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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. You will pack a gallon zip lock back or a large mason Jar with all of the veggies for your salad and place into the fridge. Each of these salads will be topped with a 4 -5 oz serving of roasted chicken (you can weight it or make sure it is a bit bigger than a deck of cards. You will then top the salad with fresh squeezed lemon, salt, pepper, red wine vinager, and a table spoon of olive oil. Julie Groenewald had a clear, unquestioned objective when she started on her raw foods journey.
She has done just that, transforming herself from an overweight, occasionally depressed, often physically ill person, into a shining example of athleticism, happiness, and super-health, built from the inside out.
Today, you’ll get an inside look at how she embraced a vision of the life she desired, overcame many invisible boundaries, and learned to fully realize her dream of optimal health and inspiration for others. Just a handful of the benefits Julie gained by embracing an active, fruitarian lifestyle were that she lost 23 kilos, eliminated varicose veins, defeated depression and built an amazing level of energy, allowing her to work or play all day without fatigue.  We’ll explore all the other gifts she received later in the article. I am 31 years old this year, proudly South-African and my hometown is Jozi (Johannesburg) Gauteng where we live, work and play! Since I began this amazing fruitarian lifestyle I have gained so many health benefits that it will be impossible for me to ever turn back to my old habits. There were times that I have questioned myself and the reasons for doing this, and there were times that I went through bad detox and was about to give up – but nevertheless, I pulled through and nothing can be as sweet as optimal health to me. My senses are also much better and I am more connected with nature, the earth, the animals, people and our Creator of this world. This has been an overall lifestyle change for me, a long-term sustainable health path, and not just a quick fix or just another fad diet which never works in the long run. I have been married for almost 8 years now to the most wonderful, most caring husband, Janus, the love of my life.
My hobbies include painting, drawing with pastels, writing, scrap-booking, indoor rock climbing, sunbathing, hiking, trail running (when possible!), swimming in rivers and the sea, doing crazy things, hanging out with my fruitarian friends, spending time with my husband and my Persian chinchilla cat Misty, and enjoying anything out in nature, whether it’s fruit picking, river rafting or listening to the sounds of nature. My dream is to see South-Africa and the rest of the world transform in gaining more health, living a better quality lifestyle all around.  I would also love to see people plant more fruit trees and become a people who serve each other and our planet by being the best stewards over the earth they can be. I still remember the first morning I woke up to an awfully healthy super green smoothie at my in laws home…that is where it all started. We started studying some DVDs from Professor Walter Veith from South-Africa which led us into vegetarianism, and through internet research, books, doctors and even scripture, we discovered the vegan, the raw vegan, the high fat and the low fat raw vegan, the high carb raw-fruit-vegan and fruitarian . Janus came across Mango and Kveta’s Website, two beautiful ethical fruitarians living in Australia, and read all the information provided. After a month of doing the fruitarian lifestyle full-on we started experiencing phenomenal health benefits.
This is a lifestyle I have chosen because of the health benefits, the deep connection it gives to the spiritual, to the earth, the animals and its people. To me, plants are living entities and have to die when eaten, seeds and nuts are meant to become trees, I see them as pre-programmed baby trees. It makes sense to me that it is not meant for us to live off of medicine daily as there is a big difference in our daily foods and medicine. How I have learnt to distinguish between food and medicine is that a food is to be sweet and also contain high amounts of carbs, due to our natural carbohydrate need.  That is the clue. None of these medicinal foods contains high enough amounts to support this carbohydrate need. Eating this way provides the human body with the highest level of vital energy and all required nutrients. Being spiritually and mentally balanced is the key to living a grounded lifestyle here on earth in harmony with our fellow companions and the earth. Personally, I subscribe to eating large amounts of fruit, making sure I am fully satisfied. In June 2009.  But we had no idea how to go about it or that eating enough fruit is a major success factor to thrive on this lifestyle according to your fitness goals. Today I make sure to eat large volumes of fruit as well as keeping to all the low fat, sweet fruits like bananas, mangos, grapes and dates, and limiting fatty fruits like avocados and olives for my specific goals. In the beginning, which was in winter, I ate more avocados, which I felt I needed to help my transition, but nevertheless I have still lost a lot of weight during this time.  However, once I ate higher volumes of sweet juicy fruits and still keeping it low fat, I experienced a dramatic weight loss. In the past, I used to view this as negative stages, but when I look back now, those were the times of growth; those were the times of building a new person inside, and learning to pray and give even this part of my life over to God to make it perfect. Transitioning onto a fruitarian lifestyle is not easy, mentally and physically as we have been brought up into a completely different way. I even remember at times I ate a quick sandwich and vegetarian foods at times but I never fell back on meat products again ever.
In January 2011 I became more involved in the ethical side of healthy living as and the ultimate reasons to follow a plant based lifestyle.
This was a lifetime decision that I made and it has never been easier to live meat and dairy free.
