suggest that you keep an open mind and experiment. A good place to start is to add that slice of pineapple to your breakfast, eat light meals throughout the day, exercise 60 minutes daily, cut out wheat and high fat dairy products, and then see how you feel after a week.
Besides that, also consider reducing your protein intake to 80-130 grams a day, since foods high in protein can be difficult on the digestive system. This is also how I cured my stomach gas, they’ve been really helpful since I have stomach aches at night after a huge meal.

Whatever works man :) I find coffee to give me the opposite effect, but everyone is different so keep doing what works for you. The science behind it, short-chain-triglycerides in grass-fed butter nourish the fast-growing stomach and bowel cells (the life cycle of a bowel cell is just 4 days) and inhibit the growth of yeast which kills them. Unfortunately we’re in winter now in the Southern Hemisphere and fresh pineapple is hard to come by.
Pineapple is good, like you say, canned also, but please, dont drink canned pineaple water. Bloating, constipation, gas, too soft and smelly dump, more constipation, stomach pain in the morning…GLUTEN. I can now fill myself crazy just before sleep (rice, meat, veggies…), and wake up like a flower. I could take a photo, but the thickness differs everyday and the overall size also depends on the width of the pineapple.
I will experiment with different types of pineapple, as some varieties can be sweeter or more sour than others. I’ve always had constipation problems, but back when I ate a diet full of processed, unhealthy foods, I was managing to go regularly 1-2 times a day with ease (most of the time). When I switched over to a healthy diet (paleo-ish with low carbs), my constipation became absolutely horrible. The only time I could manage to go was when I was working out heavy on an exercise like squats or deadlifts, but that becomes annoying when you have to stop in the middle of a set to shit. After reading this article and a few other sources online, I now wake up early in the morning to eat a breakfast consisting of unsweetened Greek yogurt with cut up pineapple thrown in it, some fatty nuts like almonds, and I take a magnesium pill and a probiotic pill and wash it all down with 2 big glasses of water. Last question, I read in one of you other blogs that you rarely eat chicken – any reason why? I was brought here because I am so bloated I cannot sleep, and I remembered a pineapple experiment I did in an Anatomy & Phisiology lab for college. At her lowest point, Ms Sullivan, from Cheltenham, Gloucester, was finally admitted to hospital in November 2012 after suffering three suspected heart attacksOn being discharged, she discovered Pilates and just a few months later had become a healthy size 8.Ms Sullivan now wants to start teaching Pilates and is studying for a diploma in to become and instructor. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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This article explained exactly how I cured irritable bowel syndrome, so I hope you found it useful.
Just wondering if anyone has tried canned pineapple in unsweetened pineapple juice, if so does it work?
At first, you WILL NEED to pee a lot, but after awhile, body will adapt, you will control peeing urge easier, body will be hydrated, more resistant, more powerful. I eat Pineapple often, but never really payed attention to the bloating until I read this article. I have bought and finished 5-6 pineapples of different types, I’ve had it almost everyday. From what I gather, tubers like sweet potatoes and jicama have more soluble than insoluble which are found in most fruits and other greens. FRESH pineapple contains the digestive enzyme bromelain, however bromelain is absent in canned pineapple due to the processing. I only came across this because I felt no difference in symptoms (gas,indigestion) by eating the tinned rings. Starches like potatoes and white rice can be mostly converted to resistant starches which act like soluble fiber; this involves cooling completely after cooking. Relax and enjoy the ambiance, warm kiwi hospitality and ultimate dining experience offered by the passionate team at Te Waihou Bistro. I have been diagnosed with 2 autoimmune disorders in addition to whatever is REALLY going on in my gut – I have been in the hospital dozens and dozens of times. Gelatin will set with canned pineapple in it though, because the bromelain is no longer present.
With Oscar Mayer Lower Sodium Bacon, you can feel good about treating your family to one of their favorite foods more often.
Oscar Mayer Lower Sodium Bacon has 30% less sodium yet delivers the great naturally hardwood smoked flavor that you'd expect. I have tried many, many, many, many things, flown to see expert, studied many theories, I cry as I sit here recounting the horror my life has been these past years. EVERY SINGLE MORNING I wake up (and at least now I do sleep, I went years in so much pain I couldn’t sleep) Along with other supplements, I started eating tons of papaya, I noticed that I felt better for sure.
I travel to Hawaii frequently and found that Molokai papaya are the best so I had them shipped to my home once a week at a hefty price. Tip: Slide rubber spatula between uncooked bacon slices to easily separate them without tearing. Some food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if the product is mishandled or cooked improperly. Wash working surfaces (including cutting boards), utensils and hands after touching raw meat or poultry.

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