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The Skinny:An equal-sized serving* of typical full-fat chicken enchiladas (Don Pablo's nutritional data used for comparison) has a whopping 840 calories and 52g of fat per equal sized serving!
I mentioned in another recipe that my husband and I are in the process of packing up our house and moving from Illinois to Arizona in the next several weeks so I needed a super easy, hearty meal that would leave me with a good amount of leftovers so I could skip cooking for a day or two. This entry was posted in Gluten Free, Protein dishes, Slow Cooker and tagged chicken, Healthy, onion, protein, quinoa, Slow cooker, Soup, vegetable on July 24, 2014 by Bunny. With all that deep corn flavor, meaty goodness, tomato-y spiciness, and overall tasty indulgence. It’s a good thing too because there will be long snowy freezing nights in Arizona (really looking forward to that). I had a pound of chicken breast and veggies in the fridge because we had just hit the market the other day. I gathered my favorites, added some quinoa and garbanzo bean for even more of a protein punch.

Stir to combine everything but try to keep the chicken sweet potato towards the bottom of the slow cooker.
Cook them until the water is absorbed and the grits are thick to stir (but not slice-ably thick). Since I'm not a fan of anything being high in fat and calories, I set my sights on solving this problem.Can I make an authentic tasting chicken enchilada casserole that boasts rich, bold flavors and feels like an indulgence when you're eating it? If the quinoa soaks up too much of the liquid, just add a cup or so of water, depending on how thick you like your soup.
I used low fat shredded chicken and my secret weapon is corn grits (for a rich, deep corn taste with only a trace of additional fat).To keep the flavors and textures that make them deliciousHow? I kept the traditional flavors of chicken, green chile sauce, onions, and corn all in place.To improve and amplify their flavorHow?
By adding flavor enhancers like onion and taco seasoning, I got the meat and sauce to really deliver bold flavor.

This secret weapon added so much consistency, flavor and  mouth-feel with few added calories and fat.To make assembly much easierHow? By layering the ingredients into a casserole dish, you get a perfect blend in every bite, without all the hassles of rolling individual enchiladas.These low fat chicken enchiladas deliver on every promise and every goal. Add this mixture to the rest of your green chile sauce and whisk to combine.*Blending the onions makes your sauce flavorful, without being chunky with onions.
They are bold and yet balanced, deep with comforting corn flavor, and yet spicy with onions and green chile flavor.

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