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30-60 minutes prior to serving add the instant brown rice and remaining water or beef broth and let cook till rice is tender and soup is hot. How to provide healthy meals for your planning while still having time to spend with them is the age-old mommy conundrum, isn't it? Before I had kids, I was one of those carefree cooks, whipping together adventurous plates of food after work, letting the dishes pile in the sink, knowing I'd have hours to spare to tidy them. If you’re not keen on chunky-style chili but want to add in extra nutrients, try shredding them rather than chopping. My favorite part of our crock-pot chili is the added sweetness from the brown sugar, cinnamon, and corn. Although crock-pot chili is relatively healthy, keep an eye out for excessive sodium lurking in the canned ingredients. Here in the northeast, we’re expecting snow and below-freezing temperatures the rest of the week. Before, my slow cooker was one of those seasonal items, that I'd pull from the cupboard around the same time I rescued my scarves and winter coat.

Cover the leek batons with cold water and allow them to soak for about 10 minutes to help them firm up. I’m Anyonita (ann-yo-need-uh), an American expat living in Manchester, the best city in the UK! If you have a picky eater in your family, shredding vegetables is a great way to disguise them, as they often melt right into the dish! Recently I had a cup of traditional chili at a covered-dish luncheon and was surprised at how bland it tasted in comparison.
When possible, opt for low-sodium beans, and be sure to rinse them thoroughly to remove excess sodium. In my spare time, I love to create something new from something old, embark on home decorating and renovation projects, try out new recipes, and attempt to garden. Combine the carrots, drained and dried leeks with the mayonnaise, mustard powder, sugar and seasonings.
This recipe relies more on beans and vegetables and is very light on meat, which is quite different from traditional recipes.

When choosing diced tomatoes and canned corn, look for no-sodium added or low-sodium varieties.
Continue tasting and adjusting the amounts of mayonnaise, mustard, sugar and seasoning until it tastes how you want it to. I also add a variety of vegetables to the crock-pot chili–this is a good way to use up extra veggies on hand as well as add in loads of anti-oxidants.
If you allow it to cook without stirring, you'll start to get a lovely crunchy crust around the edges. I made mine halfway through the burgers cooking and it was lovely and marinated by dinnertime.

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