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Frozen Yogurt Recipes in Urdu is smooth and creamy and just as delicious as the rest of our frozen lineup. Food Recipes is one of the best Pakistani Food recipes site which provide cooking food recipes in Urdu, english and hindi. Chinese Food Recipes, Urdu Cooking recipes, Food recipes videos and many other recipes are our speciality.

All of which perfectly complement the tangy taste of Greek Yogurt.Frozen Yogurt Recipes varies from slightly to much more tart than ice cream, as well as being lower in fat (due to the use of milk instead of cream). Just take our smooth and creamy, low-fat Frozen Yogurt with probiotics, plus everything that’s great about our fresh and fruity Sorbet. It is different from ice milk (more recently termed low-fat or light ice cream) and conventional soft serve.

Transfer this into 4 small cups, put 2-3 tbsps cooked custard in each cup, garnish with grated chocolate and pomegranate pearls.

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