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I wanted to share a GREAT recipeI found about 2 years ago when I was trying to lose weight.
These pancakes are Higher in Protein & Fiber and lower in Fat and Carbs than regular pancakes! You can find this recipe with all the nutrition information on Sparks People.Be sure to read all of the comments, lots of good tips and suggestions as well.
For some reason, 11 years ago when I moved into this house, I have not been able to make a good pancake.
I am a self-proclaimed neat-freak, mom, and wife, whose passions are baking, creating, photography, and of course, family! These low-fat, high-fiber recipes–each with over 8 grams of fiber per serving- can help keep your heart healthy. Summer Corn and White Bean SoupThis quick, fiber-packed soup is a terrific way to use fresh corn. Collard Greens with Lima Beans and Smoked TurkeyJust one serving of this one-dish meal and you've almost hit your target amount of fiber for the day. Lentil Burgers with TzatzikiLentils are a great source of both protein and fiber and offer a healthful alternative to beef. Honey Yogurt and Mixed Berries with Whole-Grain WafflesJump-start your day with a fiber-packed breakfast. Tabbouleh with Beans and FetaThe perfect bring-along for potlucks, the ingredients for this colorful salad can be tossed together or layered in a clear bowl for an especially dramatic presentation. Black Bean SoupOne cup of this creamy low-fat soup meets half of your fiber requirements for the day. Baked Falafel Sandwiches with Yogurt-Tahini SauceBaking instead of frying these chickpea-and-bulgur patties gives them a delectable crunch, but cuts way down on fat. Make sure to process the mushrooms just until coarsely chopped (about 4 pulses) so they match the texture of the ground beef. These Healthy Homemade Low Carb and Gluten Free Soft Pretzels are so buttery and moist, you’d never know they’re made without butter, bleached white flour and white sugar! My healthy homemade pretzels are nutritionally balanced with only 190 calories each, healthy fats and complex carbs.

These Healthy Low Carb and Gluten Free Soft Pretzels make for an incredibly satisfying breakfast, lunch or snack.
I seriously LOVE visiting your blog to come see all the unique ingredients that are beneficial for you! I have made the pretzels and I love them but they were just a bit dry so I know I’ve done something wrong. Weighing is generally the most accurate way to go, especially with this recipe, so you’re on the right track! I haven’t tried using any substitutions in this recipe yet, but for the applesauce I would recommend 100% pure canned pumpkin puree, sweet potato puree, or any other pureed fruit.
And the almond milk can be substituted with regular organic dairy milk or your favorite non-dairy milk substitute (organic soy milk, coconut milk, etc.). If you want to brush the pretzels with butter instead of the egg wash before baking, feel free to do that!
I didn’t pre-proof the yeast when I make these, but I could try that the next time I make a batch.
Want to receive an email notification when there's a brand new blog post?Subscribe by email! Naughty or Nice: The ULTIMATE Healthy Dessert Cookbook is a collection of 70 delicious, good-for-you recipes. DIY Protein Bars: Easy, Healthy, Homemade No-Bake Treats That Taste Like Dessert, But Just Happen To Be Packed With Protein is a collection of 48 ahhhmazing protein bar recipes! I started with the Flax Banana Bread recipe on the Red Mill site, then tweaked it a bit to remove fat and add some more whole grains. Add dry ingredients and mashed bananas alternately to wet ingredients, stirring until dry ingredients are completely incorporated and moist. Add excitement with burgers, meat loaf, waffles, pasta, and enchiladas–each packed with over 8 grams of fiber per serving. In fact, almost every dish is more exciting when bacon comes to play, so feel free to swap your family's favorite veggies into this versatile pasta. The mushroom mixture will look a little wet in the pan at first; take the time to let as much liquid as possible cook out for a richer patty that will hold its shape when seared in the pan.

Ours uses a combination of canola mayonnaise and Greek yogurt to keep the calories in check. Can you please tell me if you can substitute the soy flour for say sorghum flour or buckwheat?
It absorbs a lot of liquid, similar to coconut flour, but is not as crumbly as coconut flour. I am used to substituting and making things that are a little odd, but these were just very yeasty and the texture was almost spongy. An essential part of heart health, fiber has been associated with decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease by carrying LDL (bad) cholesterol out of the body.Eat plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains for the most fiber bang for your buck. Building on a foil-lined pan means instant cleanup: Bring the pan right to the table after broiling, and discard the foil after dinner. We opt for center-cut bacon (a bit less of it) and swap the usual raisins for lower-sugar dried cranberries to pack a subtle punch of tart. It also binds very well due to the fiber content, similar to oat flour, but it doesn’t bake the same as oat flour. It took a lot of trial and error to get this recipe where it is so I am hesitant to give any substitutions.
Dump the dry over the wet and fold together with a rubber spatula. Shape the sticky dough into a ball and cover with plastic wrap. I did this before reading the instruction to sprinkle it in, so I just went with it but I have a feeling this is what did them in. Place the bowl in a warm area for 1 hour (I used a warming drawer set to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) In a small bowl, add the coconut flour. If the dough is too dry, try adding a whole egg (or as many as you need to get it into a dough). Gently fold the mixture until it absorbs the coconut flour, then dust another 2 tbs over the dough and fold again.

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