It was a great year for me in general, where I transitioned very well, continuing to follow a high fruit, low fat style of living, still eating some cooked food here and there but a lot less than ever before, going months on 100%. Juicing became a huge part of my diet to incorporate more nutrients and especially minerals, which allowed me to leave my favorite comfort cooked food behind forever and trade it for a beautiful energetic, fit and healthy body!

Today I am still transitioning in the sense that I am toning up my body and not focusing at all on weight loss, but a strong and healthy physique. In terms of eating habits, I eat high fruit volumes, in mono form almost all the time, meaning one fruit at a time, but in a large quantity.
In the past there were long periods of times I would go 100% on raw fresh ripe fruit, but at this point in time, I am currently including leafy greens in my diet due to the additional minerals I am able to add into my diet with ease. The reason being is that I am currently in the process of removing 11 amalgam fillings from my teeth due to damage done from my previous lifestyle and I feel the need to build up good blood by adding in extra greens to my diet at this point in time in order to remineralize some bone tissues. Dried apricots work well to add minerals normally, but dried fruit is not good for teeth in these circumstances. Some herbs are required for heavy metal detoxing together with the cleansing powers of fruit. In this year I have also eaten a few cooked meals, all whole health foods from the plant based world and all whole natural vegan, mostly fruitarian cooked foods (Frugan), which are the least mucus-forming, such as butternut, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, squashes, and also some root vegetables such as sweet potatoes.  I also may eat spinach and other leafy greens steamed, or a cauliflower steamed with a touch of salt.
In South-Africa it is a way of life to belong and be comforted with traditionally prepared foods that goes with good music, warm friendships and traditional social events.
Some friends we lost as they did not understand the journey we were embarking on, neither were they open to this lifestyle which seemed extreme to them at the time. On this lifestyle, we made so many new friends and met so many likeminded people who enriched us more than we could ever be grateful for. Believe me, it’s not easy to leave such an intimate convenient lifestyle behind and trade it for a fruit-based lifestyle, which is still seen in today’s world as being extreme. Not giving in to other people’s weaknesses but finding strength inside yourself and making the best choices every day in everything we do ~ pushing boundaries to the limit is what makes life worth living.
I grew up as an omnivore, and we ate a lot of unhealthy food, lots of meat and sugar – so bad that, at the age of 12, I was wearing a size 42 jeans!! My parents farmed with chickens and we lived out on a farm where my dad and I used to drink a lot of raw organic milk and especially let it stand so we could drink off the cream!
In 2007 Janus and I both started to follow a vegetarian diet but I fell off the wagon back on meat where I got so sick I had to quit and return to veggies! That was the turning point for me, where we took our health seriously and started doing more research. When I got back from holidays I returned to veggies and started eating a lot of honey and yogurt and then started doing some serious research and we found veganism as a health option.
In June 2009 when we found the fruit diet via Mango and Kveta we did not know that the best time of our lives so far had just started.  It was one of the best choices I’ve made in my entire life. I lost 23kg in total (first 6 months I lost over half of that) and improved on my blood work.
My fever blister breakouts are decreased from having them almost permanently since I was a child, to only having four outbreaks.  Two were due to cheating on a meal with a lot of refined sugar, the other two times due to a lot of detoxing on a juice fast, with too much sunshine, and too little sleep. My eyesight has improved in one eye.  The strength of my eyes differ, but came closer together. My sex drive has increased dramatically, hormone problems vanished and I no longer get mood swings.
All my taste buds have almost gone back to their virgin state, and I can taste the most intense fruit flavors.
My sense of smell, of touch, of instinct and of awareness (connectedness to the earth) has increased intensely. I have not had flu, bronchitis or any other sickness since I started with this lifestyle in 2009. I love the super light super energetic feeling every day when I wake up and I feel so nourished. No, as we found the raw fruitarian lifestyle first.  At the moment I do eat some raw gourmet cake and green salads but excluding items such as soy or shoyu sauces. During my transitioning, I got to know about high fat gourmet, and as we visited restaurants I would taste it here and there, prepare these types of foods at home with Janus but never made this a habit.
Every time I ate greens together with high fat gourmet, nuts or seeds, it would have the same effects of cooked food on my body, I would immediately get mucus in my throat and therefore I stick to eating raw sweet juicy fruit as well as savory fruits like tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, bell peppers, zucchini, olives, or even butternut whenever I feel the need to. When binging and cravings attack me, I usually make a juice, drink water with lemon, have a non-sweet fruitarian meal or eat a lot of fresh soft dates. To stay raw and to stay fruitarian, I do sometimes prepare fruits as low fat gourmet – mostly in simplistic form, but not very often though and when I do, I drink a lot more juice or water, as it can be very dehydrating to the body. It is only recently for this limited period of time that I have embarked on including leafy greens such as herbs, spinach and celery. I dislike olives as they are high in sodium due to preservation, and can’t be tasty in its natural form, unless dried and mixed into a tomato based sauce.
