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But we’re on to his scheme, and Cravendale sent a message to Betrum and his gang: NOT ON OUR WATCH, PUSSIES!
The idea attributes different levels of the PERi-PERi spectrum to different character traits. Come with us now, as we go back in time to review some of the stuff that happened to us, with us and by us in the last twelve months.

So if you’d try to reason with the screaming wild bear through expressive dance, you’ll probably like it ‘Mango and Lime’. You may meet polydactyl cats, you may fall down a rabbit-hole to play with a Nike-wearing Sonic the Hedgehog, and you might be enticed into The Great Unknown. In partnership with our brand new client Nando’s, Wieden + Kennedy is launching ‘Find Yourself,’ a campaign taking people on a voyage of self-discovery through the world of PERi-PERi chicken.

Whereas if you’d refer to section 21, part IV, of the pocket survival guide, you’ll like it ‘Plain…ish’.

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