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But when you're allergic to gluten and a million other things - those short cuts no longer work for you. It took me a little while, but I finally came up with the ultimate Healthy Shortcrust Pastry Recipe - and to make it even better, it's vegan too! The hardest part about this recipe is probably not eating all of the pastry shells in one go - or waiting for the dough to chill for an hour. We've filled them with everything from quiche mixes to chocolate mousse and used them as an edible bowl for ice cream. Saturdays for us mean leisurely breakfasts (read: PANCAKES!), walks in the park and general laziness. We have a bunch of different healthy pancake recipes that we love - but lately, there's been a new favourite on the block!
These Peanut Flour Pancakes are absolutely delllllliccccccccccious because they're super thick and fluffy!
The best pancakes (in our minds at least) are those which are thick, soft and fluffy and these pancakes are exactly that! I'm sharing lots of delicious eats and a super simple but oh so delicious recipe that we enjoyed for dinner last night! This cake came from a random peanut butter craving (who am I kidding, I'm always craving peanut butter) and an overflowing stash of peanut flour.

So, one weekend, I took my random craving and my peanut butter stash and I got to experimenting. I decided I needed a little extra protein in my life so I decided to use all peanut flour (and no other flours - risssskkkyyyyy business but I made it work!) - then I decided to amp up the peanut butter flour by using peanut butter - add in a couple of eggs, a bit of yogurt, some applesauce and honey and then separate the batter, add cocoa, pour your batter into the tin and cross your fingers and hope that this Frankenstein recipe works.
But not everyone likes plain Soda Water - and not everyone wants a sweet drink that's overloaded with sugar. I came up with a super simple method for making a refined sugar free syrup using just about any type of fruit.
I think this week's mission is to create awesome veggie burgers because I've never actually had a veggie burger that I loved and I'm determined to create a recipe which I do love!
Don't miss the other recipes for healthy, low fat, crunchy granola bars, and more at the bottom of this page.Follow these recipes for granola bars until you get the hang of it.
Please update your IE to 9 or higher here or download another modern web browser, like Firefox or Chrome. And who knows what half of the ingredients you find listed on those packs actually are. You can be sure you'll be seeing plenty of recipes featuring this pastry on the blog very soon - so keep an eye out!
In this chapter we see not one, but two signs that show us that Jesus was the fullness of God in human form.

Just fill the reusable carbonating bottle to the line with water, pop your bottle into the machine and press down 2-3 times to carbonate. You can add a little bit of designer style to your home for just $99 because this gorgeous machine was designed by the legendary Yves Behar. For our friends, we created two special drinks - the Blueberry Fizz and a Strawberry Sparkle.They are super refreshing and can be tweaked and changed to create whatever you like.
I would often choose short cuts to keep things simple and easy for myself - premade pastry, mini tart shells - bits and pieces you can buy that cut out hours of work. For best results, refridgerate the water prior to carbonating - that way it's super fizzy!
For the more adventurous drinkers, I added in some fresh herbs for a flavour boost whilst others chose to keep it simple.The best thing about these syrups is that you can add as much or as little as you like - it's totally up to you! The granola bars are done when the edges begin to brown (the center may still appear undone).
All you've got to do is add some syrup to the bottom of your glass and top it up with a fresh bottle of Soda Water made in your SodaStream.

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