Nuts and seeds are fruitarian survival foods, as they do not supply the body with carbohydrates.  These are not fit for human consumption during thriving times where fruit supply is found in abundance.
I like to eat more of the fruits that are in itself tasty, palatable, sweet, juicy and also eat mostly large mono fruit meals. I dislike combining fruit as it spoils the taste completely and enjoy simplicity while tasting each individual fruit on its own. I drink at least 2 to 3 liters of fresh filtered water per day depending on my exercise levels for the day. I use water or freshly prepared juices to make smoothies with; I do not drink any nut milks at all.

Yes, I try my best to keep fruit meals as simple as possible, one fruit at a time, in a large quantity for example 3 extra-large mangoes for breakfast, or 10 bananas for lunch in a smoothie with water.
When I mix fruits, I make sure that I don’t overdo it in one day, I hardly ever eat more than three types of fruit in one day, most days are mono and then during the evening a fruitarian savory salad.
Around 7 hours per day as I have a seriously busy schedule to juggle between home and work.
I also started writing, blogging, inspiring other people, and also started up workshops for juicing and teaching people the low fat raw high fruit vegan way of life. Together with that I do natural holistic lifestyle coaching to help people incorporate as much of the natural holistic health principles into their lives as they possibly can to help them find balance, regain their health.  I assist also with juice fasting and share the beautiful fruit knowledge and information I’ve gathered throughout my fruitarian health journey. In the beginning of 2012 I ate mostly mono grapes, going 12 days with only grapes and grape juice, while not restricting my fruit meals at all, but eating as much (around 3000 calories) of grapes during the time. It was amazing how fast I dropped the extra fat from my body and my eyes become so clear, my overall energy levels rose and it was a phenomenal experience. Once in the beginning, I embarked on a mono orange feast, eating only oranges and drinking orange juice with the pulp. I had the worst fever blister breakouts during juice feasting.  Twice I had skin rashes appear, dry eyes and dry itching body while at times an exceptional thirst.
My skin was crystal clear since day one, unless of course the times I ate cooked food which was too high in fat, but it has never broken out ever since I came to this lifestyle. In the beginning I would get minor headaches and also during the times I quit cooked foods over and over. There was a time that I almost gave up on myself as we rushed to hospital late one night thinking that my appendix burst or something serious was happening, but the doctors could not find anything wrong. Once I understood what Arnold Ehret was talking about in terms of detoxing, cleansing and healing, I immediately related as I compared my results with what he has documented over the years and I remembered also experiencing pins and needles in my fingers and around the chest area. This was all the medications, which have been lying for years in fat cells, within deeply rooted cells, which was releasing, passing out of the body. The more I stay balanced in terms of getting proper sleep, staying hydrated, properly fueled on fruit, breathing deeply and exercising, they are bound not to show up.
If you feel the inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle follow the example of people who get the results (from nature) that you desire! Eat high water content fruits, which are closest to match your body’s chemical makeup and needs.
Guys, depending on your weight, I would recommend at least 3000 – 4000 as a minimum of calories per day. Use Cronometer to Track Your Calories every single day in order to get into the habit of knowing how much to eat.
NEVER underestimate the power of enough sleep, enough water, enough sunshine, enough exercise, enough fruit and enough fresh air (deep breathing). Educate yourself by reading health articles, scientific studies and real life testimonies and learn to make good recipes to keep interesting.  And learn to embrace life. Anthea’s conclusions – Wow!  What an inspiring story of commitment and dedication to achieving your dreams.  Julie definitely doesn’t sugar coat it – unless you’re talking about fruit that is!
Don’t miss out on articles like this, recipes, tips and tricks for success on a raw food diet.  Please subscribe to my newsletter. We agreed that we had nothing to lose and that we could always go back to the way we were eating or search for something better if this did not work out for us, and started immediately and plunged right into eating 100% fruit not knowing what to expect, but we kept focusing on the good benefits – the end prize!
Since then we learnt that when we fuel up on high amounts of fruit, this can be very beneficial for ultimate energy levels and our fitness both improved. I never picked up any weight though, due to the low fat high fruit volumes regime I continued to incorporate daily.
Being on the go all the time, fruit was the easiest and fastest food on the block – always ripe and ready to eat!
The heavy metals also need to be removed from my body still and this will take a while as I am replacing these in sections as I can afford them to be replaced with biodegradable substance. I was actually in a much worse state than before as I also still used alcohol and ate a lot of chocolate, ice cream, pizza, wraps – junk food in other words. I am simply in love with pineapples that are super ripe, dark yellow in flesh and very sweet. I use juices mostly in my smoothies and use a proper juicer that retains a thick fiber rich juice. My advice to you would be not to argue with people, love them from a distance, unless they are serious about health and requesting more information.
Depression hit and I remember it was the worst holiday of my life being so over weight and out of shape! I do also eat bell peppers (paprika) occasionally, chilies, zucchini (baby marrows), and avocados occasionally, basically all the fruit type vegetables classified as botanical fruit.

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