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Wrap one slice of turkey bacon around three asparagus spears, starting at the tip, and spiraling down to the bottom.

The rolls can be made ahead and frozen up to the point of brushing with egg wash and topping with sesame seeds. By subscribing to Cuisine eRecipes, you'll get free tips and recipes in your email inbox every week!
Every recipe that I put on The Hungry Wife website has received the seal of approval from my family.
Not only does Vermont Maple Syrup Pork Roast taste amazing, and is good for you, but, it is also extremely easy to make.

Arrange wrapped asparagus spears in a baking dish, cover it with nylon and keep in a refrigerator up to 24 hours. Cook pork until browned and cooked through, crushing with a potato masher until fine; drain drippings and return pork mixture to the skillet.

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