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LCHF Diet BookThis website supports "The Complete Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet" book which became available for sale in May 2014. We have spent much of our time in the last two years supporting readers and creating 3 more recipe books for Low Carb High Fat dieters. Please be patient but feel free to contact us at any time for specific questions you have about the Keto Hybrid diet. Low-fat diets are no better for long-term weight loss than high-fat ones, according to a new analysis of several studies.

A team led by Deirdre Tobias at the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed 53 experiments, each lasting at least one year, that placed participants on different types of diets — some low-fat, some high-fat and low-carb, and so on. The team analyzed only randomized, controlled trials — clinical experiments that are considered to be better at establishing clear cause-effect relationships than other methods are.
The researchers found that low-fat diets prescribed to study participants did not result in greater weight loss over time when compared with other approaches implemented with the same intensity. More research will be necessary in order to find the best strategies for long-term weight loss and weight maintenance, the team wrote in its study.

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