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If you want to lose weight (or prevent weight gain), then you should make friends with fibers.
Fibers are the natural obstacle against overeating, because foods high in fiber make you feel full. Also, people who eat foods rich in fiber are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes. There is no recommended dose for children, but, certainly, they need less fiber than adults.
Insoluble fiber, such as the name, does not dissolve in water, although some of them are partially digested by bacteria in the intestines (and may have anticancer effects).
They also delay the initial process of digestion in the small intestine, and slows down the release of glucose in the blood, which means that the body will use energy rather than convert it into fat. But today we know that fibers can have powerful effects on health, the most obvious is: the normal functioning of the intestines.

Three meals a day which includes fruits, vegetables and whole grains ensures, usually, the necessary fiber.
He challenges this belief and puts forward an alternative theory that places the blame for these problems on an increased consumption of refined carbohydrates.Good Calories Bad Calories BasicsTaubes states that it is possible for dieters to gain weight without an excessive intake of calories and declares that too many of the wrong types of calories is the real cause of weight gain.
A diet low in fiber cause constipation, which involve not only discomfort but also delay the elimination of toxins. The fibers are not the only factor, but dozens of international studies correlate increased fiber intake with low intestine cancer. A good source of insoluble fiber are fruits and vegetables (unpeeled), wheat bran and whole grains.
When they become inflamed, diverticulitis occurs, which is manifested by abdominal pain and may require surgery.
The diet he recommends for weight loss and heart disease prevention is one that is based on animal proteins and low carbohydrate vegetables and is similar to the Atkins diet.Good Calories, Bad Calories proposes that dietary fat is of little importance in the development of heart disease and he supports his statements with results from a large array of scientific studies.

He affirms that the current theory in regard to the relationship between diet and heart disease is not as clear as we have been led to believe and challenges us to question what is currently promoted as being a healthy diet.
However many of his conclusions, such as his claim that calorie intake is not relevant for losing weight, are strongly in opposition to modern concepts regarding fat loss.Of particular concern is Taubes’ assertion that exercise can actually have a negative effect for those who wish to lose weight.
Even though it is true that exercise can increase appetite, it has a wide range of benefits for health and any potential for an excessive increase in calories can be avoided by selecting appropriate foods.Additionally Good Calories, Bad Calories does not include meal plans or recipes and as such dieters may not find it easy to practically apply the information that is presented.

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