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The air may be a little chilly and the evenings dark, but winter is still the perfect time of year for firing up the barbecue and cooking some delicious meals! So grab your favourite woolly jumper and hat, and head outside for some fire-cooked goodness – and why not try one of our top winter low-fat BBQ recipes for added simplicity and flavour.
This meal needs hardly any preparation at all and is ready in less than fifteen minutes, so there’ll be no standing around in the cold while you wait. When the barbecue is ready, add the mushrooms to the grill and cook for a couple of minutes on each side.
Add the leftover mustard and vinegar mix to the buns, top with the tomato and mushroom, and then add a slice of red onion and handful of rocket. For added warmth, you can lightly toast or heat the ciabatta buns in the oven for a few minutes before dishing up.
If you’re watching what you eat and want a calorie-light meal, the home-made kebab is a great choice.
Once you’ve made the kebabs, whisk up a light sauce for marinading your kebabs before cooking. While the kebabs are cooking, add the four corn-on-the-cobs to the barbecue to cook alongside. Serve with a fresh salad and corn on the cob, and enjoy a warming winter barbecue dish that doesn’t ruin the diet!
The Best Blog keeps you up-to-date on low fat tips and all the newest tasty low fat recipes.
Chicken Pot Pie, Easy, Healthy, and Delicious!Creamy, indulgent chicken pot pie that is easy and healthy.
I remember that a while back, Paula Deen once made this Sweet Bacon Wrapped Chicken recipe, and I tucked it away in the back of my mind as something I needed to experiment with.
Nothing says summer like barbecuing on the grill, and I will pretty much eat anything that’s been coated with a tasty BBQ sauce and cooked over an open flame! June 29, 2010 By Wendy Zitzman 3 Comments A great idea for an easy and low calorie lunch recipe, this BBQ Turkey Sloppy Joe Sandwich is super yummy! Everyone loves a good meatball…they are such a tasty appetizer and are perfect for any party or celebration.
One of my most favorite 4th of July BBQ foods is a good old fashioned, fresh from the grill hamburger or cheeseburger!
Since the Fourth of July is coming up in just a few days, and just about everyone I know will be going to some kind of cookout, barbecue or picnic.
My first 4th of July recipe is for the amazingly delicious Weight Watcher Cajun Chicken Wraps. While it might not be authentic barbecue, these BBQ beef sandwiches are loaded up with flavor and are slow cooked to tender perfection. And there are so many things you can cook on the BBQ that rustling up a slimming dish is quick and easy. Although this is a vegetarian option, it’s so packed full of flavour and the big field mushroom has a wonderful meaty texture, it’s bound to appeal to everyone – and it’s an excellent winter meal too.
Simply mix the mustard and balsamic vinegar together and brush the mushrooms with this sauce. You can always substitute the chicken in this recipe for another meat, fish, extra vegetables or cheese if you prefer.
Squeeze the juice of two limes into a dish, add the yogurt, Worcester sauce and Tabasco, and season with salt, pepper and some fresh coriander. When you’re ready, light your barbecue until it’s nicely warmed up, and cook the kebabs for ten minutes.

Life in the Midwest includes a lot of potatoes, and right now the green beans are fresh from the garden.
One of my all time favorite Weight Watchers Grilling Recipes involves barbecuing slices of sweet potatoes….YUM! It has just a 4 Point Total per sandwich, and is a perfect main dish for just about any meal. It’s a fabulous Shrimp Skewer Recipe that is so deliciously zesty and flavorful, you’ll be making this dish again and again! And this spicy BBQ meatball recipe is sure to be a hit at your holiday celebration this year!
I thought I’d share a few awesome, healthy, low calorie recipes that are easy to make and perfect for that 4th of July BBQ!
With just a 3 Weight Watcher Point Value per serving, these babies are not only diet friendly, but they are SO good and so easy to share, making them a perfect Fourth of July picnic treat! It’s easy to make and, tastes delicious, and is relatively low in calories compared to the typical BBQ Beef Sandwich recipes. With a few tweaks, this tasty barbecue recipe can be used for any Weight Watchers member who wants to indulge a bit, but not blow too many Points. Grab your barbecue skewers and thread the chicken, pepper, courgette and red onion through a few times. Mix the ingredients together and place the kebabs in the dish, ensuring the chicken and vegetables are well covered in the sauce.
Turn the skewers over on the BBQ to ensure the chicken is thoroughly cooked, and brush the kebabs with the marinade during this time too. And you'll instantly get access to great tips, the best and newest low fat desserts, dinner ideas, holiday recipes, and everything in between. It was so quick and easy to prepare, and it requires just a handful of ingredients – all of which you probably have on hand at any given time. I played around with a few different BBQ sauces to coat the potatoes with, and came up with one that is not only super low in calories, but that is also incredibly flavorful. Made with ground turkey instead of ground beef, and served in an Orowheat Sandwich thin instead of a high calorie bun, this Sloppy Joe Sandwich Recipe becomes pretty weight watchers friendly. And with just 1 Weight Watchers Point per serving, you can enjoy a few of these Shrimp Kabobs with absolutely no guilt. Try this super delicious Labor Day Recipe that’s great for a holiday barbecue or anytime, for that matter! So I’ve decided to devote this week’s posts entirely to yummy, yet low in Point Value, Fourth of July barbecue recipes!
Serve with some veggies, salads (try my Zero Points Cumin Tomato Salad) or fresh fruit to help keep the Points down for the entire meal. This is a quick and easy summer recipe that makes the perfect low calorie side dish to just about any meal. Each shrimp skewer is loaded with tons of protein and fiber, so they should help you feel full longer, and with the Point Value being so low, you can eat a lot of them — this is what makes this dish such a perfect Weight Watcher Recipe for anyone following the new Momentum Plan.
By making a few substitutions in the tradition hors d’ouvre recipe, its now much lower in fat and calories but still tastes fantastic, making it a wonderful Weight Watchers Holiday Recipe to serve this year. If you are looking for healthy barbecue foods to take to your holiday celebration, you’ve come to the right place.
With just 9 Weight Watchers Points per BBQ sandwich, this barbeque recipe is sure to satisfy your guests without ruining your diet! So if you are busting out the grill anytime soon, add this Barbecued Sweet Potatoes Recipe to your list.

And though this is not an official Weight Watchers Sloppy Joe Recipe, anyone who loves this traditional American meal will definitely appreciate the lower calorie version.
Crushed red pepper gives this citrus shrimp basting mixture a zesty twist and a Caribbean flair. These juicy little meatballs taste so good, no one will even know that they are eating less calories than most all other meatball recipes! This tangy and sweet grilled halibut recipe is a perfect dish to serve this Labor Day Weekend.
It’s the perfect Weight Watchers Fourth of July recipe to use if you are following the Weight Watchers plan, but still want to partake in all the holiday BBQ yumminess! Make sure to stop back every day this week and check out my Weight Watcher Fourth of July Recipes!
If you are a Weight Watcher and you want a healthy, low Point appetizer to prepare for your holiday bash, put this awesome holiday appetizer recipe into action! It will cost me an extra Point or two, but I think that this would be sensational with real bacon.
Also, these Sweet Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts would work really well as appetizer or for a Weight Watchers Super Bowl Recipe…just cut the chicken into bite size pieces and then slice the bacon into thirds, lengthwise.
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