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I love chicken salad, but like you have probably heard me say a thousand times now, I HATE HATE when chicken salads, potato salads, or pasta salads are drowning in mayo.
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I would not be surprised if you’ve been nominated before, but if you’re like me, you never get tired of being acknowledged! Since the recipe was so well received, I thought I might as well share another recipe along those same lines. By the way, I have been following your blog and just really enjoy the gifts and talents you share there.

Most of the other ingredients are probably in your pantry or refrigerator already, making this a snap to prepare. In a separate bowl, combine chicken, pepper, black beans, sweet corn, red onion and tomato. I always want to be sure that I get to give Maddie her morning bottle, but then have to go downstairs and pump before heading to work so I need lunches that I can prepare quickly.
If my Greek Grilled Chicken Pitas appealed to you then this easy Greek Grilled Chicken Salad with a homemade Greek yogurt dressing will be a hit. It's hard to believe the creamy dressing is fat free, so indulge without feeling guilty.
A When that happens, I like to reinvent those meals that I love so much to add a little variety.

This chicken salad is super simple to make and is much lower in fat thanks to one simple ingredient: Greek yogurt! For that nice crunch I am always looking for, I added diced celery, apple, and sliced almonds.

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